Sunday, July 31, 2011

{the best gifts.....EVER}

yes, i've made quite a few posts today.

BUT, I am resizing and uploading a wedding gallery.
A huge wedding gallery.
It has taken me all afternoon and I still have hours left. 
So, as my computer does its work. 

I think.  And, then, I write.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. 
You know, I've mentioned a time or two {okay or 7 or 8 times}
that I have a birthday coming up. 

A big birthday.
And, of course, I may have mentioned that I'm 
planning on lots of cake. :)
If I haven't said it, I am. 

{doesn't that sound like TH?}
I have different plans.
On different days.
Different guests.
Different activities.

And, even though I've always known it.......
it has been a great reminder of just how great
I have been blessed with friendships. 
Some very old {beginning at age 4} some rather
new - but gifts all the same. 

I read this on the blog Between You and Me

it's about  friendships....

a real, sweet, true friend....

loves no matter what
lives in humility
understands and appreciates who you are
celebrates your successes
forgives quickly and asks others to forgive her when needed 

I just hope that I'm that kind of friend!

{i just heard.....}

"Noah, get me a flashlight."

"Noah, get me a flashlight."

As Evan hauled my purse across the room.
He's looking for his pack of gum.

In the bottom.

Have you lifted my purse lately?

{finally, a barn raising}

Thanks to the drought of 2011....we've had to dump cattle we hadn't planned on.  We bought hay for the first time I ever remembered; we usually sell it.  Even with buying, we likely only have enough to last us until December.  Not good.  So, we are putting our cattle money into feed {yuck} and getting the long awaited barn in the dry.  Justin is drawing up the plans.  Again.  This time I promise not to change a thing.

{on purpose}

I didn't post this yesterday.

On purpose.

It is always SUCH a bittersweet thing. 
And, yesterday in all of the hustle and bustle of work,
I actually had not thought of it yet. Until my brother
reminded me.   My daddy's birthday. 

And, not just any birthday.
A milestone birthday.
His 80th birthday.   

It is so strange to think or type that.
I only knew him for 15 years.
I last knew him when he was 55. 
Yes, he had late in life babies. :) 

That means I've been without him for 25 years.
That really stinks. 
I can't even type it without tears burning my eyes.
And, a huge lump in my throat.

It just really makes me sad.
The only good thing is knowing where he is?
I wonder if he had cake?
It wouldn't surprise me. 
I hope he did. 

I have tears falling on my keyboard.
That is exactly why I stuff so much. 
It's just easier. 
A lot easier. 

Happy Birthday Dad!
I miss you so much my heart could break.

On a happy note.

Yes, there can be happy in the middle of utter sadness.
Yesterday was also my brother and sweet sister in law's
17th wedding anniversary.  

I am VERY proud!
Dad would be VERY proud! 

Psalms 147:3  He heals the broken hearted, binding up their wounds. 

{epic fail}

If you know me, you know that I've had quite the few tooth fairy mishaps. 
I won't go into details over those in the past; been there, done that. 

Over the past week, Noah lost two molars. 
The first one was picked up a night late because, well, he didn't
go to bed at bedtime.  You know, the Tooth Fairy is strict like that.
Just ask Dr. Aunt Angie.  We have lots of inside information.

Well, on tooth #2, the unthinkable happened.
My mom came over.  And, because the tooth was still under
his pillow IN A SOCK because, once again he has missed
bedtime the night before. {obviously, she does not give any
mercy for a summer schedule}.  Well, my mom did some laundry
for me.  The tooth was never to be found. 

So, being the sad mom that I was, I wrote a letter.

Dear Sweet Tooth Fairy:

{No pun intended, really}.  As the proud mom of a super
little guy, I have a heartfelt request.

Last night Noah pulled a tooth.  As you know, he pulled a left
molar a week ago.  This one is the matching molar on the right. 
He placed it in a sock under his pillow last night.  As you are well
aware, he went to bed past his bedtime and broke the Tooth Fairy
Constitution.  So, you did not come.  Well, today, Grandma Pat came. 
 And, unknown to her was the treasure in his sock that she found in his bed
as she made it. 

We think she laundered it. :( 

I know you are a very considerate little lady.  Please make a special
exception and make a visit tonight.  If we ever find it, we will notify Aunt
Angie  {aka Dr. Wiggins} as we know that the two of you are great friends.
She can either forward it to you by her courier or give us permission to place
it under his pillow  again.  I will make certain he gets to bed on time.

