Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{it's a small, small world}

Sitting here editing and watching Anthony trial.


The attorney questioning a witness right now.....
I've spoken to and corresponded with on many occasions.

The world gets smaller everyday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{the need to breath....}

the scheduled girl time {well, actually a play date for the kids }, could not be coming at
a better time. do i have time to get away from my desk?  no.  do i need to get away
from my desk in the biggest way ever?  yes.  or, my computer may be tossed out the
window.  and, because i need my computer in a desperate way, even though i do
not like it very much right now, i just need to walk away.  go see my sweet girlfriends,
watch the kids that i adore play, eat lots of junk food and chat.  

then, even though my desk will be screaming at me when i walk in the door, 
i will likely be able to tolerate it just a little easier.  and, we both may survive.


Monday, June 27, 2011


I am feeling the need to go into.... 

"fly lady on speed" mode. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

{my heart could burst}

the answer to my prayer....a prayer i had prayed for years.....
was abundantly more than i could have ever imagined.

i stress in the teacher department.
in a big way.

i know they can literally make or break a year. 
i would have likely picked someone else going in as
i did not know her.  and, what a blessing evan {well,
scott & i was well} would have missed out if i had
dabbled in that water.  such a fantastic year
on so many levels. and, i think he was good for her too. 

leading up to the end of school he cried and cried
about not getting to see her every day.  he didn't want that
change.  he still talks about her almost daily - very few
days have passed that he has not.   he is keeping
up with his summer reading because he told her he would.
{he is not a lover of books on his own yet}
Last night he crawled into bed with
us sobbing because he missed her so much. 

he received this in the mail last week.
he has it in a special place in the living room and
reads it daily.   tonight he wanted to call her,
i opted to text - since she is on summer break.

he dictated, i typed his word for word.....

"Ms. Ewing, this is Evan.  My mommie is typing this for me.
I love you.  Are you having a good time in the capital of Boston? 
{oops!}.  How is your mom doing?  I miss you.  Thank you for being
my teacher.  I loved the card!  I "understanded" it.  And, I loved it.
Thanks for the card.  It was great.  That's all.  Evan Walker."

heart melted.  

We received the following:
"Love you 2.  Will call in a few minutes 2 talk. K?"

And, they chatted and chatted.  
He was such a big boy!  He absolutely loves her.

What a great year he had!  So thankful!

now, to send my letter this year or not?  this year
i am not as hesitant to as i was last year.  likely
should have already done it.  so, we shall see! 

{bee versus mosquito}

I'm carving out some time this afternoon to really evaluate
my agenda for this next week.  In doing so, I ran across
something I just downloaded and will probably put up a link
to that after I have a chance to read through it, but for now,
wanted to share this quote that I read on the Table of Contents.....

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy.  The
bee is praised.  The mosquito is swatted."  Mary O'Connor 

How true is that?!?  Love it!

{a snail}

is my very favorite creature at this point.

i want to mimic its pace. 

a deliberate slow down.

sounds like a bit of heaven at this point.

six weddings in 4 weekends has just about done me in.

and, that is just the weddings alone.

i want to go find creeks, and eat on the patio, and
swim with the kids, and catch lightening bugs, unplanned
road trips and not be in this perpetual rush-mode i've been
on for weeks & weeks....

i just need to "be".

i just have to get several critical things checked off first.

ironic, huh?  :)

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will  establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3

*written on my calendar pages as a reminder!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{o' happy, happy, happy day!}

There is a part of summer that I painfully dread.

Our "reaclamation period."

The "getting used to being around each other 24/7" along
with the "I'm bored" syndrome.   I do not tolerate either very
well, but, since Noah's five-year school career, I've come to
expect it.  Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks.  Today was
our breakthrough day!  I didn't have to disrupt one argument
or fuss, get on to either, or give them a list of things to keep busy with.

A beautiful day!

They have played wonderfully together and alone.  Found their
own activities.  No tears in the pool today.  And, as I type this
they are giggling together in the kitchen making things out of clay. 

I know, tomorrow is another day!

But, I'm hoping!

{sad day on the farm}

Hay season is typically not without casualties.   Unfortunately, the fields are quiet and
undisturbed for months leading up to cutting.  Thus, a safe place for deer, turkey and
other animals to have, hide and raise their babies.   This year, two turkeys were killed
{on their nests} and right in front of our house, a turkey had made a nest near a
tree.  We can literally see it from our front door.  But, because she was spooked
so bad, we determined last night that she fled and abandoned; which is pretty common.

