Thursday, April 29, 2010

{pure & utter strangeness}

that would be evan.

he has started eating frozen waffles.

not frozen waffles that are placed in the toaster and then covered with butter and syrup.

frozen waffles.


he loves them. he begs for them. he devours them. he even offers me bites. sweet, but, i'll pass.

the funniest thing of all?

he attributes this new love of frozen food to his buddy, EW? i'm not buying that either.

{prayers please}

It's 'that' time of the year again. Our visits to Little Rock for Scott's tumor and Noah's kidneys. I don't really get too anxious about it until we get close the time to return. Just pray that we have NO growth on the tumor. Or even better, it defies the odds of medicine and has just vanished. That would be beyond awesome! We always tell our doctor that is going to happen. He just looks at us. ha! We've defied the odds before though!

And, Noah has received great reports over the last two visits. We just learned that our pediatric urologist - one of only SEVEN in the entire United States has retired from ACH. That caused me a little stress but, I'm trusting they brought another great one in.

So, when you think about them, just send a little prayer up if you don't mind.

MRI: 5/4
Neurosurgeon: 5/17
ACH: 5/20

{big step}

It is done! Although I gave my notice at work yesterday, the attorney I needed to speak with was out. Everything was so sweet today when I received her response, I cried like a baby. Very, very professional of me, I know.
I have no doubt that I am doing the right thing. My family comes first and no matter how hard I've tried, I simply cannot juggle it all anymore. They absolutely do not deserve my left overs. Although, some of the insurance details are still up in the air, it will get worked out as well - we just have to jump through a few more hoops than most. This is where the trust and faith comes to play in a HUGE way.
So, as of today I will be either unemployed or self-employed. Not sure which yet? I have offered an extended notice as my role is not one where it is easy to walk away with a good conscience in a matter of two weeks. My heart has to have all of my files in good order to turn over. And, I have offered to continue in the role of a contract consultant if that need arises for them, as I did when I first started with the firm.
Very bittersweet! I feel like a huge load has been lifted and am happy with the changes it will bring for our family. On the flip side, the firm has been an incredible blessing for me and our family as they have been amazing to work for and with. So we shall see where this path leads.........

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{infertilty awareness month}

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is linking up with posts of encouragement for those still in the midst of the heart wrenching roller coaster of infertility - so just for my boys - here was my encouragement comment...

"After 7 1/2 years of infertility treatment that included a multitude of hormones/medications, multiple IUI's, 2 failed in-vitros on the west coast at a 'premier clinic' (we are from Arkansas), and 3 miscarriages - we adopted our wonderful son that was always, without a doubt, meant to be ours. Then 2+ years later I surprisingly experienced 2 additional miscarriages. However, despite trying to a avoid another pregnancy - went on to become pregnant and deliver our healthy son who is now 5 years old despite a horrendous autoimmune disorder, polycystic ovaries, along with a 0% chance given to use by those "premier physicians". We have been blessed beyond words to experience both the wonders of adoption and a biological experience - there is ALWAYS hope despite the worst of odds. Praying for all of those out there still in the midst of that incredible pain - those of us on the other side will never forget the depths of it. Blessings!"

{summer sippin'}

I am loving this little pitcher I picked up for sweet tea! Looks very vintage! Now that summer is around the corner, I am converting from coffee to sweet tea.

However, I am having trouble with it this year? I can't seem to get it right. It's either too sweet, not sweet enough, too strong, too weak, etc. Help?!

{preseason tourney}

I took a few shots of the game on Tuesday night. I know everyone thinks I am weird as I hardly ever carry my camera and take many pictures at the games. But, for some reason I don't "see" the game when I take pictures. Strange I know. I just enjoy it so much more without my camera. But, I will take it to a few.

Little Miss P in her cute pink helmet. We threaten the boys that they will wear her helmet if they do not pay attention. ha!

My little E. These are in reverse order. This is just before he threw the bat. The ref almost called it but gave him some leniency.
E getting ready...