With Best Regards,
Shannon  Walker
{happy to also be known as Noah's mom}

ps, we know you very likely have a busy night.

Please fly safely.

ch-ching!  she came and left $5! :)

{christmas in july}

Well, since Hobby Lobby is doing it, maybe I should too.

But, I think I need to skip right past that to New Years.
As in resolutions. 

I'm not the resolution-making type, but I am in the midst
of some major reorganization.  VERY  likely due to the
upcoming start of school.  If I can start off on a good foot,
hopefully their trek will be easier as well.

I've been editing like a mad woman, still determined to take
some time off before the start of school.  And, my window is closing
rapidly.  While pictures load and resize, I am diving into drawers
and cabinets.  Countless trash bags are in the garage.

So, although I may not have a Christmas tree up.
I am definitely  having a manic purge fest.

{the plan is.....}

Two weeks until school starts.  I am planning on enjoying every bite, lick, snuggle, book, lazy day, midday movie, snow cone, swim, and spur of the moment road trip I can fit in. 

{going green}

Of course, going green definitely has its merits, but,
going green by way of other pastures spells out definite disaster.

Today in church I sat between two broken hearts. 
And, in turn, my heart was broken.   I just
sat and prayed for both.  One is further along in his
path on this journey he didn't ask to go on; the other is just
beginning.  The sermon, the music, the prayers were perfect. 
But, there were lots of tears.

The thing seems like none of us are immune to being "in want". 
We definitely have different topics of want, but, we all struggle with
wanting something better....or to be "better", nicer, more important,
thinner, more together, etc. 

I read something recently and if I can remember where and from
what, I will  post the source, but it was along these lines.
It was basically discussing the prison of want.   We
never want "much",  just "one thing".  {or in other words, one more
thing}.  If we get that one thing, we will finally be happy. 


A lie straight from Satan himself.  We get the new house, then
our friend moves to a bigger and better neighborhood.  We get the
new car, then our child vomits in it and that new smell is vacuumed out 
as well.   And, in the case of today.....a new companion/spouse is 
found.....your "true" soul mate but very soon, that "sizzle will fizzle".  

Then what?  

In the midst of sitting between two broken hearts today,  the spouses
that are in "greener pastures" for today,  have shattered 3 families+.   

The things we are constantly in search of....the house, the vehicle, the
size we wore in high school before the babies.....we really need a 
startling reminder....none of it was ever or will ever be ours. 

None of us will leave this earth with any of it....not even the dust from it.

But, there is definite hope.  There are so many things that if we
lost every worldly possession would still me the most important things
we could ever have in this lifetime.  

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

Now that I've typed this, I really want to pull some of the details
I read that day.  If I can locate where in the world it is...I will post
the many scriptures given for breaking out of this prison.   Some of them
are known to all of us...."I know how to live when I am poor, and I know
how to live when I have plenty"....."Life is not defined by what you have...."

Those scriptures may just be the key to that lock.

Praying for broken hearts today!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


*we are getting a kitten.  a very cute kitten.  e's dream is coming true.
*jury is still out on the puppy - long story, but it looks like we'll be getting one.
just not certain which one.  craziest thing ever. and, looks like we
will be personally having ONE litter.  another long story.
*i'm closing up shop.  for real this time.  no worries to family/friends as
the only way to make it work is to get my "fix." so, you and your kiddos
will be my "subject" matter.  sooooooo excited!
*summer is almost over.  it is no longer sniff, sniff but rather sob, sob. 
*i'm still going nearly 24/7.
*i may not make it til my birthday.   
*we only have 7 MD/dental appts this week. that little aspect is
just helping so much.  total sarcasm.
*no vacation for us this summer because i am residing here, at
the desk.  ummm....that's some bitterness spewing.
*i want to inhale the boys.  literally.
*hmmm....dreading school shopping a bit.
*looking forward to some time friday with my girls.  it is so needed.
i'm thinking it is really not a play date for the kids, but for the moms. 
hate that we'll be missing one.  

but, as negative as the above all sounds.
i think that maybe all of the chaos that has been swirling
overtime around me has forced me to make some
challenging decisions and put things in proper perspective.
so, for that, i am definitely thankful.
and, excited.
did i tell you that???? :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

{sweet pea is having the puppies}

We know she has five.
{that is known by the Animal Science
Department at Stillwater. Long story}

So far, she has delivered a boy.

