Monday, January 28, 2013

{it's official}

I've officially moved out to the studio.
Computer and all. 
Since completion happened during the fall frenzy, I decided to wait.
And, because it slowed down but the boys were home and I
still had a lot of time on the computer, I decided to wait until
after they went back to school.
Then, I tried to play catch up.
Then, I got sick twice.
Today was the day. 
And, it was amazing!
No distractions of dirty laundry, puppies, a sink
full of dishes, carpets that need vacuuming,
etc, etc, etc.
Scott was right on this one!
It will separate the business from precious family time.
And, why?
Because, I'm too chicken to stay out there by
myself after dark. 
And, it's also official that my Christmas tree is
coming down tomorrow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


it's a new personality trait that is popping up more and more 
and I want to just squash it like a bug.


I have become a hurry-upper.
Especially to my sweet boys. :(  

It's one thing for me to hurry up my day and 
not stop and smell the roses, but it's totally
wrong of me to do that to them.

I've been catching myself doing it and it
frustrates me to know end.  The scary thing
is, I'm not exactly sure of when it started.
Well, now, it has taken root.

There is an actual diagnosis of "hurried woman syndrome"
floating around out there.  But, instead of self-diagnosing
that, this is a bit different.

When I truly had my a-ha moment it was in the
popsicle aisle at Wal-mart.  Now, given, no
one wants to be in that store a moment longer
than we have to....but, is it really worth rushing
the little guys to make their popsicle choice in 3.2
seconds flat when there are so many options?
It's a popsicle - and, that's a fun thing.
I don't want to take the fun away.

I have been cognizant of this for a while, and
have intentionally been trying to reverse
this spiral.  I did read Dixie Delight's
blog yesterday and I love the idea of a Yes Day.
But, even that is a little different.  I hate
feeling rushed all the time and I purely
do that to myself.  I hate to think
of the long term damage I could do
in rushing them constantly.  Truly.

So, even though my soul craves simple
and slow - I have strayed far, far from that
....but, am making a huge effort to slow it all down.

For example, last week we went to eat at
a little restaurant.  On the way out, Evan asked
for a penny to make a wish in the fountain.
My head said no because I was so ready to get
back home and gee.....I would have to
dig {I mean that literally} through my purse to
find a penny and that could possible take a while.

That was the first line of thinking and it reality,
how long would it really take under the worst of
circumstances?  15 seconds, maybe.

Well, he made his wish.
And, so did I.

Here's to slowing their little
lives down.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{beach days}

I have twelve on my calendar.
One per month.
 Interesting, huh?
Well, anyone that knows me, knows that
next to being at home and on the farm - my favorite
place on the planet is the beach. 
Preferably of the Gulf Coast or Caribbean variety,
not a fan of the western US beaches.  Sorry, but true.
I need warmth.  And, the white sand is nice too!
Because that is one place that relaxes me like no other.
Well, when I'm not working there which is an entirely different
post - BUT, I just love it so much!!
Obviously, I won't be going to the beach once a month for the
next year.   And, really, I tried to come up with a cute name for
this, but kept reverting back to the "feeling" I have when I am
in the sand.  It truly is my heaven on earth. 
The point of all of this is to start acting on an idea that my sweet friend
gave me a while back. I think she had heard someone talk about
something similiar at a  retreat or meeting.  Not the name, but
the idea and practice.   I instantly knew
I needed just that.   Thus, my once a month beach day has
been put on my calendar.   And, no, I won't be listening
to the Beach Boys and pulling out the umbrella straws. 
But, possibly the flip flops in a couple months. ;)
Basically, it is my "be still" day. 
It will truly be a quick shower and pony tail kind-of
day.  I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING but to sink
and soak up His word, listen to His music, pray, plan
and read.  I literally want to bask in Him and His goodness  It's kind-of a set aside Sabbath of sorts.   
I went through and diligently marked off one day
a month for just this.  There will be no work, no shopping,
no housework.   Just the necessities only - feeding the kiddos,
the hubby {and the animals.}   I literally am counting down the
days until my first day.  I am excited to see
what this special time set aside will turn into and
what I will hide in my heart because of. 
Be still and know that I am God.
Psalms 46:10

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{always majestic}

and looks really great right next to the barn.
I love, love, love seeing Bald Eagles.
It is something I will never tire of.
I am in love with the "love story" of Eagles.
I pay extra attention when they are mentioned in scripture,
which is quite often I might add.
This is what the boys and I saw coming up the driveway near the house.
I knew immediately it was an Eagle.   He/She was smaller
than the ones we've seen at the big farm.   And, while taking
a picture, I think I saw another one flying behind this one. 
Absolutely breathtaking.

