Sunday, February 27, 2011

{should i bite the hand that feeds me?}

Which would be my own?

I think I could seriously gnaw it off at this moment. 


yep, on WW again. 

The never-ending circus  cycle.

It is working, albeit very, very slow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

{throwing in the towel}

or actually, that would be the mop.

My floors!

Cannot keep them clean.

Mud, mud, and more mud.

I think I will keep sweeping up what I can,

but, go on mop strike until Sunday night.

However, in saying all of that,

I would take tracked-in, muddy floors


over spotless ones that had no little feet to muddy up.

Friday, February 25, 2011

{to my girlfriends}

If you are thinking of having pictures made this spring / summer.....
it is booking up super-fast. 

Not much room left, but wanted to give you first choice of course!

{sticking my head in the sand}

The Middle East. 

Gas prices.

The impact oil has on basically every.single.good.we buy.


World Economy.

US Economy.

Government shutdowns in the U.S.

It's enough to want to stick
your head in the sand.

But, instead.....praying for peace because
that list can unnerve me in a big way if
I allowed it.

On somewhat of an aside,  I'm thinking my little fun, hobby-ish
garden and chicken may be more of a
necessity if things continue to spiral into such unrest.

And, in the middle of all the uncertainty, so happy
the boys are sheilded from all of that at this point
in their little lives.

Definitely a time to be on our knees!

Monday, February 21, 2011

{oh, my}

I LOVE this story.

And, the pictures.


All the way around.

What a 'true' love story! 

A testament to keeping that commitment,
no matter what storms blow through.

Click the link below.

{my day}

8 am:  Molly @ Dr. Nick's.

Dropped Molly off @ home. 

To the walk-in clinic for me.

Wait, wait, wait.

Pharmacy drop-off.

Pick up boys from school.

Noah to Dr. Udouji for splint re-evaluation.


Home again.

And, I wonder why I can't accomplish anything??

{back to the doc}

After waiting all morning at Pro-Med and

 after a series of tests for pneumonia, urinary, etc.

Verdict =

muscle strain from coughing. 

Rx:  antiinflammatories, muscle relaxers, heating pad.......   ha!

Just thankful it was nothing more. 

Now, if I could only move!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This child ADORES animals.  He cries to bring 
the barn cats home everytime we go to the big farm. 

IF, we proceed with the plan for the chickens, we will get a kitten
at the same time to grow together and take care of any snake problems. 
We do NOT adore snakes around here.  

(the IF is because we have had a huge influx of coyotes of late in our
area.  I'm not sure I want two heartbroken little boys losing
their pet chickens, or me for that matter)

{crazy hair days}

This is actually quite mild.

Noah wakes up laughing every morning thanks to his little brother. 


Okay, so the big 10 did not go off as planned.

And, of course, major-mommy guilt ensued.

Three weeks of illness, definitely dampered the Secret Agent Party.

And, even the family party. 

Dampered, not quite right, postponed to be exact.

Rain checks were issued and he  accepted as a trooper. 

But, we did take him out to eat at The Barn {his choice} Friday night.

He had the lunch of his choice yesterday:  grilled steak, Pioneer Woman
mashed potatoes, hot rolls, Ceasar salad {for evan}, guac {for Scott and I} 
and Paula Deen's Strawberry Sponge Cake.
{p.s. I bought this years cake at Wal-mart.  Last year
for Easter I made her 3 or 4 layer Strawberry cake,
which was so good, but has actual strawberries
in it, so, Evan will not eat it. But,
this store-bought cake was sooooooo good!
Very impressed}  Now, to just STAY AWAY
from it!

He got several new spring shirts
 {all sports related, what happened to the cute-sy stuff?}
An iTunes gift card and a new Donky Kong Wii game. 
We got his new bike a couple weeks early when we had several
nice days.  You never know about this Arkansas weather.  
We could have been in the middle of a blizzard on his birthday! 