She has to have two healthy girls for us to be able
to get one.  Fingers crossed! 

puppy #2, a tiny 4 oz baby boy.  no girls so far....

it's been 30 minutes since an update.  the
suspenseis killing me...................

puppy #3, a 6.2 oz GIRL

we need one more girl - 2 are left to go!

puppy #4, a boy :((((((((

one more to go.  I can' t hardly breathe.

hmmm....looks like no puppy for us. :(

{i needed this laugh}

I've had several long days of pretty intense work.
Another one today.

And, even though last night was technically "work" it was
also a joy to be around such wonderful families and an
awesome group of young people {aka the bridal party}.

I was completely taken with this group of kids.  They oozed
Christ.  In all of the speeches, their faith and immense friendships
were very evident.  And, the personalities were very rich and fun. 

We cornered a mom and asked her the secret to raising
such a wonderful group of kids.  I'm not sure if I can explain it......
but, I wondered how such a great group of kids.....who had
been the best of friends for years and years.....were
making such an impact with their young lives.  It
was amazing what they all did.  And, for last night,
they were out on the dance floor having the time
of their lives.   {yes, they were Baptists ;)
and they did dance with no alcohol, but the 
amazing thing with that was......typically you don't see so 
much dancing and fun without alcohol at most of these functions. 
Just a simple fact.

  She told us of their faith and how
priceless these longstanding friendships were to them.  It
was obvious.  And, we would sit there and somewhat see
young versions of our own kids friends out there on the dance
floor.   BC was easy to spot - the  life of the party.
NW was there, loved to dance, but sometimes painful to watch. ;)
I say that with complete mother's love!!! 
CH and TG were there, having fun,  but not drawing a huge amount of attention
to themselves. EW - actually, with him, there was a cute little look-alike. 
 It was fun to observe, but, ultimately, I know that our group of boys
will be "out there" before we know it.   And, it was fun to
see how much their friendships that started very early in life -
often in a Kindergarten class - were treasures to them today. 
I guess I am used to seeing that with girls.......but, it was
refreshing to see it in this group. 

And, on a total aside..........

this mom also  told us of a little video some of these guys made
during the winter to a Katy Perry song.  It went viral.  Katy even
watched it.  It made nationwide news in several venues.  Entertainment
shows.  Huge for a group of boys from Van Buren, Arkansas.

I watched it this morning with Scott and we laughed our heads off.
I needed that laugh because I have a very hard, long day ahead of me
with a massive deadline.  So, maybe you will need a laugh today too.....

I'll link it, then have to get back to typing. :)

Be prepared to laugh!  A lot!

Friday, July 22, 2011

{to: me, from: me}

I am really not wanting to bore the crowd.
{the entire three-reader audience I have}

But, because I am putting so much time into it
and it is going amazingly well, I really want
to journal at least the beginning of this trek.

Snacks were a success today.  They ranged from
apple straws,  organic yogurt, and fruit.  Tonight
I had to make a few tweaks.  It was the most difficult
meal for the boys and they did eat something different.

But, Scott and I had homemade bean and low fat
cheese burritos on whole wheat tortillas with homemade
salsa.  Noah did try, but he couldn't even get it down.
Evan, the one that will pretty much try anything, passed. 
After Noah's incident, I definitely did not push it. 

So, Noah had low sugar oatmeal {not steel cut, but I 
was short on time at that point with organic, natural, 
unsweetened applesauce and a bottle of water.  Evan
had turkey pepperoni with applesauce and a 100%
juice Caprisun.  We are far from being "there".....
whatever there may be.  But, the last several days 
have definitely been an improvement for all of us.

And, I haven't weighed yet, but will tomorrow.
But, very happy to report the jeans are definitely
fitting better.  The jeans I had not worn all summer.
And, not because of this insane heat, but because
I couldn't breathe due to constriction!  

and, for the no way is this a weight loss
attempt for the boys.  at all.  purely striving for better
nutrition.  in my regard...i've been attempting to lose
weight since may and it is coming off at a snail's pace.
so, i am hoping this helps speed that process up.


We are back on with the puppy. 

The breeder made some exceptions for us.
The babies are due any day.
There is a new set of tri's - just like Molly and we
got to watch them via puppy cam tonight. 
So, if we don't get a girl blenheim, we'll just go
with another tricolor.

