Sunday, May 31, 2009

{didn't we just celebrate that?}

i wasn't too terribly shocked when i was in HL two weeks ago and saw they had their fall stuff out. but, i thought my eyes were realllllllllly blurry when i rounded an aisle and was in a winter wonderland of christmas ribbon/candles/decor.

seriously, Christmas in may?

Friday, May 29, 2009


30 minutes after waking up this morning......noah told me he was bored. are you serious?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


seriously, when your doorbell rings at 7:32 pm and you open it to find the ups man......the first thought would automatically be......Christmas? our usual delivery time is noon, so you can understand the confusion.

but, i think it is Christmas???

one of my photography clients just sent me a thank you package??? oh, my goodness?!?! and, i cannot even get a hold of her, so I'm dying! but, in the tiny picture above that i got off of a search, it does not do even the bottle justice!
but, that is laundry detergent! i realize that laundry detergent is not usually something you would hope for......but, THE funny thing is, she and i had a conversation about this product several weeks ago and she actually sent me some! after i kill her, i will die myself. so thoughtful! and, seriously, the bottle itself is unbelievable. but, it is a company called A Good Home, Inc. that sells "chemical free" house products. i've been on a kick with that lately, especially with tub cleaners and the boys. so, i had switched to the "green stuff" at wal-mart a few months ago and after that particular random discussion - this is what i got. total surprise.
the funniest thing of all is that "I" had called a friend in NWA a couple weeks ago to find out the company name as i was looking at some things to gift a friend of mine as she had used this product in the past. i had not yet ordered hers, but, how weird is that????
the sad thing in all of this, is it's too pretty to use!

{it's a sickness}

i promise!

remember my posts about"how many rugs do you have?" and, i never revealed my number as it was mortifying. however, despite seeing THE CUTEST RUG ever a few weeks ago, i did walk away. now, i have thought about it 78 times at the very least since then, and i've convinced myself it is no longer in the store.....but, despite it all.....i overcame. whew!

well, i also have the same problem/issue.....okay addiction with platters. and, there are only so many of those you can display as well or you think you've walked into a platter shop. do they have those??????? okay, i digress.

but, besides a few sentimental ones (the ones my sil had made for us with each of the boys) i try to keep them limited to seasonal stuff. however, look what i found the other day......too cute. and, two of them are about creating, i was sunk.

seriously, i can't wait for MY birthday now. i will likely subtract a few candles, but, will love using this platter! fun!
and, the one below!!!! cannot wait to use it! how many memories can we make with that one? love it. and, yes, when my boys are 22, they will still be using this. ;) at least when they come to visit their mama!

of course, the above says it all. :)
Very, very cute stuff at Glory Haus Online.

{summer begins here tomorrow}

although very few of his friends are attending these last few days of school.....of course, noah insisted. so, i have a few surprises for them when he gets home tomorrow and summer officially starts here at home.......

1) a banner and balloons to greet them (although i am OUT of butcher paper, so will have to come up with something) for that welcome summer banner across the front porch.
2)a summer tub filled with summer goodies (bubbles, chalk, homemade popsicle containers, a new snow cone/slushie machine, cute snow cone holders, multiple snow cone flavors, water guns, silly string, water toys, a slip-n-slide, sunscreen (of course), new swimsuits, pool toys, etc)
3)a little above the ground pool (on order) to be installed AFTER their swim lessons in June.
4) a vintage-y popcorn bowl for our family movie nights.
5)glazed donuts for tomorrow's breakfast complete with one choc milk and one apple juice. **this will be a real treat for n as i had really cut back on the sugar contained in breakfast over the past couple months as he was more distracted at school. he will be HaPpY!
6)fun, summer-y sandwich cookies from the bakery for an after school snack.
7)a special packed-lunch for n's last day of 2nd grade (boo-hoo) complete with a note.
8)a notebook for n and e to work on the official summer to-do list tomorrow night.
9)a hammock
10)new books for #9

Can't wait!!!!