My E's best buddy E...I'm afraid these two will spell trouble in the future! ha!

The other E.

My E (I'm doing this for my Aunt J)

He was fired up all that day. He talked like an energizer bunny all.the.way.there. He wanted to know the difference between a homerun and a "legitiment homerun". He also told me he was sooooooo happy he could finally wear N's "professional baseball socks." I'm still not sure what he meant by that one?

It has begun!

{it's a wrap}

This is EA immediately after my dress mishap. I have three of these, she wouldn't even look my direction anymore. I took a total of 13 more pictures and called it a wrap. And honestly told her, "because of my unwrap". I sent another texted apology to her mother this morning.

{changes are coming!}

It is done. Details to follow.

Thanks for the lunch yesterday, girls. Sorry I'm such a labor of love! I know that I am exhausting.


is that even a word?

If not, it should be because that would be the perfect adjective to describe my last folly.

Or maybe I should say "fally"

or even better, "fally outty".

I didn't think I would share it with the world, but you know......what the hey? Sharing laughter at my expense......oh, I've done it before. And, maybe writing it with be cathartic?


Or, probably just stupid.

Grab some popcorn.

No, don't do that! Because you will probably choke and I would feel realllllllly bad if that happened on my account.

Just don't eat or drink anything at this point and read on.......

At the end of a session last night, I stepped on the front of my dress (strapless maxi LONG dress with a cardigan - STUPID, STUPID, STUPID) - which caused me to fall forward pulling my stinkin' dress down.

To my waist.

With expensive camera and lens in hand. So what's a girl to do?

Cover up (although dress was then caught in the rainboots as I was in weeds) and I really couldn't tell which direction I would land or what was happening down at my feet

or protect camera?

I chose the later and that ended the session.

I will never recover.

Nor will they.

Much worse than the car wash story.

I hope those laughs adds years to your life because they took them from mine.

For tonight's session, I will be sporting a turtleneck.

Monday, April 26, 2010

{take me out to the ball game!}

Tonight is E's first game in the preseason tourney. I am so excited! But, he is reallllly excited! Has been in his uniform since 10 am.
Game time: 7:40 pm. He will have to peel it off to take a bath.
I know? A bath before a game?
ALSO: it fits this year! He was the only one on the team last year who had to wear elastic waisted pants as the belted would not stay up! He's so proud! It took him 30 minutes to get it all on because he was determined to get that stubborn belt through those loops. :)
Still missing the fact that Noah is not playing - but, it was the best decision. Now he is forced to sit and watch E like E did for him throughout the last few years.
It's all good = slushy season!


2 more days.
I can do this.
"I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

Sunday, April 25, 2010

{thanks, ms. erin!}

Another score, I'm loving these ebates! I got the above blouse for .19 cents! Plus, $5.25 s/h. I qualified for 6% ebates as well. But, 6% on .19 cents....I don't think that even registers. :)
Comfy and cute and super-cheap! Perfect qualities in a blouse!
BTW, you can go to to see how the exact transaction works. Easy!

{it gets sweeter}

Pardon the pun! But, I just overheard Noah pray over their donuts. I am certain that God also smiled when he heard "Dear Heavenly Father..."

Love that!


I opened a bag of powered donuts for Evan just now. He then told me, "okay, let me get Noah and tell him it's donut time!"

As I typed it, it honestly wasn't that funny, it's one of those that I guess you had to be here on. Sorry you missed it! ;)


I am in need of it in a bad way. I think this is the beginning of a series for me. At least to get me through this week. Also, I want the boys to someday look back and realize my struggle has had absolutely nothing to do with them, but solely me and my insecurities.
In the midst of a I can,I can't, I can, I can't moment today I was texting with a dear friend who was as always, encouraging me all the way. Even getting together a "get it together" {my description, not hers...although....she was probably...thinking} lunch on Tuesday before my big day on Wednesday. In my moment of panic, I heard this.
It spoke very clearly to me. So, I cried. Which I seem to be doing a lot of these days. And, I know to so many they probably want to smack me upside the head. But, I'll be back to fill you in on why this is such an upheaval for me. I am so very thankful for the changes that are about to come. But, am fighting fear and a personality that runs deep in a big way.
Also, note to self: I will not be cutting the giving to Air 1 from our budget. That is where I heard "my word" today. It was just for me. But, if it was just for could there not be more? So, I'll be cutting my iced coffees and frappes if need be.
Everything is being put back in perspective in a huge way.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

