Sunday, July 26, 2009

{fabrics selected}

these were the final decisions for the one combination or another....

it should get started this to post soon, i hope...


since i think i will likely be up all night.....thought i would take a few minutes to update. nothing exciting. i promise.

*both boys are fighting ear infections and it has been a surprisingly rough 24 hours. both were out of sorts yesterday and by mid-morning we decided to cancel out impromtu out of town trip. good decision. who needs sleep anyway? that's the only reason i wanted to go out of town. sleep. no work or projects could lure me out of bed before sunrise then.
*realized this evening that i missed a pretty important md appointment on friday. dread making that phone call in the morning. thankfully, it was me and not scott - i won't be deemed noncompliant, but, maybe brain-dead.
*too many DIY projects going on around here. crazy. if i start another one...please break my fingers, my arms, whatever body part is required for the said project.
*our sick dog seems to be getting a tad better. poor thing, i think he's on his 15th life. i realize how much i really do like him when he is sick. isn't that so sad?
*5 md appointments on the schedule this week. hopefully six if i can get rescheduled. ugh! and, that's not counting the two i will likely need for the boys ongoing ear saga...ah, 8 md appts isn't bad. that's only $160 in co-pays. AND, we had another one, but the MD is out of town. i'm sure i can squeeze a few more in before friday.
*the events of the past two weeks including the trial i had at the firm - have taken their toll. :( i am drained and my heart is still so sad.
*of course, please continue to pray for scott's family, especially his grandmother in particular. she is not doing well at all, through a very choked up voice this afternoon, my father-in-law told me that she looked the worst she had since last saturday. i have nothing to complain about. i am hoping she can make it through this. lary desperately needs her to.
*long night ahead of hours of typing. at least it is mindless.
*i have a little boy beckoning me for snuggles through his tears. :(

see ya!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

{uncle gib}

wow. there are so many things I could write about him, but, if you knew him at knew already. he was an amazing man and truly was an 'uncle' to me. he was one of those rare people who likely had no clue how much influence and love he gave. we all just loved him so much and this doesn't seem right. it doesn't seem fair. he is gone way too soon. BUT, we have no doubt as to where he is at this moment - and, there were alot of people waiting for him, when the rest of us had to say goodbye yesterday morning - we just weren't ready. please continue to pray for the family, particularly lori, brad, taylor, chance, hope, vickie, lary and mildred.

someday, i will write more about our "photo session" on father's day. it took all that i had to get through these last night. but, for is our sweet uncle gib....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

{my heart}

is broken into a million tiny slivers. our family had a huge, shocking loss this morning. we love you uncle gib!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


somehow calm me. weird, i know. but, because i have had a very intense last 1-2 weeks with work as we are in the middle of a case, i am literally chasing myself in circles. you cannot imagine. and, since, i just finished an assignment, only to begin another one, i needed to take a short break. so, i did. and, i sat on my front porch and watched the light rain. then, i walked slowly around the house, in the light rain. ahhh....i feel better. not great, but better. i'm trying to forget about the long, unbelievable list of just return calls i need to make. it doesn't stress me because i have to talk to my friends/or whoever it may be that has last count 13 messages. on my cell phone ONLY. that is not counting the emails/texts/messages that i have actually read in the middle of a time period in which the circumstance prohibiting me from responding in any big way. and, the fact that alltell blackberry/email decided to die last night. yep, that list stresses me. haven't even looked at my email today, other than company email. but, as i walked around the house, and back into is what i say.....and it did make me breathe a tad easier....

*front landscaping that i have actually almost 100% tackled and repaired. it looks soooo much better.
*new landscaping lights. the 2nd pair i might add, but, hey, they are solar, that should count for something.
*pretty green ferns that are still alive in july. and, the only set i've bought this year. a major accomplishment.
*pretty flowers and greens that are still alive in my front porch urns.
*new shutters
*new roof (thank you very much good insurance company)
*a new rock pathway. well, rock that is made from uh...plastic bags? okay, so they are fake rocks, but, when sunk into the ground a bit. look just like the real thing. I promise! i'll snap some pics and prove it. so, new pathway from the house to the storm shelter.
*a brick patio that is probably about 3/4 of the way finished. it will look great! thanks to mr. john, the super-nice guy who helps us out here so much, it should be ready by....i'm hoping 2-3 weeks? hoping. but, with scott, it is difficult to you know, plan/schedule. so, we will finish it when we finish it and i'm not going to stress. not going to do it.
*a little above the ground pool that we've had a WONDERFUL time in this year. it pretty much gets used every single day. best $350 i think i've ever spent. and, salt upkeep, it's great!
*when you venture inside, a new mistreatment panel in my office, so i can totally close the room off to company. especially when i have my work laying around. it's been perfect.
*new odds and ends from an antique store. nothing major, a pretty "nectar" bottle that i put my bath salts (you, know, calgon island escape...well, i'm on my last box. no where to be found again), a great stool for noah's bed, props, etc. all cheap, cheap, cheap.
*fabric has been ordered for my little sofa and chair in the kitchen area to be recovered, should be picked up and started on next week. cannot wait. may do the chaise lounge in our bedroom. maybe. probably someday.
*the boys bathroom is still torn apart from my bright idea to paint. well, that lead to a new mirror which lead to the wall behind the existing mirror to need to be texturized. how do i do this?
*the guest bathroom is still naked. wallpaper down. nothing done to walls. since, ugh...last fall? winter? head hurts over that one.
*have started back to school shopping. boo-hoo.

to do........besides return those calls, check emails, start on my next assignment in 2.67 minutes....
*bunnies are going to a great home tomorrow. boo-hoo.
*paint front entry lights and front door black
*buy and plant two more plants to finish out the front landscaping
*finish bathrooms
*concrete the kitchen countertops. you will have to see. this project thanks will go to mw! ;)
*finish patio
*find some sort of seating something for out there?

enjoy the rest of summer...
*do as much stuff with the boys as i can possibly fit in. after this case, anyway. :) i get bit by the homeschool bug EVERY year at this time. i'm actually not kidding on that one.

back to work.....


that would be me. Off the face of the earth, or so it seems. It really just equates to a trial. BUT, WHEN.....I get to revisit.....along with a whole lotta' plans I have for the boys....I'll be doing something fun with the following....

There are others, that tie it all together. Or will. But, they are in hand...

pictures will {eventually} post! so excited....

Friday, July 10, 2009

{sad face}

I'm missing all of my baseball mom friends. :(

The girls, but, definitely not the heat, driving, mom-nerves, etc.

But, definitely the girls. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{my heart could explode}

actually, i think it did. i have so much to blog about in order to catch-up, but, because i only have a this moment....

noah arrived back from church camp today. i was thrilled. i received huge, tight hugs from an exhausted little guy. on the way home, he told me all about his adventure. and, he also detailed out "his testimony" that he shared with the entire group (in front of the group, i guess?) about......our adoption.

it was the very first time to my knowledge he has shared it with a soul. and, he did it with pride. okay, crying here again! little did he know he was actually giving "his testimony" on how God built our family. a little old soul.

i love this child!!!!!!!!!!