{living in america}

today scott & i had to run some errands. which was a miracle in and of itself as today was the first day he was up all day (although, he is no longer up as i type this) since last friday. so, it was nice to actually converse with him. he didn't feel great, but, he was moving. :)

when we got home, my mom told me that later in the morning e asked where we were? she told him we had gone to fort smith, but, would be back soon. his reply "that is really good. because when they leave fort smith and get back home they will be back in america and they really like living in america!"

ha! although we were a tad off geographically, he did get it right in how thankful we are to live in america.


Monday, May 25, 2009

{is there anything better?}

than playing indoor-hide-n-seek with nannie pat on a rainy day? by, the giggles i am hearing from all three....probably not.

so, so sweet.

{take me.......away}

i {heart} much! i actually purchased several boxes for n's class bath and body basket for the spring fling. i kept one for myself. oh, my! absolutely love it! but, then, i went back to buy more.....they were out. and, then each time i went back to wally world - which is almost daily - they were out. i finally used my last little bit and even looked into ordering online. i was desperate. but, i did a search and found that the wal-mart on rogers had it in stock. so, stocked-up was just what i did!

apparently, keeping this little box of bliss is a difficult feat in many areas. people actually order it by the CASE online. run, don't walk....... you will LOVE it! and, although the scent is lovely, what it does to your great!

Friday, May 22, 2009

{big day}

here are a few pictures from e's graduation yesterday. so glad he got to go!

he is the one in the middle.....look how tiny he is! no one realizes it until he is next to others his age. due to the angle, it looks like he is taller than the little boy on the far end. nada. angle only. :)

and sweet Mrs. Baker. I think she has taught this preschool for about 30+ years? She truly loves these kids.

Bro. Ronnie placing the hat. I was shocked that it was actually too big for his big head!

Not sure what he was doing/thinking here? Neither was Jake?? :)

{o' happy day}

this and that..........

*evan did not wake-up coughing, he's only had a few bouts this morning, fingers crossed.

*evan's preschool graduation yesterday. :) he did not attend school because the heat is what is making the coughing so much worse. no fever since tuesday. so, he attended long enough to "grad - jew- waot". and, then asked what that meant? and, he is not starting kindergarten this, i was not yet in tears. buying a little time.

*it's almost summer! so excited! getting together ideas to make next week extra-special for the boys.

*have agreed to have a "summer bash" for the boys in june. a water park set up in the yard. noah gets really sad as his birthday is during the winter - so it is limited to inside mostly. mom has caved. watch your mail!

*after facing the reality of an inevitable surgery a few months ago and actually buying a little more time there.....i had to face the reality of my health, my dad's heart health history, my lovely autoimmune issues, etc that are/will definitely impact my family and me. so, i got after it and am 7 pounds from my goal weight. however, i set that as a "realistic" goal as i am no longer at that age in which i could skip a few meals and lose 6 pounds. it's alot of work now, but, i think now that i am on the downhill slide, i can take it further - to what "my normal" weight was before the three pregnancies in less than a year and about a years worth of continual steriod consumption due to said pregnancies. but, now that i have started exercising DAILY - i'm going for the gold!

and, this is making the difference.......... something cute and super-fun. not so easy to detest the physical part of it now...........

i will skip adding basket of flowers, though! ;)

I did choose the boy-style, because i liked the way it looked better. terrible, i know. and....that seat has GOT to go! but, it is so fun!! i am riding in little spurts 2-3 times a day and can barely walk....but, that is good, right? it is shocking at what a high elevation our house is on, because, to start i coast - they cows staring at me all the way. then, the battle begins, riding back to the house. i think it is such a slow and gradual incline that it is not that noticeable until you are riding it. but, wow.....legs of jello when i get off. hopefully, in a few weeks they won't resemble that same jello quite so much! ;)

the absolute BEST part....the look on the boys' faces when they saw me ride it! i was placed at a higher level in their eyes after that! ha! and, i do have a not-so-cute helmet that i wear of course...have to be safe and let the boys know i mean business regarding their helmets. a little touchy here with head injuries.

it is's like riding a bike! i'm embarrassed to say how many years it had been since i had actually sat on one that was not stationary... but, so happy i got it!