And, yes, it's official.

I've lost my ever-loving mind! 

{doggie update}

I pulled my name from the waiting list on the puppy. :(

I talked to the breeder yesterday and her dogs are VERY
high quality, show dogs.  And, although they are beautiful, so
is Molly. :)  Even her "pet puppies" that don't show or will
never be bred are simply too much for me to be able to
sleep over at night. So, I will be on the look out for one that
will fit into our family without breaking the bank for sure.

Molly was out there, so I am sure another will be at some point.

{convicted, yes}

Whatever word you want to use....burdened, guilty {although I know that
is not the same thing as convicted}, concerned.....or, a mixture of all of the above.

There you have it. 

Basically because of my nutty schedule that I have, my family
is putting junk into their mouths.  Literally. 

So, I spent HOURS in the grocery store this week reading and 
reading label after label.  I toted bags of groceries home with a feeling
of uneasiness as much of these items the boys have never tasted. 

Our pantry and refrigerator has been filled with processed, nutritionless junk.
I had a "family meeting" last week and told all of them that we would
be transitioning to some big changes.   I explained my reasoning and 
that as the mom of the house I felt a huge responsibility and knew I had totally
made a gradual slip into a territory I didn't want any of us to stay in. 
Surprisingly, they accepted the challenge with smiles.   Then, it began.

And, I have slowly implemented more things in.  I have completed
some major tossing out of the cabinets.   And, I have a progress report to
announce!  It is going SOOOOOOOOO much better than I could have
ever anticipated.   Basically, we are going down the path of
things being "God made" and steering away from things that do
not fall into this category the majority of the time.  Will we still have
treats?  Absolutely!  But, they will be "treats",  not staples in our diet. 

Here are a few things the boys {all three} have tried and LOVED. 
Morning Star veggie corndogs,  almond milk {huge success},
no more processed cereals....Kashi's, tons of fresh fruits, 100%
whole wheat rounds, natural peanut butter, pure fruit spreads instead of jelly,
whole wheat spaghetti, eggs, organic and greek yogurt {jury is still
out on the greek for the boys}, rice chips, whole wheat pita chips just to name
a few, bottled water instead of juice, milk or SODA. 
 And, I have so many things to try and that is the part they
are enjoying the most.   They are actually meal planning which is funny!

But, things to try are......Morning Star chicken strips,  hummus {we will see!},
natural almonds,   air-popped pop corn {have done this in the past, just
not in a while}, homemade french fries and chicken strips,  homemade
salsa {they have never wanted to eat salsa before},  turkey sausage 
roll ups on wheat tortillas, etc, etc, etc.    

I just want to be a good steward with their health and mine of course!
Will keep you posted!!!  So far, so much better than I thought it would be!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{the answer is yes}

I am now  officially on a waiting list for a Blenheim girl. 
The litter is due to be born any day. 

Sweet Mama:

and, handsome Daddy: 

Too bad it won't be able to come home until October. :(

Happy birthday to me from my three boys! 
Much better than that chandelier I was wanting!!

{have i lost my mind?}

okay.  i really don't want you to answer that.

but, i've been entertaining the thought that maybe......

just maybe....

molly needs a playmate.

crazy thing is.....yesterday, we finally found a sweet kitten for evan.

he is bouncing off the walls as she won't be ready to be
picked up for a week or two.

but, i also can't get little bella above off my mind.

you know, it's not like i don't have enough to do?

the chickens alone are keeping me very occupied in this heat.
they know me very well at atwoods.
who knew i would have to make a mad dash for electrolytes.

but, in my everyday chaos of just "everything"
sweet little molly, who is snoring at my feet
as i type this, just always seems to calm me down. 

much less expensive than therapy!!  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


* birthday 'day' planned.  check.

*family party planned.  check. 
it will be 'vintage'
how funny is that??

