Saturday, December 31, 2011

{spring, anyone?}

I have ALOT to write about. 

But, still  so many things to get completed
before Monday.

So, I will be back to visit some VERY important
occurrences, Christmas, Christmas Eve, etc, etc. 

but, for today.  The only thing worth documenting
that was any fun at all........

The spring chicks are ordered.

So many pretty ones.

Maybe it was this beautiful weather?

Shipping Date:  2/20/12.

Now, I am back to the not so fun stuff!

Friday, December 23, 2011

{the reindeer}

have landed.

the elves have retired.

and, santa has left the building.

2011 complete. 

now, to enjoy my family &
celebrate our Savior! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{dear nikon}

it seems that i do not work for food


for your upgrades. 

although i am VERY excited,

it is also a painful experience.

just sayin'.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{hear that??}

the angels are SINGING!!

all major deadlines met.

tomorrow will be wrap up day.


O' happy, happy day!

I'm actually giddy.

{and sick,...but, giddy!}

Monday, December 19, 2011

{24 more}

well, 48 would be a more accurate description.


i think i can.  i think i can.

and, then,

i'm going to christmas party like
there's no tomorrow with my
boys come thursday.

and, wow, i may even have wednesday
to get ready for thursday.

i am beyond ready.

christmas music, coffee for pleasure  not for survival,
my quiet time during a quiet time all wrapped up in
blankets,  wrapping with no huge cloud hovering,
staying up late with the boys watching every Christmas movie
we can find, yummy treats and precious time with family
and friends.  yep.  i'm  ready.

now, back to the 24-48 hour stretch. ;)

{forwarding address}

i'm moving to the beach.

well, at least in my dreams.

nothing is hectic at the beach.

well, until you see a shark like we did that time.

  for the most part anyway. 

BUT, a girl can dream!  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{the giver or the gifts?}

hmmm....a very pertinent article.

{click and read below}

The author had a few points I wouldn't have
likely thought of or mentioned - particularly about other faiths.

But, it is true, this issue was raised in my heart several
weeks ago as I felt I needed to "prepare" the boys.  I must say,
their responses shocked me.  But, made my heart smile
all the while.   When I explained that Christmas fell on
a Sunday and that we would be disrupting our normal tradition
of staying in our pj's all day, eating yummy things from the oven
all morning, playing with our new toys uninterrupted I truly
expected whining at the very least.  

They looked at me like I was stupid.

Of course they would be in church on Jesus' birthday.
Where else would we be?  

Noah even asked if he could wear a tie.

{they are getting it much more than I give them credit} 

{update, operation: date night}


it's pretty much wrapped up. 

i am so lacking in the gift department for the boys??!

i'm a tad stressed there.

but, as it was stated in bible study just last week {how soon
i forget} it really about the number of present they have?


okay, breathing again.

{a ray of sunshine}

i did take some time tonight to make some
goodies with the boys.  the gingerbread house
is still in her box because i just haven't had it in me.  yet.

these little pretzel hugs were so easy and so yummy!

 we were rolling along quite nicely until i got distracted
removing a batch from the oven, colliding with the heating
elements above and losing half the batch to the bottom of the oven.

the next batch tasted of nothing but burned hugs. 

that little endeavor ended quickly. :(



u were not  very nice to me.

you  made monday something i
looked foward to for a change.

let's just say i have a very organized panty.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{banned from blog: scott walker}

holy moly, i'm excited!!!!

who knows?? maybe that painful Bible study on the song of solomon struck
a chord somewhere.....maybe. {wink}

but, this is too good not to share with my girlfriends. 
and, i'll get brownie points from the husbands too!  and, i need
all the help i can get there too as they all think i'm a nut. 

to put it lightly. ;)

okay, back to the task at hand.

operation:  date night

i absolutely cannot take credit for it but got the
idea from none other than my latest addiction:  pinterest.

but, it is a year of preplanned {for the most part} date nights.

i am going to spruce mine up a bit with some red leopard ribbon and embellishments. 
i'm so excited, i've even printed some labels/envelopes for a friend. 

but, the date nights can be very simple and budget friendly to all out
weekends away.  i want a mixture of both. 