*practicing baseball with noah last night. he did sooooo well! we think he is panicking when trying to hit the ball in the games right now. so trying to get him past that. and, he and i raced afterward, and he honestly beat me! he was proud. i was exhausted!

*i am loving my little sunday school class at church...knowing i definitely did the right thing there. love seeing those kiddos out and about and the smiles that cross their faces. definitely getting more on my end from that small amount of time i spend with them.

*back to work! hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

{taste testing}

evan requested a snack. when i offered animal crackers, he quickly informed me, "no, i don't like those, they don't taste like nothing."

so, he continues to get his words a little mixed-up (which i love), but obviously, he likes some zing to his snacks. he opted for sour cream and onion pringles. i ate the animal crackers.

{quiet time}

as a work-from-home mommy, i am often home for several 24-hour stretches with the exception of driving back and forth to school. and, with summer approaching, that too will cease with the exception of ball games.

and, it is very rare indeed that i am ever actually alone. today, it is just e and me. and, it is wonderful. honestly, no offense to scott or noah in any manner, but, i am loving this time with evan.

I could literally eat him up, inhale him and squeeze him to pieces all at one time!! i love these boys soooo much! so incrediably blessed to be their mommy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{md update}

my appt with the eye doctor went well today. i do have a "birthmark" behind my left eye which is likely linked to the "blackness" i was seeing on a few of the previous eye exams. nothing to worry about. it has likely been there my entire life and due to the specific tests administered to me last week, just wasn't identified. on just caution alone, he will continue to see me every four months for about a year and a half or so. whew!

now back to eye doctor #1 to work on these not-so-lovely-focusing-problems i have developed.

thanks to everyone for their prayers! it's never good when you have an eye that will not stop twitching to find that something is behind it.....that shouldn't be. :) but, all is well!

Monday, May 18, 2009


i've got a sick little {handsome} guy :(

my mom is having back pain/kidney stone trouble again. hoping for a speedy recovery. i am certain evan is wishing that as well as nannie pat is a great playmate! he does not like these times without her....

billing and a report is due. today. actually last friday.

a session for tonight that will have to be rescheduled. and, it's not even raining.

ang can't come over due to the initial statement. do not want to pass on our sickness to little olivia and wipe out another family.

work-in at md's office. taking lots of hand sanitizer. and a very, very long wait.

but, in worrying about all of the above. that handsome little guy described, will need lots and lots of snuggling. there is always a positive.

Friday, May 15, 2009

{to: the moms}

no exclusion to the dads out there (philip), but i have a feeling this typically applies to the female gender. the one behind the camera snapping away.

i've mentioned this before, but, moms (and dads!) make sure you get in the pictures with your kids! this has hit particularly hard with david's passing reminding me of losing my own dad at a young age. and, after all the time that has lapsed.....i have two pictures of him with me. two. i would love to have albums full like i do of those with my grandpa. but, i don't.

being the one behind the camera in this household 99.9999999% of the time, i am in very few pictures recently. i have put off having my photog friends do it for pointless reasons, like....i want to lose weight. i said that, ahem, 5 years ago and continue to say it. do you think my kids will truly remember that i had another 10 to go? probably not.

not only am i to blame for that, but, also, for somewhat stopping to take snapshots. i have plenty of "portrait-type" stuff, and i do treasure those. but, i have almost come to a halt on the everyday things. the things i will forget. so, i am focusing (although, ha! my eyes will not focus very well right now!) so, see (pardon the pun!) do not wait until something unforseen happens to regret not being in pictures with your kiddos. make sure you get plenty of snapshots. and, actually develop them. fill albums and albums with them.

it is the above reasons i started my little adventure in photography, but, somehow got lost along the way and......stuck behind the wrong side of the lense.

i will have you know, that i am making contact today to have playful pictures taken with my boys. since scott's focusing abilities are likely worse than mine most of the time, i will have to recruit some assistance! but, i plan on filling albums again. what better way to remember the details than with visuals?

i could care less about that extra ten pounds right now. photog friends: you may want to avoid my calls!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

{please pray}

for the david fritschie family. my heart is broken. so incrediably senseless.....

we love you bethany.......

