Thursday, August 20, 2009

{new find}

love this > "life: beautiful"

this is probably no news to you. you've probably been reading this magazine for ages. but, i just found it at wal-mart and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

For instance, the contributors: Dr. James Dobson, Joyce Meyer, Dr. Gary Smalley, Janet Parshall.

Some of the topics: 53 fun ways to build great kids, cute ideas for family picnics, it is scattered with scripture, has a huge article on 'canning' {remember when i taught myself to can a few summers ago. alone. scary}, decorating stuff, it is simply a beautiful magazine. and, guess what i noticed?? NO ads!

The next issue will hit the stands in mid-September...

{sweet baby wyatt}

My friend Jessica's baby boy...Wyatt remained in stable condition on the flight to ACH. He has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect as he is missing a ventricle and two heart valves. His first surgery is scheduled for Tuesday as of now. They have a very long road ahead of them and my heart is broken for them. Never in a million years did anyone expect this. Please keep them in your prayers. The initial stay will be at least one month.....

{for heather}

Sorry for the double images......having computer issues here! Shock! {not}

pics of the re-upolstered furniture. It was a plain light green and white tiny check. The furniture was still in good shape, but was dirty from the boys.....and boring. So, I livened it up! The lady who recovered it - Rita Gray from GW - is fabulous and super-quick with awesome prices. Cannot sing her praises high enough. This is part of the kitchen area where most of the homework is done at night - so we are usually in there most of the night between cooking, snacks, homework and eating. Now, it's cozy and COLORFUL. You know me........

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{3rd grade}

big changes. new school building. same things. a mom missing her little man. but, that little man reaching for my hand absentmindly as we strolled in. and, yes, i did miss the advice to let them walk in my themselves. kind-of glad i did. good excuse anyway. maybe tomorrow. ;)

{urgent prayer request}

PLEASE pray for my friend Jessica's new baby boy, sweet Wyatt. He was born last night around 8 pm. She had a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy. Although I do not know the details, I do know that he will be flown to LR within the next hour for suspected heart problems. My heart is broken for them with just the fear of this right now. PLEASE wrap them in prayer today. I will keep you posted as I receive information.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{carcinogenic, anyone?}

Since yesterday was "It's Not Me Monday" in blogland, this absolutely could NOT have happened to me. Because, certainly, nothing like this ever does?

There is no way while trying to "fix" a "patchy" strange white area on my leg that did NOT likely get a swipe of sunblock while in Florida - I did the following. NO way. While spraying a self-tanner, I did NOT notice how lovely it smelled (because you know how the stuff that turns our skin a different color smells so wonderful!) and I did NOT do a double take of the gold spray bottle when I noticed my bathroom did NOT smell like an overdosed room of Cinnamon Cider. The can did NOT look like the Fake Bake sitting on my bathroom counter. I surely did NOT cover my self with fall-scented room spray only to panic at what it was likely doing to my system. Lungs not included. But, there is no way that while frantically trying to wash the room spray that was penetrating my skin did I weigh out which was riskier - room spray in a wonderful scent versus a product that turns our skin a different color with a horrid smell.

There is NO reason to actually look at the label on the can you are grabbing around here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

{heart inscription}

tonight after bedding down and snuggling with evan. (that sweet little body is YUMMY!) we were discussing just exactly WHEN he would be ready to spend the whole night in his room, in his bed, without me....his reply: "buuuuut, mommeeeeee, i love you more than my b-eeddd".

seriously, he is smart with his words. to mommeeeeeeee at least. ;)

love him.

and, that other sweet fella who is sleeping soundly in his room. in his bed.

{note to self}

always, always, always be nice to other people. Especially with that mom calling who has a broken heart because of a disasterous 5th Birthday Party for her little boy. There is no re-do button for that. Don't be flippant or rude. It wasn't me who didn't open the water park despite the fact you provided me with the date, and I sent you the check for the pavillion. It wasn't me who failed to call and cancel because you decided to close the water park early for the season with no notification; and, you had the dates wrong of when school started so it was closed in complete error on top of error. Don't try to make an excuse that the conversation I had the day I booked was anything other than what it was. Don't sit there and be silent in anger because I wanted an explaination. Don't ask me at the end of your conversation "what do you want, an apology?" and quickly place me on hold. But, thank you for handing the call over. The mayor was much nicer than you. He understood my heart-pain. He was speechless, but, for the right reason. He knew this couldn't be made up, as that was not what I wanted. I just wanted an explaination, and a sincere apology with a hint of understanding would have been nice. You may not have a five-year-old, but you were one once. But, in the end, you taught me a lesson I will never forget, always, always, always be nice. Especially when it's my fault.

