Monday, January 17, 2011

{in this moment}

*evan is laying down with a knot on the back of his head.  he crashed off of the bar
stool onto the tile floor below.  hits to the head scare me to death.  thinking
 I will not be sleeping much tonight.  {well, that would be night #3 in a row}

*i can hear him singing along with his i-pod.  so sweet.  josh gracin is playing.

*noah is on the other couch searching for music downloads.  he is patient for the most
part but i pretty much have to hear everything before i will download it. 
 he has basically struck out today.

*th:  my washer does make that loud noise as it just kicked into high gear.  and, yes, the
dryer is humming right along beside it.  they are constantly on and i am never caught up?
how does that happen?

*scott had a bad day today.  he got up for the first time around 1:30 pm. 
shortly thereafter, he decided to ride to alma with his parents. 
i'm waiting for the call to go pick him up in fort smith.  

*molly is sleeping despite the washer that sounds like a rocket a
couple of rooms away.  maybe it will blast off and take all the laundry with it. 
sorry, i digress.  

*noah has now found a game on his touch.  another strike. poor thing!

*supper dishes are calling my name.  but, i'm ignoring.

*loved having the boys home today, although I had to work 
i still love having them under my feet. 

*my calendar is staring at me.  4 md appointments this week. and, 2-4 funerals. :(

*my heart is heavy, heavy.  i lost a classmate today to ugly cancer.  none of us
even knew she was sick.  she even kept it from her family.  
she touched many, many lives. gone way too soon.   she is the second one
we've lost and it's sad to know this is just the beginning. 

*and, when i feel that grief, i am reminded that i also lost my
kindergarten  teacher today. she was involved in the
car accident thursday night. such a kind, kind lady.   

*i'm going to go snuggle my babies.  and ignore those dishes. 
 and that mt. laundry as well.  

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