We had an "abbreviated" photo session.  I wasn't able to
even get his outfit {clothes, according to N, he hates it when I
refer to them as 'outfits'} for the urban shoot I had planned.  But, 
those have now been ordered.  Rain check for that shoot as well,
he was happy about that one for sure. ;)  

I am doing as little as possible today, in hopes that my back
will rebound.  It feels different today.  Not great, but, I'm not
in the agony I was yesterday.   I feel terrible that his day
was so "blah", but thankfully they both always seem to enjoy
laid-back days. 

 We got to have lunch on the patio, so nice!!!  Although we had to block
the candles by pillows so they would light. :)

Now, to start planning two belated birthday parties!!  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{happy 10th birthday my sweet boy}

Where do I even start?

We are now in double digits. 

I told you to stop growing so fast YEARS AGO.

And, you continue to totally disobey me. 

So unlike you!

But, on a serious note {not that I am not being serious with the 
slowing it down directions}, but, as always today is such a big
day for all of us.  I cannot make it through the day, just like every other
mother, unless I am constantly looking at the clock immediately
going back to exactly where and what I was doing   Until we
got THE call that would forever change our lives. 

I know that we tell you constantly, but, there is nothing that we would
change in our journey to each other.  God's plan for our family was
bigger and better than anything we could have dreamed up on our own.

I looked at scrapbooks today {and, yes, of course I cried}.
I read this for the first time in forever.  I remember when I wrote it,
I felt as though my heart would literally burst out of my chest.   Simply
from the sheer happiness and thankfulness I felt. 

"Before You"

Before you were in my thoughts,
You were in my heart.
I have always carried you,
We've never been apart.

Before I ever saw your face,
I saw you in my dreams.
I saw your tears, I saw your fears,
I knew what you would need.

Before I held you in my arms,
I held you in my heart.
You've always been a part of me,
You've forever been my plea. 

Before I heard your cries and laughs,
God brought me to my knees,
To pray for you and pray for me.....
For the family we would be.

Before I ever called you mine,
I knew that I'd be yours.
For as long as you would need me,
You've been that deep within.

Before God placed you in my arms,
He placed you in my heart.
Before God placed you in my life,
He placed you deep within.
So, that when we would be together,
We would know we've always been.

I love you Noah Benjamin!
It is a privilege to be your mom and you make my
job unbelievably easy.  Thanks for being such a great
& wonderful son!

Happy, happy 10th Birthday my sweet lil'man!

{spoke too soon?}

I'm alive and that's about all I can say.

I'm thinking my antibiotics are not working.

Didn't want to sit in the walk-in all day today.

So, I'll be going back either tomorrow or Monday.

I feel like my back has been kicked by a mule.

I went downhill yet again with it last night. 

Barely moving today. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

{i'm alive!!!!!!}

Today is the day I am definitely rounding the corner.


It is a very-welcomed, change of course. 

Thank you to everyone for your sweet texts, calls and emails.

Now, just pray that I remain fever-free today.  I still fought 101.5 last  night.
But, so far, none today.  I have a sweet little Valentine who is having an
ice cream social tomorrow.  I need to be there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{no rest for the weary-mommies}

Just now....

Evan:  "mommy can you make ugh,,,, know that thing you cooked for us last time it snowed?"

Me:  laying on the couch, under two quilts, coughing my head off, hoping the floor would swallow me up....

Evan:  "you know, mommy,  ummmmm....."

Me:  cough.  "cinnamon rolls?" cough

Evan:  YES!!!!!!!  That's it!

Me:  "mommy never just gets to be sick does she."

Evan:  "No, we are helping you get up and active"

I'm dragging myself off the couch to unroll a can of cinnamon rolls........

disclaimer:  daddy is with meme and poppy or he would be performing this culinary act.