{shopping list}

hey, guys! thank you so much for the sweet, sweet compliments on the room/furniture. i will be back soon with a shopping guide on where i got all of my finds!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{the big reveal}

i wasn't going to, but, since i live soooooooooooooooo far away from all of my friends. and, since, they aren't often in my neighborhood....unless they are in my yard; which isn't very often. and, since i am finally sort-of happy that the milk got spilled, otherwise, it may have been here another 12 years before i purchased anything is a peak of the new furniture (well, once I started adding the pics, it turned into a "virtual tour" of my living room!)

and, if i have to be perfectly honest. i do love it. really, really love it! so, thanks, evan. you actually pushed mommy over the hill (no reference to age there. just to clarify!) and toward the downhill slide. because truly, i hate making big purchases like this. so, i usually don't.

but seriously, i never knew just how uncomfortable the other furniture had become. although I had been told by both the father-in-law and a family friend. brutal honesty that i ignored. and, in defense, i likely didn't notice, because.... i am always here. ;) at the computer. not really joking on that one. but, that too is changing. notice the new desk area. a happy place! because i can actually work sitting up and be in the same room with my boys.

and, before you scroll down to see.........the credit for the new room actually goes to my friend heather! the furniture was delivered while i was at the ballfields. (surprise, surprise!) when i got home.......i got sick, because nothing fit right. at all. in a panic, at near 10 pm, i called her and she came to my rescue with her trusty pen and paper over the phone. she sketched it out and voila! i pushed and tugged on furniture until the wee hours of the morning. scott awoke to a different room. and, i literally had to move every piece of furniture per her plans. and, i could not love it more. all seating areas are facing each other. as large as i thought the room was, it seems even roomier in a weird way? and cozy at the same time?

so, evan, please forgive my tears when i scrubbed the carpet for the 18th time and almost passed out when that was solved and i realized it was also spilled in the sofa and, it was too far gone. i'll make up for that as we snuggle and read in our big chair.

the pictures are totally backwards, so I will provide notes....

and, remember, i like color. sorry.

here it is................

the gigantic chair. the boys and i both fit. so comfy! scott finally got his leather couches. ;) the compromise. and, the rug that a got me for Christmas. now, my office floor is naked again. poor thing!

trust me, the zebra ottoman looks much better in real life. i promise! my old coffee table didn't work. plus, if you know evan........i did not need a sharp edge in the middle of the room. been there, done that. with both!

my new work area. i had it hidden away behind the other couch. heather recommended i move it. love it here. can actually see all of the "pretties". and, the laptop tucks nicely away.

tonia, this is the frame i told you about. no picture yet. hard to believe!

my very favorite part of the room....'my wall'. now that one, i actually copied from heather. i have no shame. none.

i've changed a few things since i took these. the best part, besides the furniture was that i "shopped" in the house. i'm just trying to avoid those empty places now. a few things to "tweak", but almost there.

this is looking down the foyer. so, the center of the room is now open, whereas, you used to see the back of a couch. now, it's the fireplace. would have never thought of that. if you couldhave seen it before i dialed her placement was horrid. but, when i explained what i had done, she just sweetly suggested this.....

now, i just need some company! invitations are open. at least it no longer reeks of sour milk and is quite comfy. you no longer sink to the floor.


not drowning, but floating. ;) glass kind-a-full-kinda gal! although with all of this stinkin', never-ending, days of Noah-type rain.....either would likely be appropriate.

i have lots to update! but, need to get through a couple more days. but, wanted to let you know (ahem, aunt J) that all is well. just, chaotic. you would be shocked if i wrote anything else.

be back soon!