Monday, January 31, 2011

I saw the above picture on another blog - the picture is from Style @ Home.   That is the color dog I had looked and looked for before Molly - a buff.   So sweet, but, now I can't imagine that I actually searched based on a color of a dog.  I can't imagine missing out on sweet Molly.   Besides, it wouldn't have mattered, the minute the breeder opened the door with Molly in his arms, I was smitten.  

BTW, I am totally rambling I know.  Too tired to do anything.  But, Noah is wide awake since he slept all evening.  Today has been his worst day yet. 

Back to the couch to him.


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Tonia Hobbs said...

so sorry about the illness! sorry! sorry! I have seen that picture before. Lovely. Your dog is adorable.