{the calm before the storm}

I am not sure why I am surprised, I saw the exact same pattern with the boys; although Evan's is never as bad as those around him.  But, I am S.I.C.K.   I cannot remember the last time I have been this bad.  Last night was one of those never-ending nights in which you want to see daylight, but it seems to never come.  I slept {or tried to} in three different places.  I felt a little better yesterday and thought I would be rounding the corner, then the crash came in a big way.  I have pulled so many muscles in my stomach and back from coughing.  The combination of coughing and my braces have wrecked havoc on my mouth, but I can't wear the wax because it makes me sick.  My lips are cracked.  My aches feel like they go through my bones.  And, I'm still running fever.  

Although I'm feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, I know there will be an end in sight.  So, not too much to complain about.  My boys are well, Scott is, now it's just to ride this one out.  Just hope the boy s survive these snow days with their mama being down.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

{to my bible study girls}

My phone has been in my car since Saturday night.

I kept putting off going out to get it.

Now, I feel like poo again and my temp is 101.

So, I'll be missing out in the morning. 

If you see my on the school lane, look the other way.

I'll be the one in pj's, ball hat, HUGE glasses and no make-up.

Just pray I don't wreck; like that that poor other mom. 

That still haunts me. 

Here's to next week!! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

{my new best friend}

is Tylenol.

It has hit hard and fast.

If it can't be done from the couch.

It can't be done.  

Just SOOOO thankful the boys were on the mend
before it got me. 

{new blog}

I stumbled upon this one a few days ago.

You know I love me some Amazon and have been intrigued by some of the 
Amazon deals that she posts.  I may dive in and try some out.
Will keep you posted, but just wanted to share.  

So sorry, adding the link would be helpful.
Coupon Gal

I'll blame that laspe on my elevated temperature. {JK!}

{date night with the boys}

At least we had an evening when we were all well.  With them both being 
sick all week, I didn't think we had much of a chance to be able to go, but, Evan's
fever broke in time, so we went for it.

Although I rushed around and was actually late in getting us there, a sweet lady next to me conversed during a break asking how old the boys were, chatted with them, etc.  She then leaned over to me and told me both of her children were now grown and she
loved seeing my boys there as it reminded her of the countless concerts she took
them to through the years.   She reminded me that it does get chaotic, but that it
really is an investment. Such nice words!  And, since I've woke up feeling
miserable this morning....I'm so glad we were able to get out an enjoy it together. 

Jeremy Camp was wonderful, so talented and truly has a heart for God.  I've had a song
 of his as my ring tone forever.  I hope our area continues to get great concerts.  It was
definitely worth our little bit of chaos to get there.

Had a great time with my boys as it was our Valentine's date.  Savoring these sweet years!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to two of my greatest loves!  I hope you remember tonight well and not just the part of us running through the snow for what seemed like miles..........particularly, of me in black high heel leather boots.  Probably not the best
choice, let's just say I didn't plan well for the parking overflow.  
No bones were broken, and I think you both filled your quota for
laughing at your mom! 

Love you with all of my heart!!  

{man down}

although in this case.

The man.

Is a she.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


but, not by much, so I'm pleased. 

I had to run up to the FS Post Office unexpectedly this morning, as ours was closed at 10 am {I did not know that!}  So, I went ahead and got next week's groceries.  We did pretty well last week, with the boys being sick, I bought extra things that I probably wouldn't have, but basically anything they requested to eat or drink, they got.  Well, except for the Mazzio's pizza when Noah was vomiting, but that's another story for another day. ;)

The above I picked up today at Aldi's.  I went over by $6, so the total for the above with $56 {including tax}.  I was pretty pleased with everything and it seems like I got ALOT of food.  A quick rundown:  