Obviously, more to come....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

{we're back}

& it's been nonstop ever since!!!

I will definitely update more later, there is so much to tell. But, the much needed vacation was wonderful. It was more difficult for Scott than I think any of us expected. BUT, we had some great moments too. Of course, nothing compares to seeing the boys play together in the ocean for the first time. They loved it!! The last time we went, Noah was just 2 1/2!! And, it's not very often you get to have your 5th birthday party at the beach. Great memories...and here are just a can imagine how many cards I filled!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

{fall is in the air}

i am home alone. {gasp} the boys are in heaven at a friend's house. scott is spending time with his dad. i have lit my first cinnamon cider candle. okay, so i'm faking it or maybe, the reality is, i am in the prepartory phase of what the next few weeks will bring or lead into..the fall season & all that it holds.
however, i am still holding onto summer and trying to squeeze out every ounce as i am sipping a cherry limeade. all the while, nat king cole is singing away in my kitchen.

but, best of all.......i'm accomplishing alot.


i have so many thing to blog about, but, another crazy day preparing for an 'extra' crazy week.

and, i need to return and post more on the following...
*my dad's birthday this past week! i think i miss him a little more every single year. how has he been gone so long? and, what i would give to have one single day with him to meet my boys. tears flood my eyes even to type that. but, you know...i know...that one day would not be enough. so....i'll wait for my someday. :)
*the boys and what they have been up to lately. snippets of sno-cones, popcicles, building the never-ending patio project with daddy - tape measures and all (will fill you in later;), lots of swimming, thus lots of ear infections, summer evenings, summer meals, back to school heartache, etc.
*the thank you's for the outpouring re: our recent family loss. my conversation with my fil last night had me in tears all the way home. heartbreaking.
*fall plans
*unknown vacation plans...will we or won't we??? not one single out of town trip this summer. not even a weekend. ridiculous...

BUT, the point of this post is i was going through mail today that had been pushed aside because 1) it was not a bill or 2) i actually wanted to sit down to really read it....this is what i read.

all of you know how very near and dear to our hearts...bethany christian services changed our lives in a million ways....

these are excerpts from what we received:

"Dear Friends,

You can always rely on Bethany to honestly share the needs of our ministry with you. We will tell you about opportunites and challenges and will invite you to participate as you are led.

Given today's economy, the financial situation at Bethany is tight. In response, we have cut programs and expenses, and the Lord continues to provide. Although gifts are down comparted to last year, Bethany is financially sound.

What is interesting is that even amid these difficult financial times, the Lord continues to challenge Bethany with the needs of children.

Let me tell you a bit more.

Since the beginning of the year, Bethany has received information about 250 children. Each is an orphan living with pronounced special needs and each needs an adoptive family. I've included three pictures below to give you a better idea of who these children are. [take my word if i could post them here, PRECIOUS!!!]

Honestly, our first reaction was to think, In today's financial situation, finding families who can afford the cost of adoption will be difficult. Neither families who might adopt, nor Bethany, can afford what it will cost to make this possible.

But, then we stopped and remembered that, while governments are making Bethany aware of these children, it is the Lord who is challenging and inviting us to care for them.

Governments around the world send us information about children in need because they know Bethany has succeeded in the past. So, we decided that saying, "No, we can't help these children" would have been a terrible witness.

Instead, we said, "we will do our very best with God's blessing and the help of our friends!"

Join us and participate in the first-ever national day of service, National Serve-A-Thon! Consider joining thousands of other Bethany friends and families from coast to coast on or around August 15 in an unprecendented day of service to help people in your community. You and your family can experience the blessings and lifelong memories of serving others in the name of Jesus Christ."

So..I'm not certain at this time in what capacity specifically our family will be involved with during this campaign - but, we will be involved. We may not have that third child through adoption that we had always hoped for because of the circumstances and life changes related to the accident, but, maybe we can be involved with that in other ways.......