i also purchased christmas cards for every month.  well, 13 actually, one to give with
the gift and one for each month, some serious, some totally hilarious! 

i can't put all of the ideas here because i want to surprise him and he is banned
from reading the blog until christmas.  but, i will post the monthly date nights
as they are opened per month.  

this has been so fun!  i've basically taken an idea
and will fill the envelope with simple things such as gift
cards, tickets, maps, printouts, etc and then on the day of the date
i will have a basket of goodies, picnic basket, 
a suitcase.....whatever may be applicable.

i think he will be a very happy guy!! 
but, i know that i am probably more excited in all of
the planning, collecting, reserving, etc than he will be. 

now, we just  need to establish a date-night childcare
coop for all of the friends and we'll all be good! ;)  

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i finished my last shoot of 2011 last night.

it was beautiful, but all i can say is THANK.YOU.GOD.

i survived.

i'm very thankful for the business, but very tired at this point.

so, i will finish up my edits and orders and enjoy Christmas
with my little family.  church will not be happening for us
this morning as scott is down for the count and evan has upper
respiratory havoc going on.  so,  although unplanned, we will be staying
home and in our pj's today.  i will finish my marathon on loading and ordering
{it is expected to last until the wee hours of tuesday morning}.  and, then, hopefully
finished for the most part except for orders.  whew! it's been a busy time and 
i'm ready to settle down.  i've met with my photog friend jess and we
are both revamping once again this year.  little tweaks to help us
stay in better balance with business and family.  i'm excited to start the new year. 

our barn pad is clean from debris.  starting over there as well, ha! 
{i can really only laugh.  really}

although, a  gingerbread house may be built today instead.  and,
if you know my reputation with gingerbread houses.  the outcome
will not likely be pretty.  fun maybe, but not pretty. 

the boys are going to start some Christmas gift projects today they've
been dying to do and i will supervise from my desk.  probably, not the brightest
idea in the world on my part.  but, i've put them off long enough. 

praise music in the background.

peppermint mocha in a new polka dot Christmas coffee mug. 
{you know, i drink from them all year long, so i added a few this year}

i may even get brave and post some snaps of the Christmas decorations 
today.  i do have one outside wreath out of eight hung outside.  i finish things
promptly like that.  so sad!  maybe they will all be hung the d day of tuesday.   

i'm looking forward to a cozy but productive day!! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

{peeking above}

I am literally up to my eyeballs in edits {a + for a small business regardless of the lack of sleep}, ornaments, mesh ribbon, wreaths {I'm hanging them on the windows this year, I love how southern that looks},  tubs and tubs of more Christmas decor, dogs, boys, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, dirty laundry, clean laundry, chickens and well, the demolition/clean up and redo of the barn, etc, etc, etc....} 

BUSY weekend ahead, but thankful for all of it!

and, surprise, surprise our family session got cancelled due to that crazy wind a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to forgo the family idea and bought new outfits for the boys.  Chapped lips for both boys to the Nth degree have postphoned that session as well. 

Maybe, just maybe I'll get cards out this year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

{last week}

My good intentions to have things blogged before I got consumed with my Christmas rush....well,
let's just say.....eventually. ;)  But, I did see this on my desk today and laugh everytime I see it.
Notice:  Evan's shoeless feet.  His shoes were too big {thanks to Daddy}.  And, Scott
is reaching across the table for my  hand, I am oblivious.  Noah is smirking.  

We are the picture perfect fam!! HA! Totally kidding!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

{highlights of our thanksgiving holiday}

or, low lights - depending on the perspective.

BUT, we had a great time together as a family.  We missed
our other family members but truly savored this time together.
We just walked through the door, boys are in bed, laundry is humming
along and suitcases are in piles.  But, before I get busy with two edits
that need to be completed by morning and hit the ground running
when that alarm clock goes off....I wanted to post some of the things
I definitely want to come back and revisit in the very near future.

*totally planning on pulling out of our driveway headed south by 6 am -
only to pull out of that driveway at 4:15 pm.  Lost a tad bit of time there.

