Saturday, January 15, 2011

{dreaming of spring}

I'm thinking the balmy upper-forty degree weather has sparked the fever of spring.
Although the chicken below really freaks me out. It looks mean?? I am really wanting to give chickens another whirl. I definitely learned from my last run. {pardon the pun}
But, I am researching different breeds and am totally going for the very
non-aggressive, docile, friendly demeanors. All girls. I hope they get that right.
I have Scott working on Chicken Coop plans.

Of course, I want the fancy chickens. But, I am happy, happy about organic eggs without having to pay near $4 a dozen for them. And, thanks to Ang's ongoing chicken saga - I have a great go-to source. However, my chicken coop will be a tent in comparison to her Chicken Castle. :)

And, I'm filling my online shopping cart with fun seeds.

I remember the hard work all too well. But, the outcome, more than worth it!

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