Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{the mountain}

I am literally running in circles right now.  Have so much to do, so many places to be and feel as though I am spinning my wheels.  After dropping the boys off, I needed to drop my things back off at storage that I had used for the bridal fest.  But, I've seemed to have hurt my back again and to avoid the last fiasco with it, made Scott go with me as I've placed myself on lifting restrictions. ;)  I can do that.  I am the family doctor afterall.  ha!

Well, we took a detour on the way home even though I did not have a minute to spare.  It was so needed and more than worth it.  I went to the Mountain which is also known as my grandpa's farm.  I usually stop by about once every six months as it is painfully bittersweet.  He grew up there as a little boy.  I grew up playing there and spending the night up until the homestead itself got so unsafe we made him move closer to us.  I was immediately in tears.  Everything has pretty much fallen over or completely deteriorated.  I walked through his huge garden plot that is still surrounded by the fence I remember so well.  The smokehouses are in heaps on the ground.  The well is actually perfect, just overgrown.  The house, only a small area is standing upright.    A lifetime of memories will always be there, even though he is not. 

It just broke my heart, but was so peaceful at the same time.  If that makes any sense at all?  However, I have big plans.  It will involve the remains that stand, my boys and my camera.  The last time I was there with a camera was with Grandpa, my mom, aunts and uncles.  It was two days before he went into the hospital.  There is no other place on earth he would have rather spent that time, I am positive.    So, although it is painful, his smile that day is definitely what I remember.   I miss you terribly sweet, sweet Grandpa!  

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