*driving 6+ hours before I could not drive another mile.  Considering I had
been working since 3 am, I was okay with that.  Well, until we could not
find a hotel room.  We had no forethought of it being a holiday weekend.
We stayed at hotel #6.   It was a {clean} bed is all I can say. 

*waking up somewhere in Louisiana realizing I had left every.bit.of.!!  Not way to start a relaxing vacation.  Scott
got directions for the nearest Wally World {very poor directions I might add}
and I had to restock every piece of makeup I use.  A huge chunk of my souvenir $$. :( 

*making it to the port terminal and the minute we walk in are in the midst of a sea
of purple and gold LSU fans.   BUT, we had high hopes.  No worries at this point. 

*sitting in the terminal {famous yellow seats} realizing that NEW bag of makeup was 
NOT in my carry on.  Noah forgot he had kicked it out of my bag and had not put
it back in as we were on the interstate.   We were already through three security levels.  
I was on the verge of tears. Okay, maybe a few spilled.  I was TIRED.
After Scott ran to the rescue, I opened another bag as I realized he didn't have
his passport only to find my original bag of makeup.  There are no words really.   

*night #1 on ship - pretty uneventful.  Thank God.

*#1 morning on the ship - SEASICKNESS for me! 
I held the walls as I made my way for the meclinzine.
A big reminder of how horribly bad my morning sickness was.

*days 2 & 3 on ship - relaxing.  And, lots of swimming for the boys!

*day #4 - Scott's first real day out of the cabin.  He had a bad, bad time. :( 
Port:  Jamacia.  I had fretted over this one the most and it ended up
being my very favorite.   Pictures to follow. 

#day 5:  Port:  Grand Cayman.  Let's just say we got into a real, live
boating accident as we crashed into another boat at Stingray City.  And, 
in that same accident 6-8 people snorkling almost got hit by our out of control
boat.  Not the way to start a scary experience anyway.  I'm thinking that
Captain lost his job when we returned back to the bus.  At least by the amount
of yelling I observed from one of his superiors.   

#6:  Port:  Cozumel.   Our bus broke down.  And, then with only 30 minutes
 to be on board the ship, we got completely stalled in traffic because a taxi broke
down in front of us and we were wedged in.  Needless to say, the taxi FAKED
being broke down as he was simply waiting for his customer for that 20 minutes.  We 
made it back to the boat 10 minutes after required loading - just in time for 
the 4th quarter of the LSU game.  In a sea of purple and gold.  It was painful. 

I'll be back with much more later.  There is much more to tell.  But, I have
to get editing the night away!! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{i am extremely thankful...}

this week for things that are not typically the norm such as my family, friends, health, a home....etc. but things that i have been particularly thankful for that fall outside of that box....
  1. a two-week-old insurance policy that was pretty much an after thought
  2. a swift and reassuring agent and adjuster
  3. pain medication {all is well there, i am VERY thankful for that!}
  4. friends that pray and rally
  5. the fact i tend to be a night owl with my head hitting the pillow at 3:30 am and i don't even feel the effects after my coffee.  don't ask me tomorrow though ;)
  6. children who seem oblivious to the stress swirling inside my brain
  7. those same children who calm me down with their excitement about the upcoming week
  8. a mom who is cleaning my house, doing my laundry and scrubbing my toilets for me today
  9. a SIL who offers to come help me with whatever i may need 
  10. a friend who offers to put up my Christmas tree when she needs and wants to get hers up
  11. a puppy who seems to  finally be "getting" the whole potty training idea as that makes life so much easier 
  12. my crowing rooster.  he makes me smile.  i'm sorry, it's strange, but a fact. ;)
  13. friends who text and call me and don't get too terribly upset if it takes 7 days+ for me to respond.  they know me and love me anyway! 
  14. and above everything, my God who loves me despite the fact i am completely insane and trusts me to handle my life as crazy as it is  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

{and, the storms blew in}

This was early last week before it was closed in, wrapped and the final
trusses and top trusses put up....I didn't take any pictures of it more recently.
  On Friday, they were decking the roof in hopes to begin the shingles next week
but it started getting too windy so they had to stop.

This is what happened this morning about 5 am. 

