Monday, November 30, 2009

{post on...teeth?}

again. in the same day. i am also denying that N and I have appointments on the same day with the orthodontist next week. seriously.....spacers and braces. the latter being mine.

not believing it! although it's been a long time coming thanks to my wonderful tmj that has blessed me with the joints of a 90-year-old.

{mama got a new.......}

{CHEAP} camera! now i can throw it in my purse and snapshot away. an area that i've been very lacking! no worries about expensive lenses, scratches, the bulk,etc. and, it's cute! and of course.....rated very well for a camera under $100by Consumer Reports. ;)

look at the poor quality random snapshots below. love them! :)

didn't give a second thought to lighting, ISO's, shutter speed......FUN! and, the boys love taking them to. although i will not go into the fact that one of them dropped it and bent the lense so it won't close all the way. only 24+ hours into our new ownership.

and, you wonder why i never take snapshots? well, we do now......

{la,la,la, la,la,laaaaaaaa!}

i ABSOLUTELY refuse to acknowledge the fact that e's two little, teeny-tiny bottom teeth may be a bit wiggly.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

{tis the season!}


before completely diving back into the very fast-paced, hectic week that is in wait, I wanted to remember......

*although Thanksgiving was very different for us this year, it was very sweet for the four of us. Pretty perfect actually.
*we actually had Thanksgiving dinner today. Just the four of us.
*the decorations are pretty much "there" and I love them more than I did last year. Very cozy.
*i am drinking mocha-mint something coffee out of a precious coffee cup and sweet, sweet friend gave me. it makes it even better.
*listening to faith belt out the hymns.
*listening to scott snoring - but, faith is winning out, barely. scott had some rough moments over the weekend, but, overall - we managed. ;)
*love my boys!!!!!! so incredibly thankful.
*had some great quality puppy time this weekend! she is such a great addition to our family. never thought I would have an inside dog - but, she couldn't be better. and, you want to talk about stopping traffic. wowzers! she draws a crowd. i even had to stop for a picture from a stranger on an elevator this weekend, and believe me, I am sure i was NOT in the picture. sweet, sweet molly!
*am loving our slowed-down feel to Christmas this year. savoring it!
*missed our family members that are no longer with us. the pain is still so fresh whether it's been 22 years or 4 months.
*elmer, our elf returned! he even waited for us outside until we got home. evan made a tearful confession that he has worried for the past year that his magic would be gone and he wouldn't be able to return because he had climbed a shelf last year and touched him. poor thing! a year of worry! :(

Thursday, November 26, 2009

{happy thanksgiving}

although things are quite different around here this year......VERY thankful for so much! Planning on enjoying a sweet day with my little family and will miss those we can't spend time with today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


well, i almost threw one this morning! but, i didn't. although it was difficult not to...for a moment at least.

but, for the first time since scott and I built our home, we will not be having thanksgiving here. in fact, all 35-40+ family and friends that are normally here, will not be here. they will now be scattered.

it will just be the four of us.

evan is still just too sick. we do not want to expose anyone but, also...instead of me being in a frenzy of work + cleaning + shopping + cleaning + cooking + cleaning...he needs ME. and, me he will have. we will definitely miss our family and friends who we will not get to see and visit with...(that is particularly thinking of you uncle gib!)

so, a party of four. and, i have no pity for us, because we will be cozy and snuggled up! and, we will not be lacking in the thanksgiving dinner department...the food will be served, just on a much smaller scale! :) i have a may just turn out to be the best ever.

we have alot to be thankful for........


November is National Adoption Awareness Month.......and, I wanted to add a little public service announcement....

You may occasionally spot a yellow CL {Choose Life} license plate. I have one on the back of my honda, and the SUV will soon be sporting one. I remember when they became availabe in 2003 - a very exciting time and more so when we learned that our adoption agency - Bethany Christian Services - would be a direct recepient of a portion of the proceeds. To date over $266,000 has been generated from the purchase of these license plates. This program promotes the adoption option and helps women with an unexpected pregnancy to complete an adoption plan. Every dollar generated helps to promote adoption across Arkansas!!!!

So, when your renewal comes due......please consider it!