Go figure, the picture quality is terrible.
It was raining and I was shooting from a moving vehicle.
All while driving.  :)
But, I knew it would fly and fly it did. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

{what is worse than....}

feeling very happy that the first day back to school is
going without a hitch.  As you are on your way out the door to start the
car to warm it up because we are actually ahead of schedule -
your youngest screams {bloody murder, I might add} that it is 7:53. 
You calmly correct him in the fact that no, it is 6:53.  But, your heart starts
 sinking fast as you race to the clock.  Yes, whew, 6:53!  Then all subsequent clocks
 you check {all SIX} scream 7:53 am at you.  Then laugh.  T

The clocks, not me.

No laughs from us.
The race was on!  Evan was quite upset as was Noah {which never happens
to Mr. Laid Back} - well it did this morning.   I still have NO idea
how it happened.  I guess that little extra pep in my step this morning
was actually an extra hour in my sleep.  Does not make for a
calm start to the day.
But, again, back to my original question.....
what is worst than the above?
Continuing to base your day around that same clock
and nearly failing to pick up your children on time, but
almost picking them up an hour late. 
Thank God I realized it with minutes to spare in getting on the road.
And, yes, I have corrected it. ;)  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

{sniff, sniff}

I need a jumbo pack of tissue please.
According to Noah, we are heading toward an "Andy" moment. 
I have been in my organizing frenzy and had a few things
for Noah to do in his room after church.  
Well, it included four remaining friends of his that still reside
tucked away in his closet.  Instead of officially packing them
away, he still wants them to reside in his closet.  But, in a tall
basket so no one can see them, but, he'll know they are there.
My heart literally cried.
With happiness, as strangely as that sounds.
Of course, I am saddened by how fast this childhood
thing zips by.  But, have been embracing it more as
I've seen dear friends, family and even strangers lose
a child due to a tragic accident or illness - so instead of
being so sad with the fleeting time, I am TRYING desperately to
embrace it a little more.   So, my heart was happy because
he is not ready yet.   These boys are growing at such a fast
pace, but the fact that he is still holding some things dear 
from his wee childhood close to his heart makes my heart happy. 
Very happy.

So, Flopper his beloved dog that has been thrown
up on countless times, provided comfort during
hospital stays, snuggled him close until fairly recent years will
stay.   Teddy Bear who joined in a year or so after
Flopper bonded strongly despite he was always in the number
two position.  The only time he reached number one was
when Flopper would have to go on a "scuba diving excursion"
in the washing machine because in was just past that point.
And, Tiger who has eyes that still make Noah melt. {it is
soooo sweet} and Clifford.  I think Clifford's sentiment
merely comes from the fact he remembers my mom giving
him to him one year when he was engrossed in the cartoons. 
So, even though he related this to Andy - he also followed it
up with the fact he will not be giving them away to anyone
down the street.  He will just make sure he takes a very
tall basket to college. 
Okay, the tears are falling now.
But, happy tears, right?

I'll try to convince myself anyway.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{heading out}

I have seriously become a hermit.
It's been in progress for a while now.
There is almost no place I'd rather be than home.
Or, the beach.   But, geography totally ruins that.
Tomorrow, however, we are heading out.
We are stepping our feet off the farm and 
"going to town" as my Nannie always said.
The boys and I.  There is no telling what trouble
we will get into.  The only thing on the agenda is
buying jeans for Noah and a movie.  We are exciting, huh?
But, Christmas break is fleeting fast. 
Very, very sad face.
After mopping and shop vaccuming all day. 
Moving fans.  Doing laundry and more laundry and
well...more.  I'm ready to fly to coop for a day. 
And, I do promise to start posting pictures again.
Someday.  I know posts without pics = boring.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{welcome 2013}

and, early onset dementia.


