Monday, January 31, 2011

{new find}

And, yes, this came out of "the new budget."  It is low.

Very, very low! But, we honestly shouldn't need one more thing this week. 
{Remember $300+ trip last week}  

Now, on to the above.  I saw a similar version to this in Wal-mart, but wasn't
impressed with the design.  So, I came home and investigated
a bit.   This is what I found on Amazon.  The reviews were great
as well as the cost.   I'm just excited about not having to trim
crust every morning.   Occasionally I would cave and buy
the Uncrustables - but have you seen the calorie count in those? 
Noah loves them, but Evan refuses the store-bought ones - so
this should solve both issues, be healthier {since I control
how much of what goes into the sandwiches} and save a lot of money! 

I'll let you know!

ps....some of the reviews noted that you could make several pb&j's
at once, ziploc them and freeze them until needed.  I love that.

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