Sunday, January 9, 2011

{not today}

bridal fest: check

loaded the car: check

snow flurries: check

then something happened?? everything started changing very rapidly. we were told by mr. yoder to get home, no stops, it was "bad out there". hmmm....not where we were at that moment.

flurries. when we realized we were getting in a bit of trouble, she laughed and said.."well, we don't have any snow stories {incidents} together." i quickly told her "i really don't want to write it today". It could wait.

well, we abided and drove straight home. or tried to, it got much worst fast. we met travis in GW and he took angela so I could get on my merrily, but, slow way home. and, an hour and a half later i arrived in my driveway {from fs}. she on the other hand, is still out there. two sections of 71 were closed.

update: she is home. 3 long hours after leaving convention center.

we have our story.

a 3 hour tour!

the end.

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