Wednesday, December 29, 2010


3 of us are sick.

me included.

the only positives about it 1) boys are not in school, so no additional missed days 2) when the aches started, i knew we were going down with the full-blown flu, but apparently not. i'm thinking it will be much shorter-lived. at least that's what i'm willing myself for. 3) we are definitely all cozied up! 4) evan seems to be rounding the corner.

here's to a rainy day all the way around! :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{dear TH}

thank you so much for dropping everything and rescuing my equipment from my complete oversight. in other words, thank you for rescuing me!!! i hated to make that call but am beyond grateful for you!

in other words, i left a lense at a location in greenwood yesterday and didn't realize it until we were almost to our other destination and were racing against the sun. :( TH to the rescue once again! {i'm thinking all of my friends have been on the receiving end of a call from me at least once, or ten times minimum!} very grateful!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

{THE reason for our season}

I know that I have blogged and blogged and blogged about the fun Christmas Santa-y stuff and as much as I do love that, please know that without a doubt, that is not where my heart is. I love all of the Christmas magic that comes with childhood, but, it pales in comparison to what Christmas is all about. We are very thankful and keep the focus on Him. He was born so that He could die. That is nothing to be taken lightly. So, although we love the festivities, spending time with our family and friends, eating way to much yummy food......we take that journey back from the manager to the cross. We are blessed beyond measure and are thankful for the greatest gift EVER....our Savior!
Happy Birthday sweet Jesus!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

{santa visited}

Can't wait for the boys to see this!!! Noah is so going to scold me because it is totally against "the rules" to take a picture of Santa without permission! ha!

{magic reindeer food}

The magical reindeer food was made and scattered.
Note: open eyes versus closed eyes.
I warned both of them not to get the glitter in their eyes due to the pain and discomfort that would follow. I'm not certain Noah ever opened his. I'm not certain Evan ever closed his. Thankfully, we were without incident. We used the recipe that called for maple and brown sugar oatmeal, gold glitter and chucks of carrots. We've watched Norad. Said our goodbyes to Elmer {guess who sobbed}. Received and read our letters from the Portable North Pole. Hung our Santa Key on the front door. Set out our notes and cookies, carrots and milk.

And, most importantly, wrapped up by the fire and read the Christmas story.
Now, if the boys can ever get their eyes to close. I sooooo LOVE this!

{christmas eve with the wiggins'}

We spent the afternoon with Scott's sister and family. Lots of yummy food! The boys, particularly Evan, are in awe of the twins. So, bless their {walker & wiles} hearts, they have to tolerate my boys following them around nonstop. ;) It's amazing how fast all of these babies are growing! It was just yesterday we were watching them open baby dolls and barney and today Syd and I were planning her Senior shoot. :( But, as happy as this afternoon was, it was very apparent that we had many who are typically there with us, who are no longer here. We were painfully aware.

Ahhh.....a key finder for me!

Merry Christmas Walker Family - 2010!!

{kleenex, please}

THIS is what the season is all about. Nothing else is needed to be said.

Love and prayers to the McClung family!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

{my little indian}

At this point in his life he is obsessed with collectibles, primarily rocks and arrowheads. Several rocks he has collected become arrowheads if they even remotely house the appearance of an arrowhead in any form or fashion. I wash rocks. I dry rocks. I find them in my car. I stump my toes on the box that holds them but only partially fits under his bed. Yep, he's in love.
So, when he found out that Uncle James was coming down this week to spend the day with them, he was ecstatic and called him out on a promise of future arrowhead hunting. The future had arrived. Uncle James brought war paint to get into the game.
They constructed an arrow.

Mean Indian face.

They found one {let's say Uncle James made a drop prior to coming to the house} and we think Evan actually found one? That is all he wants to do now. That, and for pan gold in California. Oh, and diamond hunt in where ever that place is in Arkansas.

{dear santa}

Totally hilarious! I ordered these super-cute letters from Etsy. It was quite funny to see the differences in their personalities as they wrote these.

Both were very intent.

One, maybe a little more than the other. See below. ;)

Is he cheating? On a letter to Santa?

Evan got concerned as Elmer the Elf was sitting on the shelf behind them. Evan asked him some question at this point. He talks to Elmer constantly. In fact, a few days ago he wrote him questions hoping for a response of some sort.

Evan's penmenship needs a little work. It says: Indiana Jones Wii game, art, clay. The end.

Poor guy!
Such pressure??
He even initialed the line he scratched out??

We shall see. I think I may have sent a letter to intercept....they will be grateful for it come Christmas morning.

{simple day}

As you can tell, I've been on a roll here! Trying to play catch-up in a major way, lest I forget.

I sooooooo needed today. I am still in my pj's which really says it all. Evan is sick, thus my plans were totally scrapped for the day; a blessing in disguise.

*I snuggled.
*I cleaned and did laundry.
*I wrapped.
*I blogged {as if you didn't notice}
*I pondered.
*I cooked actual meals.
*I did spurts of nothing.
*I read. {Louder than Words by Andy Stanley; I highly recommend}
*I made paper airplanes.
*I loved on a loving dog.
*I savored my decorations knowing their time is very limited. {sigh}
*I drank bunches of coffee.
*I watched Christmas movies with the boys.

No crowds. No edits {although I have some still waiting}. No ordering {with the exception of my own, finally}. No deliveries. No crisis. No fires to put out. No reviews.

Blissful day. I will return to reality come Monday.

{a funny}

maybe, or maybe not?
Earlier Evan came up to me and whispered the following....{in order for Elmer not to hear what he was about to say.} "You know Mommy, the only way we could keep Santa would be to knock him in the head when he comes down the chimney. BUT, if we did that we would DEFINITELY be on the NAUGHTY list for next year."
Ya, think?
I think there has been one too many shows about Santa falling and knocking himself out around here.

{ahead of myself}

for once.
I have searched for hours for the Christmas present for my niece.
I finally gave up and called for back-up plans.
Then it dawned on me.
It was one of the only gifts I had wrapped and was under the tree.
I'm not used to being ahead of the game on anything.

{christmas tour 2010}

Not much changed since last year. I moved a few things around and bought very few new items. I didn't buy much at all last between everything I got rid of the previous still seems a little sparse. To me, not Scott. He gets nauseous when he looks at the Christmas village?!?!
But, this is our home for Christmas 2010. I definitely did not go all out. And, it does look like a bit of whimsy exploded in our house. Nothing spectacular, but definitely bright & colorful!!

I did the mantel in my Santas again....a few things moved around and added. And, probably forgotten. ;)

I've got the cutest stockings from last year but am too afraid to hang them with the fire? So, they hang on Molly's iron bed...

I love this little guy! He is one of my favorite little pieces. Always so happy and tilting to fall over. Maybe I relate to him! {no comment J. Carter! :}

The lights in the snowman's head went out. As did half of my pre-lit Christmas tree {that I bough LAST YEAR??}

Little ornaments for DG this year.....

I have been dying today to cute into that birthday cake on the platter. Has to wait until the big party Saturday. Red velvet with white icing.....for His blood and His redemption.
Great! I just zapped the picture? You'll see it after our Birthday party though!!

Gingerbread houses. I wish I had more of those, so cute!

One of my very favorites.......our one-eyed reindeer!

Love that stocking below~ but too pricey to get more than one!

Love my little Christmas tree from Kirkland's. Wish I had gotten more.

hmmmmmmmm.....anyone else have a "snowman". ha!

Merry Christmas!!! I may get the bedrooms photographed before the New Year? Same as last year though.