I would love to sit here at midnight and document our
fabulously cozy day spent together welcoming
in the New Year.

Well, not quite. 

Instead, I sit here in the living room freezing
because every fan we have is on high, hurricane-force
speed.  Every towel and almost every piece of linen
we own is either on my big comfy chair waiting to 
be folded {AGAIN}, or in the washer,
or in the dryer, or in the mountain of wet, soggy, soaked -
to be washed.  Oh, yes, there is a pile in the garage as well.
And, the pile that was going to the dry cleaner.  Soaked. 

I flooded the house.  

Yep, it's really not all that difficult to do.
Turn on the laundry room facet to fill the sink
and walk away with every intention to be back within 
a minute.  Two at the very most.   And, then 
just simply do not look back for oh, about 
a minimum of thirty minutes. And, 
that my friends is probably a gross
underestimation.  It sounds better at least. 

I'm seriously trying not to panic.
Words like black mold are wrestling with any
calmness I have.   Did you know that water
can travel UNDER a wall and UNDER baseboards
to the next room?  Or, the next two rooms?
It doesn't discriminate for tile, hardwood or carpet.
Not at all.  It becomes fast friends with all. 

Okay, since I am really trying not to panic.
Let's just change the subject.  


I've been reading my friends blogs.  And, talking
with family.  I think everyone else has packed up their 
Christmas.  It will not be a surprise to anyone that I have not.
In fact, I had decided to pack it up next week, after 
the boys had gone back to school because they {they
being the little one in particular} love it so much, I had 
decided to let them enjoy it all of Christmas break.  

That may change with the flood of 2013.

We had a very quite night at home last night, just the 
four of us.  We let the boys stay up as they were so 
excited about being awake for the New Year.  Evan
watched the clock intensely and at 11:59, got 
down on his knee, took my hand and asked me "will
you do the honor of kissing me at midnight."  Well,
Daddy had given up on midnight and retreated to bed by that time.
Of course, I obliged. And, then with all of his excitement 
and yelling that it was 2013, Scott got up and gave me one too,
not to be outdone. ;)  

Let's just say the boys SLEPT in this morning. ;}

I'm not a girl of resolutions.  But, I do have 
some goals for 2013 without question.
I LOVE a new calendar.  Or, two or three as I
mentioned before.  ;)  Love me some fresh starts. 
This year,  my quiet time and monitoring/
encouraging that of the boys is high, high on my list.  
So, I set time aside this morning and found my year verse as well
as one for each of them.   When they got up they were happy with them.  
Which makes a mama's heart very happy too. 

So, I then moved on to my frenzy of cleaning.  I have been
cleaning for DAYS and my house is a complete wreck.
Horrid.  I've been purging and deep cleaning like there is no 
tomorrow which makes the biggest mess while in the midst of it.
I have lost count of the garbage bags.  I have also used every garbage
bag we have.  Not good.  Because I am far, far from finished.  And, 
tomorrow is trash pick up and Scott thinks I've packed them too 
heavy.  Nice.  

I had just about wrapped up the laundry room purge when 
I decided to scour the sink.  I ruined and multiplied 
every ounce of progress I had made today.  Or, for the past three days.
Head hurts. 

Let's talk about something else, shall we?

How about shells?

You know that little trip to Florida we took back in August?  Well,
a huge container of shells had been pushed back behind
everything in the laundry room sink cabinet. Of course, it was
flooded today as well, so I had to go through every shell
and wash it to be dried so I could finally display them.  
They calmed me.  I can remember finding some many of them.
I walked miles and miles on that beach.  So, several of those will
be loaded into a very dingy Mason jar that I found at my
Grandpa's old homesite and will make it's way to the studio.
Shells and a {sentimental} Mason jar.....what could be better?

I have also officially played 613 games of UNO I think.
We've made cookies.
Eaten gallons of popcorn.
Made tents in the bedrooms and camped out and 
watched movies.  
Played more board games.
Video games of course.  {but, not today, the 
reining in has begun}

The time is winding down quickly and I just hate it. 
I'm off to shop vac some more.
Do more laundry.
Fold more laundry.
Well, that will probably get me to 
the wee hours of the morning.

Happy New Year, everyone!