{back to basics II}

I just scored some coupons on eBay. Just FYI. It's the laundry detergent that "takes me back to the beach" every time I get a whiff of it. But, it's a little pricey. However, I ran across the fact there were some great coupons out there. So, I just won "$40" worth of coupons for $2.26 plus .99 s/h. Much less expensive than multiple newspapers. And, we will be well-stocked for quite some time for $3.97 or less per container. Not too bad!
Also, since I will be having more time on my hands, I will be having to take an Erin 101 class very soon! She's my hero!

{back to the basics}

I've had a couple not-feeling-so-great-days. I hate it when that happens. It's not that I have time (especially right now) to curl up like I feel like doing. I never enjoy not feeling well. But, not feeling well with a looming deadline(s) regardless of how one feels = not a great thing!
But, some things just had to get finished. Like the lawn.
It was getting scary out there!
Well, I loaded up on medication and got...ahhh....about 1/4 of the way through. Front yard only really. How many acres is this place anyway? I am certain I was not the one who sketched out the boundaries when we built.
Surely not. ;)
I hear people complain about mowing their lawn. I absolutely adore it and haven't done it too often since Noah came along. Because, Scott took over, then, the wreck happened, my FIL took over, then, my brother, and eventually hired it done. That's a big expense.
With the pending changes, I am taking over. I'll be out there with the big hat on (a cute one), long sleeves and sunscreen. Long gone are the days when I mowed just to tan.
Okay, I may be jumping the gun a bit because I haven't even officially finished it once yet - but, I loved it! It's a great time to think. And, yes, I was on a rider (my FIL's) - so no effort was involved. Just time, a sweet smell of grass and a loud hum.
I solved most of the world's problems.
Yes, I did.
Also, just for the record, our yard is a muddy mess. I'm not sure what triggered it? My brother's wedding? The fact work desperately needed done? But, we have brought soil in, need sod, need grass seed. Maybe by fall it will be finished?
Latest endeavor: a rose garden. We'll see?

{4 more days!}

Who's counting?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


These are my walls.

Well, not my walls. But, the walls I've had in my head that I want for our bedroom.

Are they plaster? Please say no. I want something easy that I can do. If they are plaster, what will come close to acheiving that look. Remember: easy.

Because I will have to do them.

I wonder if I should go with what Amber has in the shop with this color paint? Maybe?

H - are ya out there?

Oh yeah. I think I lifted that picture from a link on TH's blog? Not sure where to give credit?

{my new addiction}

The mocha frappes.

Sin in a straw.

They have totally wrecked my Weight Watchers reenlistment.

And, since I just finished one. I'm hoping my last one for a very long while - I'll start counting points again tomorrow.

Not certain I can count as high as what that large container held.


{keeping it real}

A lego-war is occurring in front of the fire place.

This is my living room at this very moment. Minus cute little boy as he is in the bath tub at this very moment. Really not sure why all the cushions are off the couch. I probably do not want to know.

Notice his supply of food? I allowed him to eat breakfast in the living room. I think he took 3 bites, but his apple juice is gone. Hmmm....did he have Cheez-its before breakfast or are those from last night? And, now, an orange popsicle.

Love the hair.

Love the boy.
Ready for brother to be home for summer.