Monday, November 23, 2009



That is in the midst of a sick child, a husband who spent much of the afternoon at the MD's office putting the aforementioned sick child and myself in the car. Major work to do. Major editing to do. Major ordering to do.

But, it is up!

p.s. that's what happens when you purchase the display tree. {wink, wink}

It is not decorated, but, that is not a concern at the moment. It is up, up, up!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

{new BFF}


Saturday, November 21, 2009

{status report}

5-year-old, {very cute} male patient with viral infection. Current temperature is 102.1 axillary {equates to 103.1 oral}. Respirations with ease and regular. (thank you God!) Skin warm and diaphoretic. Cough wet, lungs with scattered wheezes throughout all lung fields. Complains of nausea, no vomiting. {another, thank you God!} Meal intake: 0% for lunch, 0% for dinner. Fluid intake adequate. Irritable, but sweet. {really} Requests for mommy to stay by his side for TLC. {check}. Requests for back to be scratched and ear lobes to be rubbed. {check}

Off to cuddle!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


does anyone else struggle with putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving? Ugh, what to do?

To be honest, I just finished my fall. Terrible I know. Maybe just the tree?

What do you guys do?

Monday, November 16, 2009

{about to cry!}

I am absolutely devastated as I am terrified Scott has the flu. Against all odds, I am praying so hard for something else, something very short-lived. It broke my heart to have to make a call to postpone a newborn session I had for tomorrow. I really do want to cry about that alone as it has been the highlight of my week and was soooo looking forward to it.

It should not be surprising me though.

Today, I got a funny message from a friend/client. I guess she was a client, but is now a friend? Anyway, met her through the photography. But, she was concerned because she had called me last week and I had referred the call to Angela - well, something happened and she never heard from either of us. She tends to get VERY paranoid. So, today, in her VERY bubbly voice, she wanted to know what she had done to make me mad, she was "fretting" she said, and she was actually hoping she had made me mad because she was not even going to think something "bad" had happened. Because you know me, I never have those dark clouds looming! ;)

I immediately phoned her back and filled her in on the events of the last two weeks with Noah. Near the end of the conversation she sweetly said, "shannon, I just don't understand all this stuff. I mean, we had the flu- but it was over in like three days. You know, you remind me of that guy in the Bible, you know the one that all those bad things kept happening to.........gee, what was his name? John the Baptist?"

My reply, well, yes a very bad thing did happen to him, he had his head cut off and served on platter, but, I don't think he's the one your talking about.

She goes on......."oh, yeah it's not him, it's that other guy....what is his name? Peter???!! That's it, Peter!"

My reply, "well, I don't think he's the one either, but, he was crucified with his head down.

She was so exsaperated at this point, I'm not sure she even heard me say Job.

I will THANKFULLY never compare myself to any of them. Rough days, yes. Being a marytr, being murdered and having to suffer beyond words. No comparison, thank God.

At the time it was pretty funny. That was until I knew I had to make the call to the sweet mama I had so looked forward to seeing tomorrow. And, now I'm just sitting here in a stupor trying to even grasp that we may possibly not be past the flu at this point.

{politics for a five-year-old}

i was having my 5-minute lunch break today (of pecan pie?) and Evan graciously turned CNN on for me. He knew my break would be very short-lived.

A reporter began dicussing President Obama's meeting with bankers in China today. Evan gasped. "Oh, that is GREAT!" What is great? "Obama is in China!" Why is that great?

"Because he's in China. He can't president here."

Friday, November 13, 2009


after the last two weeks we've had, this story made my stomach drop and my heart break.......

A 10-year-old Benton girl who tested positive for swine flu has died. Gracie Nail was a 4th grader at Ringgold elementary school. Her mom is teacher there. Her dad is the Benton high basketball coach.

A pre-existing medical condition may have contributed to the little girl's death.

"It's difficult to even know how to support someone who is going through something of this nature," Superintendent Tony Protho said. But Prothro and the rest of the Benton public school family is doing all they can to comfort coach Chris Nail and his family after the loss of his ten year old daughter Olivia "Gracie" Nail. She died Wednesday night at Children's Hospital

"Miss Nail presented to their emergency room on the 20th with other circumstances other medical circumstances that were involved. She subsequently after admittance tested positive for H1N1," Coroner Garland County said.