*outfits purchased.  check.

and, for the record,
tonight when i called my brother,
he informed me that i was likely
over half way through my life.
he's very thoughtful like that. ;)

and, that is exactly the reason i should 
have as many parties
 {ahem, cake}
as i can!!!!  makes perfect sense to me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{poll please}

i need your help!

i need to know what you would do on your 40th birthday??

because, i just can't decide what i want to do on mine!

since, most of my friends are well under that mark -
what do you have in mind for yourself,
as you have years to think about it? :)

i know i want lots and lots of cake.

cute cakes. 

so, that means lots and lots of parties.  ;)

in case you are wondering, i am not dreading it in the least. 
i'm very excited actually.  basically, i'm just happy to be here i think!
no, on a serious note, my grandmother died at the age of 40. 
she left 5 babies behind.  my mind has never been able to 
wrap around that fact. even as a little girl..........that
piece of our puzzle never fit right. 
 in our family, she has always been 40. 
so, for whatever reason, that left a lasting mark on me.  
even though i never got to meet her, my entire
life, i have been told that both our personality and 
appearance were so similar.  my grandfather
often would cry when he would look at me or 
i would do something that she would have done.   

she didn't get to celebrate.  i want to. 

i'm just at a loss of what i want to do.

one of those things i absolutely should not be fretting over.
and, i'm not fretting.  i'm just at a loss! 

i know i want to be surrounded by family & friends.

nothing over the top.  although, to be perfectly honest, i have
entertained that thought. :)  but, squashed it down where it belonged. 

of course, i'll have my family party the evening of.  
probably at a resturant.   and, i would love me some sweet
girlfriend time.  because my girlfriends are some of
my greatest treasures.  and, i'm thinking dressed up? 

but, i'm thinking a couple party too? 

can you have too many parties? 

i told scott he could give me my parties and i would
just plan them.  so far, i'm failing.

maybe, i should just sit home in my pj's and eat cake?
if i don't decide soon, that's exactly what i will be doing!!!

thoughts please??  

{july 12, 2011}

*we're just basically a month away from school starting back
 {insert big, sad sigh here.  and, maybe a tear or two.}

*the intense heat...well, let's just say every evening when i'm out
shooting, i pray that either i or my client{s} do not have a heat stroke.
i'm not kidding on that one.  i've been scared twice now.

*back to that pesky 'back to school' topic.  my heart is sad.  i feel
like i have had anything but a laid back summer with the boys.
there is still hope though. 

i have a session tonight and next week and then
one more wedding and that is it until school starts.  but, i have 4 orders 
pending {well, 6 now as 2 came in when i pushed this aside to
go complete a session}, 6 edits, a bridal edit, 7 wedding edits,
a flush mount wedding album, sneak peeks and a
new website to get up and running.  
 and, all of that with me basically working around the clock. 
oh, and two legal reviews that i need to start/complete.  

*here's going back to that hope part.....IF i can work at a crazy
pace for about 12 days, that will leave me with about 3 weeks of 
a slowed-down workload.  things are still completely up in the
air re: scott's trip to virginia.  i shouldn't be shocked i suppose?
the boys are BEGGING to go on vacation.  and, honestly, at this
point, i'm just not sure i have it in me.   my dream vacation right 
now is just to have one on one time with them.  

at home.

*i did take sunday off.  and despite fighting periodic panic attacks
throughout the afternoon because of all i knew i should be doing...
 it was such a great day.  very simple.   very perfect.  very few
and far between - which i need to change.  church.  after worship,
scott and i snuck out for lunch together as i had a horrific headache
and needed to take ibuprofen.  picked up the boys, said hello to
sweet friends, ran a  few errands {scott took care of those while
i sat in the car}.  a movie {zookeepers, the boys chose and it was
very cute}. headed home after a few more errands.  and, then
i actually swam/cleaned the pool.  snuggled.  and went to bed fairly
early.  and, where is that rewind button?  i could stand to hit it a few times. 

*i have three birthday parties to plan. 
hmmmm...... we may just eat cake at home. ;)

