Monday, January 31, 2011

I saw the above picture on another blog - the picture is from Style @ Home.   That is the color dog I had looked and looked for before Molly - a buff.   So sweet, but, now I can't imagine that I actually searched based on a color of a dog.  I can't imagine missing out on sweet Molly.   Besides, it wouldn't have mattered, the minute the breeder opened the door with Molly in his arms, I was smitten.  

BTW, I am totally rambling I know.  Too tired to do anything.  But, Noah is wide awake since he slept all evening.  Today has been his worst day yet. 

Back to the couch to him.


{life on the farm}

Before a probable winter storm. {you never know around here!}

The fireplace is roaring again.  We let it die out since it was
 a mere 70 degrees two days ago.   Wood is loaded on the backporch.

Cattle, horse and mules fed a lot of extra hay and feed this afternoon.

Praying three cows do not deliver tonight.

 To 'get up'  the above three cows tomorrow {hopefully before it hits} 
whether they do or do not deliver tonight. 

Extra hay to dog houses.

Sacks of feed loaded and ready to go.

Evan is in heaven.  

Strange I know.  He loves all of the prep. 

{new find}

And, yes, this came out of "the new budget."  It is low.

Very, very low! But, we honestly shouldn't need one more thing this week. 
{Remember $300+ trip last week}  

Now, on to the above.  I saw a similar version to this in Wal-mart, but wasn't
impressed with the design.  So, I came home and investigated
a bit.   This is what I found on Amazon.  The reviews were great
as well as the cost.   I'm just excited about not having to trim
crust every morning.   Occasionally I would cave and buy
the Uncrustables - but have you seen the calorie count in those? 
Noah loves them, but Evan refuses the store-bought ones - so
this should solve both issues, be healthier {since I control
how much of what goes into the sandwiches} and save a lot of money! 

I'll let you know!

ps....some of the reviews noted that you could make several pb&j's
at once, ziploc them and freeze them until needed.  I love that.

{a storm is brewing}

Although it feels more "thunderstorm-ish" out there right now,
it's hard to believe a major winter storm will likely arrive
in less than 24 hours.

It could be a big one, but you never really know around here.

Wasn't it just 70 degrees?

Wood:  check
Food: check
Snow Ice Cream Ingredients:  check {just in case}
Sleds:  I probably should, but with a sick one, will skip out on that again. :(  

Sunday, January 30, 2011

{BIG challenge to self}

I keep telling myself, that if others can do it, so can I.


It's a big one.

A really big one.

After I walked out of Sam's last week, $274.00 later, I still had to
go to Wal-mart to get additional things.

That's sick really.

Our cupboards are loaded, but, really? Well over $300+ dollars in one week?

So, I started diving in different websites.  It seems that MANY families (of four) spend
 a budget of $40-50 per week on food.  The end.

The ones I was more intrigued with were not the ones
that did alot of couponing {I'm reallllly short on time right now} but that also
did not buy alot of processed foods just because they could get those at
a lower cost.   They were actually eating much healthier in their quest to
do bigger and better things with their finances than fund the Waltons.

Many of them diverted the savings toward giving, vacations, college, etc. I feel like
 my main goal is simply to be a better steward.  I informed and explained
to Scott and the boys my new plan.  I think I recall seeing three deer in the headlights
sitting in our living room.  BUT, when we discussed things we could use the
money for, they got a bit interested, albeit skeptical.  For the record,  I'm not
thinking for a second that it will be easy, but, I'm thinking it may be fun.


I had to make a photography run to FS tonight, so I ran by Aldi's - no
coupons required allowed.  Then, I had to stop by WM for
some Emery boards and picked up what I had forgotten at Aldi's. 

So, I've spent $22 of my weekly budget.  {I will be brutally honest, that
TOTALLY freaks me out!}  So, I have $28 to last until next Sunday. 

Here is what I got:

2 boxes of saltine crackers {meatloaf and spaghetti from all that Sam's HB meat}
1 box of juice drinks {like Capri-suns}
1 bag of dried cranberries {Amish Baked Oatmeal for breakfast, yum!} 
1 gallon of 2% milk
1 box of butter {4 sticks}
1 bag of chips for lunches
1 loaf of bread
1 box of swirl popsicles {treat for the sick one}
3 bottles of soda
4 lbs of deli-style potatoes
3.25 pounds of bananas ($1.19 total) 

For breakfast today, we had homemade monkey bread,  lunch I made beans, rolls and potatos and leftovers tonight. 