We feel terrible, but, it's one of the ugly sides to living on a farm.  Not all days
are filled with sweet baby calves, chicks and a peaceful setting. 

{sweet summertime}

Today has consisted of the boys sleeping in late, snacks & swimming.

And, for me....about to finish up a HUGE work project and mark it off my list. 

Excited does not adequately describe.

One step closer!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{our first day of summer}

started very early in attempting to save a very neglected garden.

the hayfield took precedence over everything and now we are in
recovery mode.   lost some things, but hopefully the majority will rebound.

I literally spent time in the sand pile today.


Since E can't seem to keep up with his reading log, I printed him
off a new one.  We'll have to add tally marks for the ones already completed.

Since I wasn't feeling too great Sunday, today was the day for the cucumbers.

My Zinnia's are keeping me happy.

I think dill is kind-of pretty.  In an odd sort-of way.

First batch.  Check.

A small batch, but a batch.

Now, the hard part.

The wait.

Hopefully many, many more to come!  

Dog Days of Summer.


Scott was on the other couch in the same position.

And, the boys worked puzzles, read, worked in the garden and swam for hours!

Happy Summer!

{sunny day}

in comparison to my yesterday. :)

but, i think i'm upgrading to a soft diet today and
we'll see how it goes. 

fingers are crossed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"wherefore art thou summer"

I really want to have a perky blog. But, life is definitely
not always perky.  And, it's really not as bad as it even
seems.  Well, this morning at 2 it was, but, it's better now. :).

Once again, I survived a two-wedding-weekend.
I almost died in the heat Saturday.  The bride actually had
to stop the pictures three times as she was suffering in a big way. 

Long story short, I did survive.  They were both sweet and
beautiful & I was happy to be a part of them. 

 But, unfortunately I had a little situation going on Saturday that lent to making my
job a little more challenging.  I have dislocated my right temporomandibular
joint.  The joints that just came out of sixteen months of braces. 

To say I am a little disheartened, is quite the understatement.  
So, as it progressed throughout the weekend, I was put on hot towel wraps
every hour and a half along with 800 mg of Ibuprofen. 
I refused the other meds for now, but will likely have to give in for
muscle relaxers regardless.   Oh, and the best part, a liquid diet.  Lovely.

I was suppose to see my specialist today, but lo and behold I woke
up VERY sick this morning at 2.  Too sick to go in and share the wealth.
So, if I can make it 24 hours sick free before tomorrow, I will have to go in for him
to put it back into place.  Ouch.

I'm not looking forward to it because it could
involve injections into the joint.  No, I am not too perky today. 

And, I missed a morning with my girlfriends. 

That was likely the cherry on top. 

 I know that we only have one option left  if this saga of braces 
did not work as planned and it scares me just a wee bit. 
  I'm just going to have a pity party for myself today.
Or at least part of today.  I hate to waste a full day.
Then, I'll regroup for a better tomorrow. 

Well,  the fact I feel like I've got a chisel in my head is
probably not helping my situation. ;)

So, another day of summer plans dashed.
But, there's always tomorrow, huh?

I'm determined.  And, I've got a lot of making up to do!

And, it may sound silly, but over the next 24 hours, if you think
about it, please send up a prayer.  For whatever reason,
I was blessed with the TM Joints of a "ninety-year-old" {description
per my specialist 4 years ago}.   If my muscles could possibly relax
enough with my list of things/exercises I am suppose to be doing
now.....there is a chance they could re-enter the space they 
are suppose to be sitting in as I type this.  They've done it before, 
but, I've never had them out of place quite this bad.  

So, pray for my debilitated joints.  Please. :)  

Sunday, June 19, 2011


A couple things just today: 

*as explained evan has been banned from the cucumber patch.  after church
about as quickly as he remembered that we would "harvest" today.....

"hey, mommy we need to go pick the cucumbers!  oh!!!!! today is the
day we cannibal them!"   well, i guess you could say that????  i reminded
him we could be "canning" them.   "oh, yeah."

then, he was begging to go outside.  it's just a bit after three and about
three hundred degrees out there.  so, i told him he would have to wait
until later so it could cool down.  he decided to go "check" and came back
to report it was still  "just a little bit, maybe an inch, over hot". 

