Saturday, December 31, 2011

{spring, anyone?}

I have ALOT to write about. 

But, still  so many things to get completed
before Monday.

So, I will be back to visit some VERY important
occurrences, Christmas, Christmas Eve, etc, etc. 

but, for today.  The only thing worth documenting
that was any fun at all........

The spring chicks are ordered.

So many pretty ones.

Maybe it was this beautiful weather?

Shipping Date:  2/20/12.

Now, I am back to the not so fun stuff!

Friday, December 23, 2011

{the reindeer}

have landed.

the elves have retired.

and, santa has left the building.

2011 complete. 

now, to enjoy my family &
celebrate our Savior! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{dear nikon}

it seems that i do not work for food


for your upgrades. 

although i am VERY excited,

it is also a painful experience.

just sayin'.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{hear that??}

the angels are SINGING!!

all major deadlines met.

tomorrow will be wrap up day.


O' happy, happy day!

I'm actually giddy.

{and sick,...but, giddy!}

Monday, December 19, 2011

{24 more}

well, 48 would be a more accurate description.


i think i can.  i think i can.

and, then,

i'm going to christmas party like
there's no tomorrow with my
boys come thursday.

and, wow, i may even have wednesday
to get ready for thursday.

i am beyond ready.

christmas music, coffee for pleasure  not for survival,
my quiet time during a quiet time all wrapped up in
blankets,  wrapping with no huge cloud hovering,
staying up late with the boys watching every Christmas movie
we can find, yummy treats and precious time with family
and friends.  yep.  i'm  ready.

now, back to the 24-48 hour stretch. ;)

{forwarding address}

i'm moving to the beach.

well, at least in my dreams.

nothing is hectic at the beach.

well, until you see a shark like we did that time.

  for the most part anyway. 

BUT, a girl can dream!  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{the giver or the gifts?}

hmmm....a very pertinent article.

{click and read below}

The author had a few points I wouldn't have
likely thought of or mentioned - particularly about other faiths.

But, it is true, this issue was raised in my heart several
weeks ago as I felt I needed to "prepare" the boys.  I must say,
their responses shocked me.  But, made my heart smile
all the while.   When I explained that Christmas fell on
a Sunday and that we would be disrupting our normal tradition
of staying in our pj's all day, eating yummy things from the oven
all morning, playing with our new toys uninterrupted I truly
expected whining at the very least.  

They looked at me like I was stupid.

Of course they would be in church on Jesus' birthday.
Where else would we be?  

Noah even asked if he could wear a tie.

{they are getting it much more than I give them credit} 

{update, operation: date night}


it's pretty much wrapped up. 

i am so lacking in the gift department for the boys??!

i'm a tad stressed there.

but, as it was stated in bible study just last week {how soon
i forget} it really about the number of present they have?


okay, breathing again.

{a ray of sunshine}

i did take some time tonight to make some
goodies with the boys.  the gingerbread house
is still in her box because i just haven't had it in me.  yet.

these little pretzel hugs were so easy and so yummy!

 we were rolling along quite nicely until i got distracted
removing a batch from the oven, colliding with the heating
elements above and losing half the batch to the bottom of the oven.

the next batch tasted of nothing but burned hugs. 

that little endeavor ended quickly. :(



u were not  very nice to me.

you  made monday something i
looked foward to for a change.

let's just say i have a very organized panty.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{banned from blog: scott walker}

holy moly, i'm excited!!!!

who knows?? maybe that painful Bible study on the song of solomon struck
a chord somewhere.....maybe. {wink}

but, this is too good not to share with my girlfriends. 
and, i'll get brownie points from the husbands too!  and, i need
all the help i can get there too as they all think i'm a nut. 

to put it lightly. ;)

okay, back to the task at hand.

operation:  date night

i absolutely cannot take credit for it but got the
idea from none other than my latest addiction:  pinterest.

but, it is a year of preplanned {for the most part} date nights.

i am going to spruce mine up a bit with some red leopard ribbon and embellishments. 
i'm so excited, i've even printed some labels/envelopes for a friend. 

but, the date nights can be very simple and budget friendly to all out
weekends away.  i want a mixture of both. 

i also purchased christmas cards for every month.  well, 13 actually, one to give with
the gift and one for each month, some serious, some totally hilarious! 

i can't put all of the ideas here because i want to surprise him and he is banned
from reading the blog until christmas.  but, i will post the monthly date nights
as they are opened per month.  

this has been so fun!  i've basically taken an idea
and will fill the envelope with simple things such as gift
cards, tickets, maps, printouts, etc and then on the day of the date
i will have a basket of goodies, picnic basket, 
a suitcase.....whatever may be applicable.

i think he will be a very happy guy!! 
but, i know that i am probably more excited in all of
the planning, collecting, reserving, etc than he will be. 

now, we just  need to establish a date-night childcare
coop for all of the friends and we'll all be good! ;)  

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i finished my last shoot of 2011 last night.

it was beautiful, but all i can say is THANK.YOU.GOD.

i survived.

i'm very thankful for the business, but very tired at this point.

so, i will finish up my edits and orders and enjoy Christmas
with my little family.  church will not be happening for us
this morning as scott is down for the count and evan has upper
respiratory havoc going on.  so,  although unplanned, we will be staying
home and in our pj's today.  i will finish my marathon on loading and ordering
{it is expected to last until the wee hours of tuesday morning}.  and, then, hopefully
finished for the most part except for orders.  whew! it's been a busy time and 
i'm ready to settle down.  i've met with my photog friend jess and we
are both revamping once again this year.  little tweaks to help us
stay in better balance with business and family.  i'm excited to start the new year. 

our barn pad is clean from debris.  starting over there as well, ha! 
{i can really only laugh.  really}

although, a  gingerbread house may be built today instead.  and,
if you know my reputation with gingerbread houses.  the outcome
will not likely be pretty.  fun maybe, but not pretty. 

the boys are going to start some Christmas gift projects today they've
been dying to do and i will supervise from my desk.  probably, not the brightest
idea in the world on my part.  but, i've put them off long enough. 

praise music in the background.

peppermint mocha in a new polka dot Christmas coffee mug. 
{you know, i drink from them all year long, so i added a few this year}

i may even get brave and post some snaps of the Christmas decorations 
today.  i do have one outside wreath out of eight hung outside.  i finish things
promptly like that.  so sad!  maybe they will all be hung the d day of tuesday.   

i'm looking forward to a cozy but productive day!! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

{peeking above}

I am literally up to my eyeballs in edits {a + for a small business regardless of the lack of sleep}, ornaments, mesh ribbon, wreaths {I'm hanging them on the windows this year, I love how southern that looks},  tubs and tubs of more Christmas decor, dogs, boys, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, dirty laundry, clean laundry, chickens and well, the demolition/clean up and redo of the barn, etc, etc, etc....} 

BUSY weekend ahead, but thankful for all of it!

and, surprise, surprise our family session got cancelled due to that crazy wind a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to forgo the family idea and bought new outfits for the boys.  Chapped lips for both boys to the Nth degree have postphoned that session as well. 

Maybe, just maybe I'll get cards out this year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

{last week}

My good intentions to have things blogged before I got consumed with my Christmas rush....well,
let's just say.....eventually. ;)  But, I did see this on my desk today and laugh everytime I see it.
Notice:  Evan's shoeless feet.  His shoes were too big {thanks to Daddy}.  And, Scott
is reaching across the table for my  hand, I am oblivious.  Noah is smirking.  

We are the picture perfect fam!! HA! Totally kidding!