We shall see??
I may fall flat on my face, but, I've put it out there now for all to see the fall. ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

{one down}

Noah is the first one to fall.  :(

Thankfully he got a few hours of play outside 
before it hit.

And, boy is it hitting fast.

Get well soon Noah B! 

I love, love, love you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

{nice surprise}

Since we have deprived the boys of a "neighborhood" by forcing them to live in the middle of nowhere, it's always a sweet surprise when someone is in our neck of the woods and we get a surprise visit!  Isn't that how neighborhoods work?  You just stroll over to the neighbors yard and chat?  Since, I am not up to speed on that whole process.....that red truck coming up our driveway {that I first ignored because I thought it was my mother-in-law.  NOW THAT SOUNDED BAD.  That's not what I meant.  At all.  I'm just used to that red truck coming up our driveway}.  When I finally looked up and saw our sweet friends, I think I squealed!!  {really!}

 I am sure we may scare the visitors we have, because they are so few and far between we never want them to leave.  We could visit all night!  And, we even tried fattening them up before they had to leave for dinner.  That was kind of Hansel and Gretel-ish???   Sorry! 

  But, what a nice & and perfect surprise! 


Every cough.

Every sneeze.

Every red cheek.

Every "Mommy can you get a splinter in your throat?"

Every sniffle.

Every whine.

It feels as though we are sitting ducks.

The flu.

I'm afraid it's coming.

But, hoping we have flu mercy this year.

Everyone around us either has dropped or are dropping like flies. 

At least it is just B this year and not the swine variety from 2010.

If we make it through unscatched, I am certain it's
 because we still have immunity left over from last years disaster.

I'm going to just keep on praying we've met our quota.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{works in progress}

I got out there a bit too late.  Three days too late to be exact.  What was suppose to be a simple "repair" and paint job has turned into a full blown rebuild pretty much.  After I gasped when I rounded the hill, I ducked because the poor guy working down there would have probably thought it a bit strange if he saw me hiding behind the black car to get a picture.  Is that an invasion of privacy? 

But, the barn looks very small from this angle.  It's not.  This is going to turn into quite the bigger job than I had envisioned when I said, "Hey, honey, I think we should fix that barn instead of let it fall to pieces."   Maybe I will ponder longer prior to offering any future suggestions. 

Our little garden plot.  But, I think we are going to move three
little trees in order to expand it.  I will probably be out there
cursing the garden idea this summer as well.   You know, the
345 degree Arkansas summers.   Yeah.  I might hook up 
a sprinkler system to hydrate me when I'm out there. 

 Do you see what I see beneath my feet?  GREEN GRASS.

 And, I spied this little guy on my way back in.  Yes, my scarecrow from fall.  Hanging upside down in the shrubs.

I couldn't resist as that is how I feel most days! ha! 

{my friends}

Praying for many of my friends who have been hit hard by the flu, upper respiratory infections, etc.  Missing you so much!  I'm been dreaming all day of summer play dates.  I know, a tad ahead of myself there.  

And, just for SC:  after Bible study yesterday, not only did I have lunch in a t-shirt but yoga pants as well!  I told the others that you would either be very shocked or very proud.  ;)   

And, HG:  true to my accessory deficit - none other than my wedding ring.

I'm either TOTALLY slacking or facing reality! ;)  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{date night}

for the boys {the two little guys} and I. 

Sad that Daddy won't be joining us. 

But, I'm sure they will be blasting their iPods
for weeks and weeks afterwards.

He will get {free after I download everything the boys recall}
daily concerts in the comfort
of his very own living room. 

Ear plugs optional.

Monday, January 24, 2011

{could it be?}

a bud in a tree?



I'm ALMOST afraid to say it.  However, I think that ever-so-slowly, but surely a 'little' order is being reestablished around the house.  I can breath a tad easier.  I can barely function when I have to let so many things slide.  And, believe me, it's  been an avalanche around here since, oh, about September.   I could maybe even trace it back to August.  As soon as our feet were planted back here after wiggling our toes in the sunny sands while on vacation.....they were running way past go. 

The fall photography season.  I survived.

Well, although I tease that this is my hibernation season, I may not be out shooting several evenings a week, but, orders still come in, new inquires on a daily basis pretty much, packets to mail out, orders to deliver and mail,  clients to meet and a list of things {for friends and family} that had been pushed on the back burner due to all of the above.  But, I'm whittling it away. And, I am doing a project {2 actually} for the law firm that will end this week. {hopefully!} And, desperately trying to get this house back to some semblance of order.   A very tedious task I must say. 