{new sign}

My friends stress me out! As much as I love them, they stress me when they come for pictures armed with gifts. It is not suppose to work like that. I need to start posting all of it. Actually, if you've seen the pictures of my house, uh, alot of it is thanks to gift cards, gifts, etc from the girls. In fact, just got a sweet set of lamps from Mrs. Linda Carter a few weeks ago due to a gift card. And, they were on the clearance table, even better. {i added that, because she would really like that part}

Somehow I need to figure out how to scan them before they enter the premises! :) Although it is SOOOO not necessary and actually hurts my stomach. I do appreciate it.
So here is the new deal. You bring something along you are not suppose to, I will totally call you out on it! :) Even though it is against the rules, MW toted this along last night. When I saw her carrying the wrapped package to me, it didn't even click. I thought she had a picnic blanket with her. Yes, it was wrapped. Shocking, because I only use bags. But, not shocking from Mandi. :)
Okay, now that I've "griped" at her. {in love of course} Isn't it the cutest?? She had Angela L. paint me a sign for my new studio!!! Okay, so only the concrete is poured for said studio. But, now we have to do it because I have a sign!

I absolutely adore it, but you sooooo shouldn't have! Now, I need to back-track and go through my house and show everything.
Thanks, MW!

{my sweet, sweet heart}

Just a bit ago I heard, "Mommmmmmmieeeee, there is a BUG!"

I went into the kitchen and simply told E to stomp it as I didn't have my shoes on. He looked at me with those big eyes and sad lip. Okay, it took me a millisecond to remember who I just told to squash a bug.

"But, Mommy, can't you just get a paper towel and scoop it up and let it go outside?"

That's exactly what I did praying the entire time that whatever critter a thin paper towel provided no barrier that it would not sting me. The bug is released back into the "wild" of our backyard.

I love his tender heart. Although Uncle Mr. Shawn Sir is sad over the loss of another prospective hunter.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dilemma. Evan had a bout with fever through the night from his infections. The Tylenol is not keeping it down and the Motrin which typically works wonders for both boys - he cannot keep down. He definitely has my gag reflex. I've tried the two different flavors - in and out of liquids - and the chewable we have. Not working. I managed to get him through all of his baby shots without fever due to the Tyl/Motrin combo and I am at a loss now? And, yes, I am one of those fearful moms of the vaccines anyway. Just praying it goes away!


Evan asked me last night on our way home from t-ball practice if I was born in 1820?

Gotta love 'em.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{a million miles to there}

I didn't want to take anything from E's milestone this morning, so, this is a separate entry. But, here I sit at 12:30 p.m. having just walked through the door a bit ago beginning to start my work day. Now. At 12:30 p.m.

Only to leave again in less than 2 hours as E is receiving a much-deserved new Lego set from his eventful morning. Then, we will pick up big brother from school and complete homework, an early dinner and head to the ball field in the Fort for a 6 pm practice. Oh, yeah and Scott probably needs to drop in at the walk-in clinic before then.

My to-do list is SCARY. There are major things on there that are in desperate need of completion, but I have literally had no spare moments. I type that and I immediately feel guilty about going out with my girlfriends Saturday evening. But, that pretty much fell into the have-to-for-sanity category. I'm not exaggerating there. So, I won't beat myself up too bad for that one.

However, in my moments of panic over all of the things that are needing to be done and the fact I lost 1/2 of my day yesterday to an MD appointment.......there was a great amount of enjoyment in our morning post-injections.

After our trip out of the Boonville clinic, we needed to make a dash to "somewhere" between Mansfield and Hartford to pay a man for a saw blade that was used on the barn. We took back roads. Lots and lots of back roads. Scott used to know those roads very well when he was at UPS. Ugh. Not so much anymore. And that was starting to panic me because I knew it was taking us much longer.

But, when I finally settled down and forgot about that list of things that were not getting done and actually took in the sights, it was amazing. Dirt road, crumbling barns (so many!), rock-bed creeks, fields and fields of was wonderful. We finally came out somewhere north of Waldron. We grabbed a quick lunch at Sonic and headed to "somewhere" between Mansfield and Hartford and paid the man.

Now I am at home and ready to tackle this list because I know that at the end of it.....I'll be having a lot more mornings just like that - without a list waiting for me!