“It is important to understand this tragedy there had been a pre-existing conditions where the child has been in critical care on numerous occasions," Prothro said.

A very serious condition Prothro says also caused the death of Gracie's younger sister years ago. Right now the coroner can't be sure if swine flu ultimately caused Gracie's death until the autopsy is complete. But pre-condition or not the swine flu can be deadly.

So parents should watch for these symptoms:

A fever over 100
Body aches
Upper respiratory problems
Vomiting and diarrhea.

If your child experiences these symptoms consult your doctor.

The Benton school district is being vigilant as well. "We're taking every precaution we possibly can here at the school," Prothro said.

Like the Little Rock school district, Benton has a flu clinic scheduled where they plan to give seasonal flu vaccine and the swine vaccine to students with parent’s permission. That flu clinic is set for October 27th and 28th.

To help the Nail family out with financial expenses friends and family have set up a memorial fund. To donate go to any Arvest Bank and tell them you want to donate to the Olivia Gracie-Ann Nail memorial fund.

Please uplift this family in prayer.....this is the second child they have lost in recent years. My mind cannot even grasp that sort of heartache....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{conversations at the dinner table}

my mini-goal for the current period of time is family dinner. regardless. well, that's if all four of us can sit upright at a table due to the recent bout of the flu. but, we have accomplished it for the last two nights.

i pulled out our family dinner conversation game. i would recommend this to anyone, we have so much fun doing this together. you can go to

here are a few highlights and outtakes from tonight....

Noah: "what is the best job in the world and why? what job would you never want."
He went with scientist of course for the first with a list of cures and inventions, etc. when asked about the later - "i would NEVER EVER work for an attorney. and, IF i were an attorney...i'd have to fire myself!"

Evan: "what is your biggest fear" his answer: noah

When Scott was asked what historic person he would like to meet, before he could answer, Evan screamed "mommy!!!"

I'm pretty sure at that point I took his food away. ;)

{brain mush}

please excuse all of the typo's over the last few days. my brain is truly mush. just changed another their to there????????

Monday, November 9, 2009

{one more thought}

just avoid this one if you are sick to death of my til death do us part posts. i am a little fixated as i have so many dear friends who are going through the pits of marriage despair. in typing no way am i sitting in judgement, just broken heartedness. we've all been in the pits. to be honest, i've clawed my way out of a few and know without a doubt that there will be days i will slide down the walls of that pit into the stinky, slimy, pool at the bottom. but, i am hopeful, that i will just start climbing and digging my way up again.

so, if i seem a little fixated, i am actually heavily burdened...and ready to find the oxygen tank for so many so they can hold on a bit longer. then, there are the friends who have gone through the exit sign - only to voice their regrets. and, i have had dear friends who has had their hearts shattered by betrayal and although they went through the exit door - it was far from what they wanted. my.heart.hurts.

this is a recent devotional i read in my Proverbs 31 Ministry book..i did chuckle, but, that chuckle was the realization of how "real" it is...... And, it amazingly goes very well with the sermon i summarized from bro. ronnie a few weeks back.....

"i don't love my husband anymore"

by lysa terkeurst

"marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure." hebrews 13:4

i was saddened by what my friend was sharing. She was tired of her husband and because she had found the man of she dreamed of being with, she was leaving her spouse. i was shocked by her decision.

i had been in their wedding and heard the lifetime of promises made from their hearts. i had been with them to celebrate their first anniversary. i had been with them just after the births of their first and second child. i had shared their laughter, encouraged them through their tears, and enjoyed doing life with them.

while their relationship had not been perfect, they did love one another. but something was broken in their relationship, and neither of them knew how to fix it. this brokenness led to a stale quietness that seeped into their home and made each feel lonelier and more isolated. she had grown frustrated. life was busy and finances were stressful, and they stopped making time for the romantic conversations they used to enjoy. they used to be a team and felt they could beat anything life sent their way. now they just fought against each other. then she met an attentive, financially secure man who seemed to be the answer to all of her unmet longings.

she traded her life for the thrill of something new, the lure of something she perceived would be so much better.