This morning was my VERY FIRST Monday in which I woke up to everything looking clean and tidy on the surface at least.  It's not perfect by any means, but, what a great start to the week!!   Now it's the dig in and dig in deep type cleaning, purging and organizing that needs to be done.  Maybe by the time spring arrives, the cleaning will be 'finito'!    And, I can just play. ;)  

I have a little system going, I load up the car and drop things off at storage and on MD appt days load it up and swing by Goodwill.  I get sickened at just how much junk we accumulate.  Well, I accumulate.  Scott is pretty much innocent on that count.  His accumulation is in big tools in the garage and moving objects out in the yard and/or pasture.  

I think I may go back to the Fly Lady system.  I was really impressed while I was doing it.  The big problem with it........I stopped. ha!  

And, I'll have to take some before and after pictures.  BUT, we have an outside project going on that I am over-the-moon excited about.   HG:  this will not apply to things I am usually excited about.  However, my father-in-law and a man showed up today to begin a barn restoration.  NOT the barn raising here by the house. But, we have an old barn that was ripped to shreds several years ago by major winds/storms.  So, it has continued to deteriorate and crumble.  It makes me so sad.  So, about a month ago I asked Scott to try and figure out how much it would cost to repair it as the structure itself is pretty much intact.  It's a go!  So, the man will be replacing the torn off tin.  Repairing the lean-to; possibly building a second on on the other side.  Cleaning it out so we can actually use it.  AND, the very best part.

It will be painted RED.  

So happy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

{hatching a plan}

And, no this one has nothing to do with fancy chickens.  Although, the coop did arrive. :)

I am thinking my next tackle project here, although there should be many, will be my laundry room. 

Since I seem to spend half of my life it there. 

 And, since I seem to want to avoid it, I'm thinking that if it were something that would "draw me in there" may just make these mountains into molehills.

A chandy will be a must.  

This may be fun!!! 

Anything that will help the cause. {wink} 

I know, one too many posts about my laundry situation.

{over it}

Yes, it's official. 

I am pretty much over the dreary days of winter.  

Just sayin'.

Bring on the sunshine, flowers and green!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

{in this moment}

6:38 pm

*I am typing in the kitchen.  I took a break from my records to "inhale" it all.

*Noah is curled up in his chair with a new book reading away.  

*I can hear Evan and Scott laughing and "discussing" their ongoing game of checkers.  E is actually getting very difficult to beat.   I can say that honestly from my very own experience last night.

*Dishes from supper are filling the sink.  This will be the third load of the day. 

*Mac and Cheese leftovers are waiting to be put away.

*The house is nice and warm thanks to the 2-year-old debilitated wood we drug up from our back fence a few days ago.  I'm not sure why we waited until now.

*Although I pretty much cleaned all day.  There is still an all day of cleaning left.  I think I would throw in the towel, but then I would have to wash it. 

*You guessed it, laundry room is humming away in unison.

*I'm watching him turn the pages.  He is growing into such a big, sweet boy.  I thank God every day for him.

*I can again hear Mr. Competitive in the living room.  I'm amazed that he is even here.  Thank you God.

*I can hear a Daddy who loves his boys with all of his heart.  

*In this moment, life seems pretty perfect. 


Since I'm counting points, I started making this quick calorie-free drink with cherry-limeade drink mix {Great Value brand} and Sprite-Zero.  Yum!

{i'm a techno fuddy-dud}

There.  I confess.  It is out.

It shocks you I know {NOT!}  But, I do know it drives some crazy.  I am sorry for that.   

I am such a fuddy-dud when it comes to the ever-changing, quick-as-lightening technological launches and advances.   It's almost as though my brain decides it's not worth the effort of the ease it is suppose to bring.  It seems to keep me even more crazy-busy. 

It was most likely birthed in my childhood.

I think we got our first phone when I was around 14.  Prior to that I would walk to my grandmother's house to use her phone the moment I got home from school.   Of course to call my friends who I had just seen at school.

You would have thought that would have sparked it.  Well, it didn't.  That was like the beginning and the end all rolled up into one. 

Now, let me explain.  I love having a vehicle, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, etc. It's the phone and computer type variety that keeps me playing catch up continuously.

When Atari hit, I detested it.  I would watch my best friend and her brother play it for hours, but, I wanted no part of it.    If you would give me a board game, then I was all over it.  The kids do have hand-held games and a Wii.  But, I could not tell you the difference between an Xbox, PlayStation, etc.   Poor guys.  I drag them right down with me in all my glory.