2 boxes Capri-sun "like" drinks. 
4 pounds of bananas {not shown}
4 lunchables
2 bags of chips
1 {1.5 pounds} container of pork chops
4 avocados {0.29 each!}
4 pounds of oranges
4 dozen eggs
1 tub of shortening {I think that's the first I've ever bought in my life, but 
Pioneer Woman Southern biscuits on are the menu this week}
1 big package of roma tomatoes
2 packages of fresh zucchini
1 bag of hoagie rolls
1 can of cinnamon rolls
4 canned biscuits {Sunday morning Monkey Bread}
1 can of fruit cocktail
1 bag of light brown sugar
1 bag of French Fries
4 boxes of crackers
1 Pineapple
4 cans of chili beans
2 boxes of cream cheese
1 bottle of cherries {making my own diet Cherry Limeades}
1 bag of lettuce {that is from Sam's - wrong pile} {$2+}

I had to pick up bread, soft drinks and turkey pepperoni from WM.

So, in total I spent about $70.  Over my plan, I know - but a lo t of the above will be carrying over for into next week {for ex, the FOUR dozen eggs, fruit, cream cheese, beans, etc}

Regardless, $70 is MUCH better than the $300+.  I'm cooking ALOT more and it's more nutritious and fresh which is an added bonus.  According to me, not necessarily the boys.
I have decided to keep my household items separate as there is NO way I can do that.  Today I also had to pick up TP, paper plates, bleach, trash bags, light bulbs etc.  But, I did well on those too.    Next I will have to come up with a budget for my 'beauty' supplies. That's enough to pay off the National Debt, things may get very scary around here. ;)

Now, if I can muster up the energy {I'm running on empty right about now} I am off to get ready to take the boys to the Jeremy Camp concert.  Fever-free for 24 hours+!  yay!   

Friday, February 4, 2011

{snow day: 3,245}

or so it seems.

I think today's snow would have been enjoyed if
the boys had been well enough to go outside and
play.  They didn't even ask.  That explains how bad
they still feel.  BUT, they are both doing better. 
If we can make it to the wee hours of the morning
without fever, we will finally meet our 24-hour fever
free goal. 

This was what I found when I opened my door this morning.
I had no clue it was coming.  The last I knew, we had a 30% chance
for Monday.  Today completely caught me off guard.  

 So, since we couldn't go outside.  What did we do............



build a Gingerbread House!  {JC should be proud, it is still standing!!}

 After my Halloween Haunted House debacle, I didn't even pull out the Gingerbread House for Christmas.  Too many flashbacks to toothpicks and laughs.  But, today between all of the baking {why do I feel the need to bake when it snows} I thought I would give the boys something fun to do and occupy for a bit.  

 notice Evan's decorating skills.  He is THROWING candy on it.  Nice.
At least they had fun!  Now, I need to go sweep up red sprinkles!! 

There's nothing wrong with a Christmas GB House in February, right?
Or, I can just say I'm ahead of the rest and it's just early for
December 2011,  ha!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

{being rude}

I feel like it's knocking on my door.

I'm totally ignoring. 

And, an update on the boys.

Noah has definitely rounded the corner. 

However, he looks terrible, is still fatigued and has 
quite the cough left. 


His temp is staying between 103-104+ and he is
absolutely miserable and I've caught him
stomping his foot a few times today while saying
just how much he HATES being sick. 

Motrin has kicked in {again} and boys are playing Legos.
That's about the most E has been able to do all day.

And, yes, I feel like it's knocking on my door.
But, I'm planning on being totally inhospitable. 

I'm not not in the mood to be a gracious hostess.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My boys are feeling much better! 

So thankful! 

Hoping Noah has rounded the corner


that Evan's is simply short-lived.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{photography by noah b. walker}

I will be perfectly honest, I was holding on for dear life as I
was afraid I was going down that hill behind me. 

And, it hurt my back and neck.

But, after the terror & pain of the picture, I kind-of like it. :) 
Here is to our 22nd year together.

How in the world can that be? 


{my brother}

and his little wife are on their belated honeymoon.


I'm thinking I should disown them as I will be in sub-zero
temperatures in the morning. {wink}

{two hours later, different positions}

But, pretty much the same thing.

Sleep. And, then a little more sleep.

And, to join the ranks of Braxton C. - ALOT of History Channel.