but just two years later i ran into this friend and was stunned by her confession. with tears in her eyes she admitted that she'd discovered that fairy tales don't exist. every relationship feels exhilarating at the beginning, but then real life happens and marriage is hard work no matter whom you are married to. when i asked her to tell me about her new husband, she smiled shyly and said, "well, he's hairy."


what did she just say? my mind was spinning. of all the words, all the descriptions, all the romantic terms i expected her to use, "hairy" was nowhere on the list. how telling that the man who was once so irresistible that she traded everything for, had now been reduced to one word....hairy!

i'm convinced that in marriage the grass isn't greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water and fertilize it."


being more of an optimist, i would like to say there is always hope remaining. however, i learned very clearly that is not the case in this particular instance. i believe there is a window of hope. but, once that window is sealed shut, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to open. how do i know this? by, having a very in-depth heart to heart conversation with a friend who chose the greener pasture. today, she will be the first to tell you........water your own yard. even in her particular case, i still tend to be hopeful. she reminds me..of the water under the bridge. there was a time when it would have been possible - but, she took a little too long and now....unless a complete restoration occurred from God (i'm always a hold out on this stuff) there is no way. too much pain, too many words, new relationships, scars, etc have occurred. she is regretful....but, as she says "i made my bed".

my heart breaks.

{the prelude}

"with this ring"

the wedding ring symbolizes....a never ending love with no beginning and no signifies an unbroken circle of unity without beginning, middle or end. it is worn on the 4th finger of your left hand because in ancient times, it was thought that the artery in that finger was directly connected to your heart...

i recently photographed a wedding, and i cried. the minister explained the meaning behind the ring his wife had placed on his left hand on his wedding day. however, he also wore a humble circle of gold on the 4th finger of his right hand. this one signified a tremendous legacy. at the time his grandparents were married over 70 years ago, his grandfather had no money to purchase a ring. on their first Christmas together, he had saved enough to buy a small gold necklace and earrings. at another point in her life, he did buy her a ring. after 63 years of marriage, she passed away. at that time, he took the necklace and earrings and had them melted into a ring he wore. until the day he died.

the minister went on to explain the monetary value, or lack thereof - but, that someone would have to kill him to remove the ring on his right hand. as he spoke, you could not help but imagine the good and bad they had faced throughout all of those years together. days when they loved each other, days in which they probably did not even like each other. but, they were commited. they have left their family an invaluable legacy. it was a beautiful story.

the ring scott placed on my finger on our wedding day sits in the back of a drawer in a ziplock pieces. the day i realized it was beyond repair, i was devastated....absolutely, intensely devastated. it felt so personal and shocking that the ring scott had worked for that entire summer long preceding the engagement, the one he placed on my hand on "lover's leap" and on our wedding day was in pieces. so, was my heart.

but, to him, it was just a symbol and one that he would replace........

{to be continued}

{here we go....}


he now has a really bad case of hives. they have been creeping up on us since saturday. each day, getting about twice as worse as the day before. when he walked in today and his lower lip was involved; swollen approximately five times its normal size. i freaked just a tad.

weird thing? it happens every day between 4-4:30 pm. we will remain out of school for another 24-48 hours and hope the new med(s) work.

any advice gladly appreciated!

{in love}

are they as stinkin' cute as i think they are?


Well, he wasn't able to make it back today. His cough is still way too bad - the cough med makes him so drowsy, but has never completely releived the cough. He is still a weak puppy. I gasp when I saw how much weight he had lost this morning, but, I'm thinking the scale must be wrong. I'll buy a new one today when I have to take Molly to the vet. But, we did go 24 hours + without fever!! No to gain a little ground........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

{one more post}

when i post 10 entries in the time span of one hour.....know that i am avoiding work.

we didn't go to church today because noah ran fever last night. but, after he had a meltdown on saturday over my work schedule.....i gave him today. and, although very was a great day.

i am about to settle in for the night in a desperate race to catch up on the time I've lost over the last week in relation to work. but, grabbed my devotional. isn't it funny how it is so often written for us for the moment we are in?

This is by Zoe Elmore in God's Purpose for Every Woman

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

"I don't know about you, but my life seems to be getting busier and more complicated with each passing day. I'm finding it difficult to balance all my responsibilities and still find time to be refreshed, renewed or even rested. I've heard it said that you can't give away what you don't have, and these days I'm feeling pretty empty.