Commodore 64.  My friends and neighbors were getting them left and right.  Nah, I would pass.  I used it as I was required at school.  The end.

The cell phone.  Well, I loved that, but I am quite certain I was the very last person on earth to give up her bag phone.  I even tried to get an upgrade when there really weren't too many options.   Maybe I heard one too many radiation stories on that.  But, no worries, I eventually converted, but it was not with ease.   I still have it somewhere, just in case.

We will skip a few years of inventions and dive into cameras.  I think I was one of the last ones there as well.  I wanted no part of digital.  Hated, hated, hated every aspect of it.  Thus, I kept wracking up the film and processing bills until it was almost criminal.   So, due to the funding situation,  I caved.  It is one of my only conversions I am happy about. 

Enter PC versus Mac.  I have a nice, lovely Mac Pro that is suppose to be THE computer for photographers.  Well, it's the one the boys are playing on at this moment.  I am typing in the kitchen on my new PC desktop.  My desk in the living room houses my other desktop.  And, the hard drive it replaced sits out in the garage in all of its glory.  I think I am one of the only ones who defied the "once you go Mac, you never go  back."  Well, I have twice. 

I think I am also one of a few in comparison to my friends who still houses a land line.  And, I had to add a rotary-like phone just for appeal.  In keeping up, it does have hidden push button features. They probably do not even make a rotary dial anymore?  But, something about it calms me.  It likely goes back up to my discussion on my grandmother's phone.  A red rotary. Hours and hours on that beauty.   Love. 

I finally started texting.  What?  Maybe a year and a half ago? Maybe.  I still don't text that often.  I leave my cell phone in my car on most days.  I think I flabbergast my friends.  Sometimes, I get crypted messages that basically translate to........"are you missing? are you alive? have you been kidnapped by aliens again, because you haven't responded to my calls/texts from 10 days ago."  Sorry,  I am just really, really, really bad in the cell  phone department.  I have even gotten to the point of not even checking my answering machine but about twice a month. That is not a good thing regarding most messages.   I do have caller id, but, my 'rotary' has no display. So, it is pretty much pointless as the cordless can either never be found or is not charged.  Dead. Dead. Dead.  

I still do not know how to set my DVR.  But, I have accomplished recording a show in progress.  That's good enough for me.  I call for Scott for the other. 

And, what is prompting this purge-fest?

Could it be the I-pad?  No, that actually intrigues me, I just don't want to spend the $$ or find a reason to be on the computer more than I already am; it is shameful most days. 

It is a broken heart. 

Secondary to the advent of the Kindle. 

Now, I do get it.  I understand the ease of it all.  That part is a little captivating.  But, I can't imagine not turning actual pages, and having the thrill of a new book in my bag, or strolling for hours in a bookstore, or taking the kids to the library.


Well, I assume that's how it works?  Honestly, I haven't really investigated.
But, it's not appealing to me in the least. 

I know, I know and I promise I really do "get it."  It totally makes sense.  Please don't hate me because I had rather curl up with a book than a kindle.  I just can't imagine Noah and I {I am STILL trying to instill my love of reading into my youngest} curled up in our reading area with cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and lots of pillows with something other than actual printed books in our hands.   I won't even go into my terror of what is to come of print.  But, it is a reality quickly approaching for so many medias.  

I think in looking back, I am definitely a fuddy dud.  I won't even argue anything other.  I accept it.  But,  I'll just keep turning pages.  The more ragged and torn and dog-eared,  the better for me.  

Think I'll go grab one now. 

While they are still here. ;)


{how could i ever deny}

the sweet voice that yells out......"mommy will you make me one of your famous salads?"

by the process of elimination you can probably figure out which child it is.

olive oil.

see ya!  i'm off to chop lettuce for that stinkin-ly cute little guy. 

{hmmmm......did she write this for me?}


that would be Evan.  Not Noah? Maybe Noah was just cold & tired and not headed that direction last night.  But, so far, that's it....a low grade temp only.  So many sick right now!  :(

Saying prayers for the Hobbs' and little Madi!

Friday, January 21, 2011

{i survived}

SEVEN dental/md/vet appointments from Wednesday thru today.

I'm spent.

{oh dear}

I'm afraid Noah is going down.

It appears that he's sinking fast. 

Praying we do not repeat last year.

