Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{my friends}

Praying for many of my friends who have been hit hard by the flu, upper respiratory infections, etc.  Missing you so much!  I'm been dreaming all day of summer play dates.  I know, a tad ahead of myself there.  

And, just for SC:  after Bible study yesterday, not only did I have lunch in a t-shirt but yoga pants as well!  I told the others that you would either be very shocked or very proud.  ;)   

And, HG:  true to my accessory deficit - none other than my wedding ring.

I'm either TOTALLY slacking or facing reality! ;)  

1 comment:

Stacy Carter said...

I would have to have seen it to believe it!!! I would be very happy to see you dressed like that! :) I miss everyone so bad!