Every day I see people typing away on their BlackBerries during conversations and talking on cell phones while they are eating, driving or walking their dogs. We have become a society that is attached to some type of technological gismo every waking minute, yet most of my friends and coworkers will tell you that with all of this technology available to make our lives easier, they are wiped out. They feel as if they have nothing left to give their families at the end of each day. In all honesty, I have to admit that lately my life resembles what I've just described.

How did I allow myself to fall into this exhausting lifestyle, and where can I find the rest I desperately need? I believe I've discovered the answer to both questions in Matthew 11:28-29. In part the answer lies in the fact that I have been relying on my own strength as I pursue "spiritual activity" instead of pursuing "active spirituality."

Once again I seem to have it backward. I forgot that the Lord isn't interested in or impressed with the number of spiritual activities I'm involved with. Instead, the Lord is interested in my pursuit of ever-increasing spirituality. As I spend time reading God's word and praying each morning, I am able to identify the activities He is calling me to be involved with. Being obedient to His calling and laying extraneous activities aside, I can once again experience His renewed strength, refreshment and rest.

If life's activities leave you wiped out, worn out, and exhausted, I want to encourage you to leave "spiritual activity" behind and to purse "active spirituality."

Love that. And, yes with fall in high gear for portraits, it is a busy, busy time for me. However, last night I went to bed and actually fell asleep asking God to show me the activities He wanted me to pursue, and those He wanted me to let go of. I haven't got all of my answers yet, but, I am seeking. And, read this tonight.

AMAZING. It always is.........

{lovers leap}

it's too soon to tell 'the story.' after all, i have to build intrigue for my five faithful readers. :) actually, i have to really absorb it myself. but, until i get my thoughts all sorted are some random pictures from up on the mountain top.

and, we did discover that i am not the only one in our family who is incredibly afraid of heights. our fearless e dropped to the ground because we were "too close" to the edge. {we weren't, i promise} i should have clued in when he and i both cried on the Ferris wheel this year. {not kidding. wish i were} i could not get the child up.


do you hear that choir singing?????

{let me dangle}

an orange carrot.........

story to follow sometime soon............

very sweet story, actually...............

same place, 18 years forward.............

this time, two little guys present.......

a priceless moment.............

it's not about the ring............

but, the commitment behind that ring...........

photography by nbw :)

{weekend in pictures}

I cannot for the life of me upload these pictures in order.

The fishing pictures were taken Friday morning...Scott took Evan out of the house super early in order to let Noah and I sleep after our long night in the ER. Noah was less than pleased that he was not included. He looks terrible!

The boys playing with Molly. It was after that when I learned that a cat had contracted H1N1 from its human housemates. :( But, happy ending - cat survived.

Flowers from a dear friend as a thank you for something that did not require a thank you at all. I cannot keep up with my friends. Which I guess says alot about my friends. OR.....unfortunately, alot about me??

the {re-} proposal

details to follow.......:)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

{ideal christmas}

not perfect....but, what i want for my family....

it is just a little over six weeks away. the last several years have been a blur for me at christmas time - three years ago, i was by my sweet grandfather's side in his last days with his passing just a mere 3 days before Christmas. then, in my heartbroken daze, i was whisked away to NWA for almost three weeks for the trial of the century. it was terrible.

then, the last two have been consumed with late-schedule photo shoots, orders, packaging, delivery, get the picture {pun intended}

this year i wanted different. i needed different. my family needed me. there is no re-do button to give my children those memories. so, early on, i set my session deadline for oct 30th....with the exceptio of family and friends and the make-ups that i could fit in. well, then the rains hit and the flu for my clients and then....for us. so, i have a few more sessions to fit in and take - but, those are not stressful at all - looking forward to them.

so, tonight as i am working late.....i decided to make my christmas plan. this is all i want for christmas....



i did it.

i bought it.

"This Is It".

i'm going to go clean my kitchen to it.

wanna be startin' something
they don't care about us
human nature
smooth criminal
the way you make me feel
shake your body
i just can't stop loving you
beat it
black or white
earth song
billie jean
man in the mirror
this is it

really, just so sad..................


he's running fever again. 100.4.

seriously?? {scream!!!}

and, from what the ER doc said, this could go on for 10-14 days. it is usually milder. but, not always.

obviously. leave it to us.

but, thankfully, NO VOMITING today. a bit of nausea, but only had to take the zofran once. and, he ate.