{i couldn't say it better myself}

so, I will let Jennifer Lots of Scotts - The Knot

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{feeling better}

Okay, having a sick puppy {although she's fully grown} can be a lot like having a sick baby.  Anxiety, long nights, lots of clean-up, and most of all lots of loving.  This was Molly after her bath tonight.  She honestly didn't feel like it until later this evening.  She tolerated it.   
 'Pleaaaaaassssssseeee, leave me alone.'
 'I'll just pretend you're not there.  Really."

 Seriously, is she not the cutest thing ever?  I never thought I would be administering Benadryl and Pepto throughout the night and morning.
 I kid you  not, she is actually camera shy.  Very strange.  With or without the flash, she wants to disappear when it gets pulled out.   And, it doesn't matter if it's the monster camera or my phone or throw in the purse variety.  She detests them.  Where could she get that? 

I'm off to love on this sweet girl!  So happy she's feeling better! 


My birthday present from Angela.  She MADE it!  I am very impressed.  The picture does not do it justice.  But, super-cute knitted scarf and the gigantic flower {which I love} pinned to it.  But, i was wearing it wrong I think?  And, poor Noah, I had to grab him for the picture.  Couldn't do it alone.    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Ang!  Now, if I could just find your present???

{getting ready}

I've purchased all of the seeds for spring.
I think.

I'm going to start some of them inside over the next few weeks.

Although, I love snow.

I'm looking forward to the carefree, simple days of summer.

In a big way.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{bragging rights}

It is very worthy of noting that my beautiful niece Syd is officially #1 in her class at Southside. No small feat! The stinkin' smarty pants {a true term of endearment} will be a junior in college when she graduates high school!! Unbelievable!

So proud of you sweet girl!

Love you dearly....

{here we go again}

I am missing church tonight due to a sick wee one.

My canine child.

I have determined I can not give her cute little, sweet treats. {dog variety, not human. she can only seem to handle one brand}

They do not agree.

She will have to stick to her mundane ones.

And, when I say she is sick.

It may be a long night. Just hope we don't have to end up calling Dr. Nick for an emergency run. :(

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{new recipe}

You can double click to enlarge.


The house is completely and utterly quiet.

Except for my pecking fingers.

That are going at warp speed, I must add.

And, of course, my constant companions the washer and dryer.

Here's to a productive day!

{the mountain}

I am literally running in circles right now.  Have so much to do, so many places to be and feel as though I am spinning my wheels.  After dropping the boys off, I needed to drop my things back off at storage that I had used for the bridal fest.  But, I've seemed to have hurt my back again and to avoid the last fiasco with it, made Scott go with me as I've placed myself on lifting restrictions. ;)  I can do that.  I am the family doctor afterall.  ha!

Well, we took a detour on the way home even though I did not have a minute to spare.  It was so needed and more than worth it.  I went to the Mountain which is also known as my grandpa's farm.  I usually stop by about once every six months as it is painfully bittersweet.  He grew up there as a little boy.  I grew up playing there and spending the night up until the homestead itself got so unsafe we made him move closer to us.  I was immediately in tears.  Everything has pretty much fallen over or completely deteriorated.  I walked through his huge garden plot that is still surrounded by the fence I remember so well.  The smokehouses are in heaps on the ground.  The well is actually perfect, just overgrown.  The house, only a small area is standing upright.    A lifetime of memories will always be there, even though he is not. 

It just broke my heart, but was so peaceful at the same time.  If that makes any sense at all?  However, I have big plans.  It will involve the remains that stand, my boys and my camera.  The last time I was there with a camera was with Grandpa, my mom, aunts and uncles.  It was two days before he went into the hospital.  There is no other place on earth he would have rather spent that time, I am positive.    So, although it is painful, his smile that day is definitely what I remember.   I miss you terribly sweet, sweet Grandpa!  

Monday, January 17, 2011

{in this moment}

*evan is laying down with a knot on the back of his head.  he crashed off of the bar
stool onto the tile floor below.  hits to the head scare me to death.  thinking
 I will not be sleeping much tonight.  {well, that would be night #3 in a row}

*i can hear him singing along with his i-pod.  so sweet.  josh gracin is playing.

*noah is on the other couch searching for music downloads.  he is patient for the most
part but i pretty much have to hear everything before i will download it. 
 he has basically struck out today.

*th:  my washer does make that loud noise as it just kicked into high gear.  and, yes, the
dryer is humming right along beside it.  they are constantly on and i am never caught up?
how does that happen?