*i lost a sweet family member this week.  breaks my heart.
unfortunately, i didn't get to go to her funeral yesterday because
of an MD appt for myself that i could not reschedule.   she
is someone who had such love for her was tragic
to see her go.  another reminder how in a minute life can change. 
i've thought about her so much over the past few days.  if over my
lifetime, i can show my family a fraction of her selfless heart, i will have
accomplished a lot.  i am reminded in her loss how every second 
really, truly counts.  i can hear her sweet laugh.  how often to my
boys see me laugh?  through all that she shouldered for her family,
she never lost that beautiful laugh and smile.  her eyes were always smiling
no matter the chaos or pain that was swirling around her.  life is so incredibly
fragile. it really makes you focus on what is truly important in each
of our lives.  this is not the most appropriate time to write this based
on the above list of things on my to do list.  however, much of that
was absolutely out of my control due to the crazy weather this year.
much of it was within my control and was simply a matter of poor planning
on my part and overbooking.  between the combination of the two,
it's almost combustible, i think.  really, how perfect the timing
to dig myself out of this and me be even more diligent on what i say yes 
to.  and, i know!  i know i've written on this topic many, many times
before.  obviously, it's a very weak place for me.  but, it honestly
does simply come back to the place of what is important to me?
to us?  the things i may get myself caught up in that seem important,
if i put it through "the filter" probably aren't so much.  the things i worry about.
well, "He" has already covered that topic well, i just need to apply.
most of the things i would confess to worrying about really do not even
matter much.  i just want need to focus on the simple things.  i have
been blessed with my health, my family, friends who are like family to me.
so many blessings.  and, yet i find myself fretting over the background pattern
for the new website. maybe that is a poor example, but you know what
i mean.  little things can be such time stealers.  

 i want to enjoy my blessings every single day, because
as we all know, we are never promised tomorrow.  obviously, my
cousin was not.  but, in looking back over her life and even without
being at her funeral.........i know without a single doubt what she was known
for and what she will always be remembered for.  the love for her family.
and, i know there are "seasons" and simply busier times than others, but 
i NEVER, EVER want my boys to remember me for always working. 
a hard worker, yes, as long as it's in the proverbs 31 kind-of way.
but, if i can absolutely pour into their hearts and minds what is
truly in my heart and mind - i will have accomplished what i needed to. 
more often than not, the strive for perfection or being able to juggle 'it
all' has definitely gotten the best of me.  and, those around 
me unfortunately.  it's getting back to that "being still" thought process. 
and, yes, i will likely always have to work.  and maybe because of my personality
i may always be in the search for balance.   but, there is no time like
the present.  and, if i post several other posts on this topic, don't be
surprised.  i think this may be something i never really master.

i just want to keep my thoughts and heart on the prize. and,
that prize are those blessings i listed above. 

For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time,
and then vanishes away.

James 4:14

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{before i forget....}

I was in the kitchen earlier with Evan as he was
drinking a glass of milk and informing me that he
figured out he was "Ethiopian." 

Don't ask.

He then burped loudly a few times as he
put the empty glass down. 

I, of course, was mortified and decided to hit him
where it hurts.  "Evan, I can't believe you just
did that.  You know that is rude and you need to
remember that girls do not like that." 

His response, "that's not true mommy, a lot of the 
girls in the cafeteria burp louder than I can.   They laugh
when they burp.  Which makes me laugh.  And, they really
like me to laugh.  So, I think you're wrong."

I won't bore you with the details of manners 
explored.  I really don't think he's buying it anyway.    

Saturday, July 2, 2011

{quiet day on the homefront}

I got a late reschedule on Thursday for Friday evening.

And, what does this crazy mama do?

Stay up all night working, get up at the crack of dawn and
work some more, and, then, load two sleepy-headed
boys in the car, run errands and surprise them with a 
trip to Magic Springs.  On my own. 

Maybe not the brightest idea in the world. 
And, honestly, it went pretty seamless.  The point
in which I had trouble was that Evan is still too small for
so many of the rides and of course being the younger
brother who thinks there should be no difference in
he and big brother despite the age discrepancy along
with waiting on big brother on those rides....made for
a pretty sulky day at times.   He asked me if he
ate alot of protein over the weekend, could we go back
next week because he would be tall enough! 

I do love his determination. ;)

But, with that exception our day was really good.
The park was not crowded in the least, so we may have
had to wait 2 turns at the most to ride whatever we wanted. 

BUT,  I almost turned the car around in Waldron because
it was then I began getting concerned that something
was going on with Noah other than just being tired from me
waking them up.  Our summer sleeping routine is totally
wrecked right now.  He convinced me he was fine, but, 
he dragged all day.  I just made sure they had PLENTY
of water in the 200+ temperatures and lots of breaks.  They
both slept on the way home and Evan rebounded this morning,
but, Noah didn't.  So.....with a super early bedtime and no 
outside play today, I'm hoping he wakes up feeling better
tomorrow.   Besides a few errands I had to run today, we have
been camped out watching movies and reading today.  

And, that part has been nice.  Although, some plans I had
for tonight had to be scratched. :(  Hopefully tomorrow will 
be a better day because Monday will be a nonstop day for us.