I'm just not sure about the child. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

{maybe this little blue hole will}

tide me over.

pardon the pun.

a road trip may be in order........


*waking up with a headful of sunscreen scented hair in my face
*despite the fact that I argued all night that ghosts were not in 
his closet like his brother told him when he was three, waking up
next to that sunscreen scented little body.  i inhaled him. 
*surprise breakfast of donuts and milk. {not for me unfortunately}
*my roosters crowing {i know that sounds so strange, but you should hear them!}
*my sweet dog as she lays at my feet as i have been working at my desk all morning
*noticing the fighting between my boys of summer may be settling down
just a bit....they may be acclimating a little early this year
*laundry in the washer and dryer
*carrots for breakfast. yes, i actually just typed that.  remember that
swimsuit i mentioned earlier?
*a quiet house for the moment. 
*looking at many blank days on my july calendar.  i am plotting.
think i want to take a road trip to see family.  missing them so much. :(  
*oh, and definitely that phone call received earlier.

{the phone rang}

And, on the other end was Scott's nurse casemanager.

We are in the preliminary stages of possibly going to
a high-level traumatic brain injury clinic in Virginia for Scott. 

The physician at the Clinic just received our permission
to dive into the crazy amount of medical records.  

It looks like he and I may be flying out very soon.

I almost can't wrap my brain around what this could
mean and all that could change.  She is very hopeful.

And, so am I.  

I'm almost giddy and could cry at the same time.

Just keep us in your prayers!! 


I make it through my two weddings this weekend with any 
energy at all.   And, if a certain little boy will stay out of the
cucumber patch.  BTW, he has officially been banned. 

This is what I'll be doing Sunday after church....

I live a wild life, I know.  

I may actually jump in the pool with the boys for the 
first time this year.

And, because of the agony involved in donning 
a the only thing left to do.......

go out for ice cream!

It may just be my first summer day.
Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{my day}

just so i can remember my crazy, busy days.

someday, i know i'm going to want them back.

so, this one is just for me, myself & i.  

*up, shower {should have washed the hair,
did not wash the hair.  ponytail.}

*order sent in.  pesky internet gave me fits.

*kids & scott up - ready to leave.

*scott to ot for an hour.

*kids & i to mc'ds for breakfast and reading

*picked scott up.

*md for me

*dropped scott off at farm.

*home. lunch cooked for hayfield. ha!

*put out a few email fires.

*lunch to hayfield.  boys dropped off at farm.

*home, packaged up orders/invoiced.

*put out more email fires.

*back to FS to make two deliveries.

*to store for 3 bags of ice, water and soda for hayfield.

*to farmhouse to drop 2 bags of ice into freezer, other drop to hayfield.

*collected boys.

*to mansfield to purchase supper for hayfield.

*delivered supper to 3 different spot on farm.

*allowed evan 10 minutes to "try " and play with kittens. 


*tended to chickens.

*mowed until dark.

*boys ready for night.

*zombied-out on couch for about 30 minutes.

*presently editing.

today was not the best day to log my day.

but, it was reality.

i'm ready for some summer fun!

{oh, did i mention....}

in the midst of the crazy schedule i am trying to contain.....

we are smack dab in the middle of hay season.

And, although that is actually one of my very favorite times of the year. 

{my in-laws would shoot me if they knew i said that because as i
sit here and type....they are out "there."}

but, i LOVE the smell of the cut grass. 

{another year of horrible production}

i love the fact that the boys love it out there.

even if only by the light of the tractors late into the night. 

but, because you can't plan on when "exactly" you start cutting....

and, because i am literally sleeping about 3-4 hours a night in an attempt
to get edits, sessions, weddings and orders complete....

here is my lunch contribution today....


nonnie would cringe.

nope, i didn't slave in the kitchen all day to prepare a lunch feast for the crew.
i threw a pack of hot dogs on my roaster and off i went. 

but, when you're famished.  it's all good i suppose.

this evening after delivering pictures,

i'll be swinging by sam's again.

sandwiches are on the horizon for supper.

a farm wife travesty, i know.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{a pretty}

Since I will be at my desk all day long, yet again.