*scott had a bad day today.  he got up for the first time around 1:30 pm. 
shortly thereafter, he decided to ride to alma with his parents. 
i'm waiting for the call to go pick him up in fort smith.  

*molly is sleeping despite the washer that sounds like a rocket a
couple of rooms away.  maybe it will blast off and take all the laundry with it. 
sorry, i digress.  

*noah has now found a game on his touch.  another strike. poor thing!

*supper dishes are calling my name.  but, i'm ignoring.

*loved having the boys home today, although I had to work 
i still love having them under my feet. 

*my calendar is staring at me.  4 md appointments this week. and, 2-4 funerals. :(

*my heart is heavy, heavy.  i lost a classmate today to ugly cancer.  none of us
even knew she was sick.  she even kept it from her family.  
she touched many, many lives. gone way too soon.   she is the second one
we've lost and it's sad to know this is just the beginning. 

*and, when i feel that grief, i am reminded that i also lost my
kindergarten  teacher today. she was involved in the
car accident thursday night. such a kind, kind lady.   

*i'm going to go snuggle my babies.  and ignore those dishes. 
 and that mt. laundry as well.  


There is nothing like finding a cicada shell
in a ziploc bag ready for your viewing.
On your desk, I might add.
The child collects everything.
Dead or alive.
Body or shell.
It really doesn't matter.
At all.
Poor Noah, he just tolerates whatever
they find outside

Sunday, January 16, 2011


How bad is it that my pumpkins are still outside? They are not pretty.
I'll try to take care of that tomorrow.
But, I am still puzzled how I got from October to mid-January?

{in this moment}

5:02 pm
*we just got back in to warm up from riding the bike off and on all afternoon.
*the dryer is humming {as always}, the washer is swishing {as always}.
but, this will equate to clean bed linens - something i love doing!
makes for a very nice night of sleep.
*evan is eating pretzels {that child grazes} he discovered
he loves fried cabbage today at lunch.
*daddy is outside supervising. {see below}
*i can hear the tractor outside, breaking up the garden plot. yay, poppie!!
*molly is lounging. she has all day long. i'm excited to make her an appointment
with dr. nick tomorrow for her check-up. so happy for them! and US!
*noah is reading his alex rider book.
*we have movies from redbox to watch later
tonight and tomorrow. i used them for the first
time? i'm thinking i love them already.
*my car is loaded to make a drop-off on our way to home group
at my brother's new storage units. i am still in a major-purging mood. how
do we accumulate so much "stuff." tuesday will be the goodwill drop.
*i have missed my girlfriends all day today. i saw most
of them from afar today at church, but didn't get
to chat. i think a lunch date should be in order soon.
our school year is half over? how does that happen?
*it is 47 degrees and the sun is setting. great day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

{our little coop}

Has been ordered.
We will add on a secured run.
Chicks have been selected. So stinkin' cute!
But, I don't think I will order them until March.
I really don't think I want them in the garage
until they are able to be outside.
I'll save the garage for our calves that are
born during ice storms.
It's either there or in our living room in front of
the fireplace.

{dreaming of spring}

I'm thinking the balmy upper-forty degree weather has sparked the fever of spring.
Although the chicken below really freaks me out. It looks mean?? I am really wanting to give chickens another whirl. I definitely learned from my last run. {pardon the pun}
But, I am researching different breeds and am totally going for the very
non-aggressive, docile, friendly demeanors. All girls. I hope they get that right.
I have Scott working on Chicken Coop plans.

Of course, I want the fancy chickens. But, I am happy, happy about organic eggs without having to pay near $4 a dozen for them. And, thanks to Ang's ongoing chicken saga - I have a great go-to source. However, my chicken coop will be a tent in comparison to her Chicken Castle. :)

And, I'm filling my online shopping cart with fun seeds.

I remember the hard work all too well. But, the outcome, more than worth it!


This is currently the boys favorite fruit. Although a little pesky to get into those yummy seeds, it is very worth the effort. They have a cold bowl of them waiting now.....