I've learned more than I care to know about logs, dinosaurs and Dracula.

I think Evan has too.

Look at his little mismatched clothes.  Stripes and plaid.
At least he's dressed.
{Aunt J will be so proud;}

Molly is very confused about the situation. 

I guess I don't have to worry as to whether we will have a snow day or not tomorrow. 

It's another sick day here.


I know, I know, I know!
 I know it's weird.

But, maybe it's not my fault at all.

Maybe it's just because we live on a farm and we're
suppose to have animals like this?

When you have to build barb-wire fence.
{and, yes, I really  have!}
Miles and miles of it.
{well, not really, but A LOT}
it just does something to you in the
farm-ish kind-of way.

I don't know?
It sounds good anyway.

I remember using that rationalization with the rabbits. 

And, boy, was that ever a flop.

{pun intended, sorry}

But, look!

It's really not just me.

I look at her blog {via way of TH's blog}
all the time and had NO idea she 
had a love for chickens as well.

Maybe I should rethink our coop though.

I just told Scott ours is only a 'starter'. 

He needs to get busy! :)

He LOVED that.

Click below.

{always be my babies}

This is how they've been

Well, Molly has usually been smack dab in the middle of them.

Noah is definitely not feeling well at all.  Have barely heard a peep out of him. 

Evan is still needing a lot.  Sprites, apples, crackers, etc. 

I'm forcing Noah to at least drink.

See below, the flash caused Evan to move. 

It did nothing to or for Noah. 

 And, an action shot below, the never-ending cough.
I hate so much that they feel so bad.

But, I love so much being able to take care of them.

I definitely remember many sick days myself at home when I was
their ages.  I hope they remember these as comforting instead
of pure agony.  I just put fresh blankets out of the dryer on them.

What's a little more laundry, you all know it's my favorite thing to do. {wink}

Get well soon boys!


I just put pineapple scentsy in my warmer.

I'm soooooooo over winter.

The end. 

{a caged mama bear}

is how I'm feeling about now.

Noah did not deal with much besides fever and a cough from Saturday until
yesterday afternoon, then he took a nose-dive in just how he felt.  It was bad.

About 5 am he woke me up screaming for me.  And when I say screaming, I mean s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g.  My feet hit the ground before I was even aware of anything
besides what I was hearing - how I made it to his room,
I have no idea.  In bed,  he was grabbing his head {literally
about scared me to death} and immediately started vomiting.  It's not good to be
a nurse in these moments, although it was entirely flu-related, your brain
can't help but do a quick neuro assessment. 

He was miserable.  I felt a "rattle" in his chest as he was throwing up and of
course my stethoscope completely failed to work.  Even though  he started coughing
 and it cleared but not knowing how hard we would be hit by the weather....I decided to
 try and beat it by making it to the MD.   

I go back to my room and find Evan there, sleeping completely upside down in our bed; he was on fire - victim #2. He could not even get Motrin down, let alone keep it down,  due to that mighty gag reflex he has.  So, it was then my mad dash started to get us out the door by 7:30 and at the walk-in by 8 am.  

They were miserable. The sleet was starting.  Evan slept, Noah groaned and cried.  Evan would wake for a few minutes and join the crying.   We arrived and clinic was closed due to weather.  Nice.  I went to the other clinic, but by then had decided to take them
back home as the radar looked like we would be in the clear fairly shortly {thank goodness
for smart phones}.  I wouldn't feel as trapped if I needed antibiotics. So, I stuck it in 4-wheel drive and headed home with two sleeping boys.  Noah is still sleeping.  Evan is moving a little more than he was but has a horrible headache, fever and nausea - a little cough is starting.       

It was a very strange feeling, the fear of needing to get to a physician with the possibility of not being able to.  Maybe I will take that for granted less than I do now.  I know there are mothers everywhere who face that dilemma daily, not just for fear of a winter storm. 

Now, to go love on my babies!!