Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{works in progress}

I got out there a bit too late.  Three days too late to be exact.  What was suppose to be a simple "repair" and paint job has turned into a full blown rebuild pretty much.  After I gasped when I rounded the hill, I ducked because the poor guy working down there would have probably thought it a bit strange if he saw me hiding behind the black car to get a picture.  Is that an invasion of privacy? 

But, the barn looks very small from this angle.  It's not.  This is going to turn into quite the bigger job than I had envisioned when I said, "Hey, honey, I think we should fix that barn instead of let it fall to pieces."   Maybe I will ponder longer prior to offering any future suggestions. 

Our little garden plot.  But, I think we are going to move three
little trees in order to expand it.  I will probably be out there
cursing the garden idea this summer as well.   You know, the
345 degree Arkansas summers.   Yeah.  I might hook up 
a sprinkler system to hydrate me when I'm out there. 

 Do you see what I see beneath my feet?  GREEN GRASS.

 And, I spied this little guy on my way back in.  Yes, my scarecrow from fall.  Hanging upside down in the shrubs.

I couldn't resist as that is how I feel most days! ha! 

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