{in this moment}

1:45 pm
*homemade chicken soup on the stove
*choc chip cookies on the island to be baked
*boys are just in from playing and riding E's new bike {thank you CH!}
*groceries are out to still be put away
*washer and dryer are humming
*scott is in bed. not such a great day for him
*my desk is piled with plans and sketches for our garden. this will be the first in years. so excited!!! alot of things are planned. can't wait to show you. i think i've gone nuts!
*evan has officially declared he will be sitting out the baseball season. mixed emotions for me, but, will TOTALLY enjoy a carefree summer for them!
*evan is eating cold mcdonald's fries as he watches disney
*the house is semi-clean. i'll described it as 'lived-in', makes me feel better
*noah is playing with his psp which has been pushed to the side for a while
*fireplace is nice and warm
*molly is wrecking havoc
*my heart is happy, happy!! elated that aunt linda has seems to have made it through
the worst part. more on that later. nothing short of AMAZING in so many ways.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

{in this moment}

5:51 pm
Noah is watching cartoons. He is claiming 'my' chair.
Evan just requested a new box of "fresh crayons" and he has a blank sheet of paper snatched from my copier in hand. He is wearing a fleece pullover and undies only.
Daddy is outside checking the water situation for the dogs and cattle.
The house is finally warming up after our power outage last night. I'm very thankful for our fireplace! Our heating system blew a fuse. Electricians should be here tomorrow. It would happen in sub-terrain freezing temperatures. We have the best luck with that, huh?
Molly is laying next to the boys with her sock monkey. Too cute!
We are off to piano in less than an hour.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{on my nightstand}

I have had this for a while and pulled it out last night. When you read the statistics of the generation following us {our children} regarding 'will they or won't they' have a real faith in practice...well, it is not something you can sleep easy on. So maybe not the best time to start it just before bed. It's staggering really. I've heard all of the statistics and data before, as most of you have, this could potentially be the generation in which the faith is lost. The life preserver: our homes, our faith and our passing the torch to the next generation. The right way, the "real" way.

{life verse}

I had not chosen one for the year and coincidentally we were very much encouraged to at Bible study over the last two weeks. As I had my quiet time last night, it was laid out in front of me, no search required. Now to ingrain it in my heart and apply.
"Search me, O God, and know my heart,
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting."
Psalm 139:23-24

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{love this}

This is the new little devotional I got for the boys around Christmas time. It is quick and effective. It is a great way to start the day so I'm adding five minutes to their wake up time and we are doing it before school and will continue to use the Jesus Storybook at night. But, they {and me!} are loving it! It is not real in-depth, but very applicable if that makes sense? A great way to start their day off and will hopefully prepare them for the challenges they may face throughout their day away from home. When they ask for me to read more, then I feel confident it's a good one!

{history 6-year-old style}

noah was talking about being out of school monday and how great it would be to have another 3-day weekend.
evan elaborated and told us they were out of school because it was King Luther and King Martin's birthday....."or something."
history lesson needed.

{in this moment}

6:37 pm

scott and the boys are laying in the floor in front of the fireplace watching the end of monsters v. aliens.

i just heard a giggle from evan.

molly is kenneled and crying. but, she has a VERY upset tummy and can't be out right now. poor thing, she doesn't understand as this is her very favorite part of the day. her boys are home.

evan and daddy are cracking nuts with a big gadget. it's an assortment walnuts, pecans, and yep, that's about all i recognize as i don't like them.

movie just ended.

laundry is humming away in the dryer. as it always is.

noah is on his way to his bedroom to complete nightly reading.

quiet night at home.

well, besides molly. :(

{'my' goodbye}

i knew the day was coming soon.
it's clearly in view now, despite my dark-colored goggles.
today on the way home from school, evan asked me, "do you know what my favorite word in the whole world is?" i asked. he replied, "mom."
I was slow.
He then asked me "will it be okay if i I start calling you mom instead of mommy?"
big sigh. crack through the heart.
"yes, evan, if you are ready, it is fine."
"are you sad?"
"just a little, but it's an okay sad."
"well, i'll call you mommy for a little while longer then."
silence on my part. {in other words, possible guilt trip}
he proceeded to tell me he has two wiggly teeth on bottom.
i nearly skidded off the road, hit a tree and tumbled down the hill.
but, i didn't.
i just drove.

Monday, January 10, 2011


stovetop popcorn.

family movie in front of the fire.

lots of snuggly blankets and snuggling going on.

boys at home.

if i died right now, i would die a happy, contented mommy!

but, we'll save that that for another 50 years. :)

{a perfect winters day}

i can hear the boys giggling in the front yard.

fresh cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven and paula deen's dreamy creamy hot chocolate {with a tweak or two} simmering on the stove.

the fireplace is roaring.

definitely a pj-clad kind-of day!