Well, except for a quick trip to VB to deliver pictures.

I brought in something pretty to keep on my desk.

At this point, I  need 

{this is what our mornings look like}

Yep, it isn't always pretty around here.

I'm running a close second.

Or, I may be in the lead on this particular morning.

My motto today:  "I think I can, I think I can"......

I am way past ready to start enjoying summer!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{right about now....}

I am pretty much DYING to be back here. 

Last year, it was up in the air as to whether we would go or not. 

And, we didn't even make the decision until VERY last minute. 

The year before was wonderfully amazing. 

And, this year, it's not in the plans at all.  IF we go anywhere a) we hope it's
the hospital for Scott's treatment or b) if a falls through we will be heading
to the east coast with the in laws.  It will be our first vacation with them since well
before Evan arrived.   Sad I know.  But, I'm thinking we may have to pack
TH in our suitcase as we will HAVE to visit a beach or two.

And the Outer Banks is there!   

Definitely a different look, but a beach nonetheless.

Can toes crave sand?  That pile in the backyard is not working. 

{these shoes are made for walking....}

but, absolutely, under NO circumstance,

in the middle of an active hayfield at night.

That's all I'm saying. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

{i need a t-shirt that says....}

i survived two out of town weddings this weekend.

i may not be able to see straight.

but, i'm breathing and moving very slowly.

that's about all i can say with only one cup of coffee down.

be back later!

Monday, June 6, 2011

{oh, my}

The end of school; particularly the last two weeks
have completely kicked my bootie.

I didn't even make it to Fun Day today.
Chicken drama.   RIP my two sweet chicks. 
But, I did make it to lunch.

Nothing like the midnight hour.  
But, I got there; hoping that counts. 

Between E's tears about the school year being
over and missing Ms. Ewing and his friends. 
Then, top that with the chicken incident. 
Traumatic day for him.

So, we headed for sno cones.
Those solve everything right?
We had a buffet and shared....
a ninja turtle, a bahama mama and a sunset on a beach.

We made our summer toasts under the umbrella.

It was bliss for about 4.7 seconds until I remembered
it was 208 degrees out there with just a tad of humidity.

Here's to summer!

I'll likely get my pictures posted around Thanksgiving.

Friday, June 3, 2011


*that would be the perfect adjective for this brain of mine right about now. 
*in the words of a wise principal today.....

"i think i can, i think i can, i think i can....
...........almost there!!!!!!!!!!"

*so proud of the boys for their academic achievements all year long.  I suppose
I was wrong about the combination of E + Kindergarten.  It went better than
I could have ever imagined in every way.  Very, very thankful.

*and, always proud of N.  I am just very curious what could happen if this
little guy would ever decide to apply himself.  I worry that the ease that comes
along with him could be a detriment.  We've been discussing this a lot lately.

*the last two to three weeks have been on a high-speed, overload.  I was 
up and at 'em at 2:20 this morning.  I opted to not travel up the hill tonight, but
instead hit the road to Joplin in the morning at 6 am.  Friend in tow.... thank God! 

*praying for a sweet, sweet friend.  love, love her heart.  her family.  and,
all that she exudes..............

*the back is still far from 100%.  cancelled all of my sessions this week in hopes
to be recovered for the wedding tomorrow.  praying that tomorrow goes well and
that i can actually move like i should without my concentration being on my back
well, pain actually.  so incredibly  frustrating!   

*thinks the world is spinning in a horridly, crazy way.  right? wrong? black?
white?  i will NEVER claim to be perfect by any stretch.  i sin on a daily
basis.  but, i am not a shades of gray person i suppose. 

*is anyone else ready for summer?  i am dreaming of the beach.  not in the
plans this year at all.  hoping we'll be in the hospital.  now, who would ever
wish for that???  that would be me..................i'm praying.  praying while
i dream of a beach.  cannot help it!  He shouldn't have made it so perfect. ;)

*summer........lots of simple plans.  simple, simple, simple. 

* am putting my to-do list on birth control.  it will not stop multiplying.

*boys: cannot wait to have them all to myself again! LOVE
having them home with me

*scott:  rough, rough week. :(

*garden: growing.

*chickens: sweet.  

*molly:  tolerating all of us.

*now, to sit outside and watch the boys swim while i pack
the car for my weekend road trip. 

*oh, and coffee....