It really was pretty difficult to see.  Just knowing how much
work {and $$} we've put into it and how excited we all were really.
I had not been excited about the studio too much; but once
I saw it closed in, my wheels started turning and I was
anticipating finally being able to separate working in the
house pretty much 24/7.  The stroll across the front yard, coffee in
hand was becoming very appealing, very quickly.  The boys
cleaned it up all day yesterday - picking up every single stray nail.

In fact, we  have worked very hard to have it in the dry before leaving
this weekend.  BUT, as with life, not every storm shows up in the forecast.
And, as disappointing as it is, it is not tragic by any means.  But, honestly,
as nice as that is and sounds, it still stinks. ;)  On most days,
we wake up with anticipation of a great day or week and before that
day even starts, we have  the storms blow through. 
Some much bigger and damaging than others.

We will clean up, pick up {as the wrap is blowing all over south
Sebastian County} and rebuild.   Although the foundation was
 strong and "it was almost there" it needed a roof to keep the winds out. 
There was just enough space to allow an exploding disaster. 

I am CERTAIN there is a lesson for me in the midst of this rubble.

{should i be worried?}

this is a "writing" i found of evan's last night...

"I'm going on a cruz.  I hope that it wote {won't} be like titantit! {Titanic}
If you've read the book you know what I mean:
the name of the book is I Sourvird.  {Survived}"

I don't even know what to say.

Monday, November 7, 2011

{kk & savannah}

trying to figure out how in the world to get up there??  

is that not the craziest picture ever?? 

and then.....there is Kit Kat..... 

KK and Savannah = not a good mix.

 The above was right before she bit him. :(  

He still loves her though! 

{these are the days i savor....}

sunday afternoons, fall and hay bales.

it doesn't get any better for these two as they spend
HOURS and HOURS out there.  it's the first place they
want to go when we pull in from school and the place i have
to call them in from at night.  simple joys.

{such a beautiful fall}

despite the heat wave of the summer
His beautiful creation is shining through....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

{a little treasure}

Today, on the way home with the boys, I took an unplanned detour to "The Mountain";
my grandpa's old farm homestead.  The house has collapsed but I was so hoping
I could at least salvage a good window frame to bring to my home. 

No such luck.  I spied a door in an area that was still standing but way too 
dangerous to ever attempt to remove without the house collasping around it. 
I will admit, I was suddenly very saddened that I wouldn't get to walk away with 
a piece of this house. A huge history to most of our family. 
  A home that housed a family of 6 children  through
some very lean, very difficult and very joyous times. 
If only those walls could talk.

Then I spotted my jar.  Cast aside at the back of the house were several
old bottles and jars.  So, I claimed my prize and was immediately overwhelmed.
Such a simple, simple thing, but one that was instantly very special to me.
You could not pry it out of my hands in exchange for the prettiest vase in the world.

As it sat in the kitchen a bit ago in all of his dusty glory,  Noah asked me what
I thought had been in it.  Well, I knew my grandpa very well.  So, that jar
had housed something that sprouted from the seeds he planted in the garden plot
I stood near today.  He had weeded and watered and harvested.   Then, he or a
family member had canned whatever fruit or vegetable they had washed and prepared.
And,  at some point it was opened and prepared for dinner.  I'd like to imagine
that they ate a family meal together in that kitchen that sat on a creaky, creaky floor. 
Or, he may have eaten it alone years later.   While sitting in his chair by the door
either looking out the window or watching Andy Griffith on his fuzzy black and
white television.  And, maybe, just maybe it held something that as I little girl
I helped him with in the garden.   I like that thought.

That jar absolutely captivates me.  A treasure I didn't expect to find! 

and, then... the tears became happy.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luke 12:34  

Saturday, October 29, 2011


since molly claimed the other one...
this little one has found her boy....

probably because he slowed down long enough
for her to catch him {wink} 

and, then there's molly,
ignoring it all....