{painting together}

so fun! nothing grand on the artistic level, but the time together on it was honestly priceless. evan was quite disappointed when he saw the ipod santa brought him instead of the art supplies. there had been a switch, ipod from santa / art supplies from mommy and dad that he had yet to open. he has been chomping at the bit to work on something. so, i sketched him out a simple christmas tree and painted the lines for him and he dove in. he was beyond giggly and excited throughout the process. he will add his name and voila! a priceless painting for me! i'd take this over a monet any day!
absolutely adore it, but enjoyed our time at the kitchen table and his easel much more. he has several projects lined up, so he may have to have a gallery viewing soon.
now, we're off to play in the snow. first snow of 2011!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

{not today}

bridal fest: check

loaded the car: check

snow flurries: check

then something happened?? everything started changing very rapidly. we were told by mr. yoder to get home, no stops, it was "bad out there". hmmm....not where we were at that moment.

flurries. when we realized we were getting in a bit of trouble, she laughed and said.."well, we don't have any snow stories {incidents} together." i quickly told her "i really don't want to write it today". It could wait.

well, we abided and drove straight home. or tried to, it got much worst fast. we met travis in GW and he took angela so I could get on my merrily, but, slow way home. and, an hour and a half later i arrived in my driveway {from fs}. she on the other hand, is still out there. two sections of 71 were closed.

update: she is home. 3 long hours after leaving convention center.

we have our story.

a 3 hour tour!

the end.

Friday, January 7, 2011

{frozen pizza fun and decor}

Who would have thought that eating frozen pizza at home on a Friday night could be so much fun? For the most part, these two typically have fun no matter what they are doing together. And, yes, the little guy is in his underwear only of course. I've given up.

A pizza rap? Yes, indeed.

Now, on to the real reason I was walking through the kitchen with camera in hand when I noticed the free concert......moss balls. I wanted to take these for TH. And, they are really not moss balls, but, various stores in FS have these. I found these today at HL. Angela laughed at me because last year on two different trips to Creative Kitchen I bought the same one twice. On purpose of course! Does that really surprise anyone?

But, they are pretty cute!
Not certain where they will end up.
And..........this is my new little area in the kitchen. I think I've shown the little cabinet thing that I coveted for so long of HG's. Then, a lamp I had been strolling past and strolling past and strolling past......I finally put it in my cart after seeing it "live" at SC's.
I'm thinking I will never be invited over again?
Well, tonight I hung
the wooden thing above it as it was too much of an empty space
I got that from a gift card from one of the above's mothers. :)
It wasn't exactly the size I was looking for, but it was one of those things
I fell in love with and am making it work regardless.
It looks much better in real life. It's all cracked and beat up.

{heaven on earth}

the last three nights i have unplugged from my computer {remaining edits and orders} and been totally 'mom' once they got home.
amazingly wonderful and refreshing!
it has been, well, indescribable really.
i think i totally forgot the feel of how it is suppose to be!
thus, i am savoring, get back at it so i can savor some more tonight.......

Thursday, January 6, 2011



as many of you know. e has a slight fascination with, ahem, "elbows".

due to the fact i have been basically tied to my desk or a doctor's office over the past few months, tonight i gave in and thrilled the boys when i actually said 'yes' to a four-wheeler ride in the woods. in fact, they had me repeat myself several times as they scrambed for shoes and coats because they are so used to me saying no. {sad really!!}

so, we went on the ride and later i scolded scott for not warning me as to how bumpy our trails would be. {girls, you get the picture...a sports bra should have been indicated!}

well, i suppose evan heard just enough of that conversation. later he came to me begging me to play "chest" {aka chess} with him but he informed me to grab my sports bra as it is a "sport".

giggling all the way back to the kitchen.

i'm in trouble with him!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

{2011: a fresh start}

I absolutely adore a new calendar. All fresh and new, love it! And, finding one that works for me is usually no small feat. It is day 3 of 2011 and I am on calendar #3. I'm going to ignore the little fact that my new calendar is already a tad cluttered. When I look at the outside, I pretend the inside is nice and new as well. ha!
But, it is clutter with a purpose, so that should count for something, right? I have intentionally marked out every Sunday and Wednesday evening for church and Bible study. Marked them off with BIG PURPLE X's. Very gaudy, but effective.
And, despite the fact my photography calendar doesn't open until January 10th, many months are already completely booked due to bridals and engagements for said weddings. It's okay. I am taking this "down time" to really pray about pacing myself better. I have alot to pray about over the next 7 days.
I'll be back later to post my year-end entry. I just wanted you {particularly Aunt J} to know that I'm alive and kickin' again.