{note to self} milky ways are bad. very, very bad.

{saturday morning post}

he woke up FEVER-FREE!!!!! Last night was rough, but he slept in this morning which he so needed.

He also informed us that his nausea and vomiting was not associated with his flu. It was motion sickness. Although he has motion sickness when he is not "having any motion." Hmmm.....I need to think about that one.

Here's to today....although we are missing out on some super-special birthday parties, I'm hoping we've rounded that corner I've been searching for oh, for about a week!

If he has a good morning/afternoon, may try to get him out of this house for a short drive. After all, he has atypical motion sickness. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


noah just said the blessing over his popsicle.

can't say that i blame him as his n/v has resumed.


spent the night in the ER. but, thankfully, we managed to get home around 4 this morning with new meds on board. no pneumonia, but the chest x-rays did reveal several "viral" markings - which is common with this flu. he was not exhanging as much air as he should have been - so we had breathing treatments and now have an inhaler at home. the vomiting resumed - still suspected to be a common part of this flu for some - new meds were given while there, with a new prescription for that also. he is not dehydrated, thank goodness. he drank alot of fluid yesterday, but when it came time for him to try to eat something as minor as crackers last night - it didn't work out. because he is still running fever - we're hoping we can get and keep the antibiotic on board with the help of the new med.

he's sleeping now.

as i walked through the living room to tuck noah in when we finally got home ........

i heard evan coughing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

{bits n' pieces}

**noah is still very sick. unfortunately, he threw up again this evening, but is now sleeping. he did eat something that was solid and against every thing the nurse in me wanted to allow...but, the mom in me caved. and, he got sick again. but, he is sleeping soundly now. fluid intake was good today. no signs of dehydration. very irritable - to a point, I have likely never seen. and, has not wanted me out of the room for any reason today. so, i pretty much camped out - letting him use me as a wall to somewhat sit his pillows up on. please continue to remember him in your prayers....he got hit hard with this....his fever and cough continues. today was day 8.

**i am feeling much better, still a little naggy cough and tired. but, i'm thinking the tiredness is from the above. ;) and, it's times like these.....they yucky times...that i find myself THE MOST thankful. so humbled to be this precious little guys mom.....{heart exploded}

**i have amazing friends. just can't even put into words. i did not have my cell phone with me today as it stayed out in the car. wow. i have a ton of texts and vm's to return. in the meantime....thank you so much.

**and, to my sweet family. if i don't answer the phone, please don't take offense. i'm probably watching scooby-doo. and, remember the irritability i explained get the point. i am confined to him. no distractions.

**i received the most beautiful flowers i think i've ever seen today (well, maybe next to my wedding bouquet!) you absolutely shouldn't have. but, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

**i'm still eating leftovers from the food that a "little birdie" left on my front porch on tuesday {i think it was tuesday??} days are running together. but, the little birdie needs to know that she's in major.trouble.

**in the midst of all of this....scott shocked the living daylights out of me. who says their are no more surprises after......20 years. i'm still stunned. i think he likes it that way, because i'm speechless when i'm stunned. i love you so much!

**i just heard a horrible smack across the floor. he is okay. but, E is as clumsy as me. poor, poor child.

**i've taken care of quite a bit of christmas shopping via laptop over the past few days.

**trying not to think about all of the work that is sitting. ugh, won't think about it now as i won't sleep tonight if i do.

**and, due to above, will get off of this update and try to knock out as much of that as i can while he sleeps. and, he is in the living room with scott, so i'm not so worried about him getting sick in his sleep. THAT kept me up ALL of last night. we need no aspiration around here!

stay well!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

{rounding corner}

I hope! Noah is up more today and eating a tad more, still has that terrible cough, and fever is down but hovering around 100-101. So, at least one more day of missed school. And, he actually IS really sad about that. Hoping the fatigue improves - the child is wiped out.

Everyone else is still without any problems and my cold is getting better!

And, I know the above is not earth-shattering news, but, it's easier to update the family by way of the blog. :)