{oh, how i love....}


at the rate i think we all purchased from the same store,
we should probably have a yard of ribbon swap to mix it up!
i'm not sure i can use 50 yards per design!  that's A LOT of ribbon....

but, i'm certain i'll have fun trying ;)

{this & that}

the barn/my office-studio.   it's coming along.

he is sick again.

low grade fever, aches and a big case of the blahs.

aka crankiness. :) 

i must say he looks pretty good in pink. :)   

below is right when savannah got caught eating crayons.  

i've totally lost it. 
it's not quite nov 1st yet.  my declared D-day. 
so, i've got a mix of fall, halloween and christmas going on.

a very small mix. 

but, if i don't, i won't by the looks of my calendar.

Friday, October 28, 2011

{never, ever, ever}

bake a spice cake with homemade cream cheese icing again.

on the very same day i start weight watchers.

epic fail. 

here's to day 2!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{rain on me}

although I feel bad that some have had to reschedule their
sessions this week for various reasons, i've used it to make
some lemonade.  and, i've savored it.
it rained us out today, thus the above title.

i have three unexpected nights off this week.  
and, in saying that, i've used them to edit like a mad woman.
but, it has also afforded me some much needed time with the
boys.  for me, as much as them. 

i've cooked.
i've cleaned.
they have clean laundry.
the laundry is in a huge pile, but it's clean.
we've read books, history articles, and devotionals
wrapped up in my pink quilt in my fluffy chair.
i've studied them. 
every freckle, the lines of their faces, their toes
we've laughed so much i could barely breath {due to a book
we were reading}
we've worked on scripture memorization.
we've researched george washington
{have you ever read the rules of civility?}
we've researched vikings, the revolutionary war and
the bermuda triangle.
in no particular order i might add. 
i purposely avoided the titanic.
we've planned a big family dinner for tomorrow night.

we are bracing for impact.

the next crazy, busy three+ weeks. 
and, then.....

thanksgiving break. 

glorious thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{big words}

"Children should have the best of their mothers........"

Charlotte Mason

I LOVE that!

And, need to remember that often.

{is it only wednesday??}

i feel like a month has passed since last week.  whew!

the normal, frantic pace of the fall season.

throw in a little guy who gets sick.
and a mama who follows close behind.
flu-like symptoms of aches, headache, EXTREME
fatigue minus the flu part.

a photo session in which i left not one battery charging AT HOME
.....but, two.  and, session was in fort smith. 

a little one who couldn't "hold it" and decided against brothers
advice he could pee into a cup inside my vehicle.  well, he got
a bad case of the giggles and missed the cup.  i won't even go into
details, but, just know my car is having to be detailed and some 
major damage to areas of lining was done.  

two boys who locked my keys and phone and dog inside my running
vehicle and no one at home to answer the phone i borrowed. 

a barn that is underway and all that goes with that. 
 i feel like i am building a house. 

pto program to decorate for with instructions not being
changed once.........but twice. 

a sick molly.  a very sick molly.  she has the most
sensitive stomach EVER.  and, she gets stressed when she
is left anywhere.  so much for the nice grooming she had received
the day before. :(
a little guy who is still sick and exhibiting some worrisome symptoms - trip
to md with not the greatest news being received but not the
worst either.  we are  praying this round of medication
works and we do not have to go to round two of diagnostics.  
a mommy brain in overdrive unfortunately. 

i am absolutely missing my friends  like crazy.  i haven't really
even had time to text let alone chat.  seeing everyone may be reserved
for 2012 by the way it looks. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

{November 1st = D Day}

in my world at least.

Since I already know that November
will be zipping by at a very rapid pace,
the fact that I won't be home for a little stretch,
and the fact that the bug bit me early....

I am going to start decorating on that first day of November.
In spurts.  Otherwise, it won't be done until Easter.

And, you know me......

I wouldn't be able to take it down until
the 4th of July.  So, although an early start for me,
it's the only way I'll manage.....

so excited!

Notice the Whimsical aka "crooked trees"  perfect for me as
all of mine are typically crooked by accident. ;)

I've got a stockpile growing!!  

I haven't bought much of anything for years, so this
year I am strategically stalking the Christmas aisles early. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011


e woke up thursday sick. 

he was well for friday.

i woke up sick yesterday.

i'm still sick.

NOT the way to spend a busy weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

{laundry room redo}

i made my purchase.

now, i'm pretty certain i'll be calling h.g.