Thanks for the detour! I sooooo needed it. Just wish big brother could have been with us...


Little man had his immunizations for Kindergarten this morning. All four of them. I'm really not certain how he managed, but he did not shed a tear.

I did for both of us.

So not ready for this!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

{pulling my boot straps up}

and totally faking it.

Friday night as Evan and I talked about his upcoming vaccinations to start K, he started crying. He could care less about the injections, but this new frontier called kindergarten is breaking his heart. He curled into a tight ball in my lap (for those of you who have not seen him in a while or who have not seen him standing next to other kids his age - he is TINY and can still totally curl). He sobbed and sobbed and begged me not to send him. He told me that he could not leave me. I had a knot in my throat the size of a grapefruit. But, I plastered a fake smile and voiced fake excitement and explained how incredible this new adventure was going to be. All the while covering him with kisses, fighting my tears and grasping to believe it as well.

This has got to get better. I did not experience this with Noah. He was more than excited to go. I know Evan will be fine once we get past the first hurdle. He has no clue how my heart is breaking - I've been faking it for a while now. I know he can do it. Just not so sure about me.

{checking in}

before I check out! ha!

Seriously, the next 5-6 weeks will be beyond chaotic-crazy. So, I will likely just be popping in. Remember those big changes that are coming......I'm sure you're figuring it out. :)

Some tidbits from this weekend. {where did it go???}

*Tackled a major portion of some pesky insurance paperwork on Friday and That little stent included trips to FIVE pharmacies. Hopefully all that will be wrapped up by Wednesday. Such a pain, but such a necessity. I have now been included in that pre-existing category. 3 out of the 4 of us. Sad, but could be SO MUCH worse. The four of us are literally going to pray over the application before it gets taken to the Post Office! I am not kidding.
*Had dinner and a movie with sweet girls last night! Didn't know I would get to go until about 45 minutes before I had to leave. Not certain I decided to go, but Scott pretty much scooted me out the door. Let's just say the aforementioned insurance paperwork did not have me in the best mood. I think they were all three happy to see me go! And, glad I did. Even if the movie was incredibly sad....the company was incredibly wonderful. God has definitely blessed me with some wonderful ladies.
*Loved watching the boys play in the rain today. They had a blast! And, I'm sure the laughs they gave me increased the facial wrinkles, but definitely erased some stress. Always a good thing!
*Mt. Laundry did not appreciate the above. They have had a total of 3 baths today and Molly is still in line for one. I'm not sure there is a clean/dry towel in the house at this point.
*Decluttering the house in 10 minute stents. I am trying to "simplify" EVERYTHING. I FORCED myself to rid my closet of 10 more things. That is after I had pared it down in a big way. Have not decided if I will attempt to garage sale it or donate. I can only imagine the work in a yard sale (never had one!), so I tend to lean toward donating. Advice girls? Who am I asking, all of you brave girls do GK!?!
*Our goal to get home ASAP after church today - even skipping lunch with friends did not end so well. In Scott's mad dash to retrieve my short list of items for lunch at WM - the cart got away from him and hit a Suburban. Very expensive lunch. We tracked down the owners and gave them our information. They were very sweet about it. It just about did poor Scott in.
*Counting down the days until school is out. I have big plans this summer to inhale my boys. Cannot wait.
*I think everyone is sick of me talking about the kettle bell. But, one more PSA - they have 5# bells at Academy. Just sayin'.

Some of my mini-changes I've implemented or changed in trying to decompress a bit...some, I've had in place for a while but am trying to do even better......
*no talking on cell phone with family in car unless it is an absolute have-to. Noah reminds me of this one quite well. And, that goes for dinner time as well.
*attempting to sleep more. Although I've totally wrecked my pattern, it's taking a while to get back on track.
*family dinners at the table are still a huge hit. The kids are opting to bypass fast food as long as we can get home fairly quick for a grilled cheese. As long as it is at the table. They don't require elaborate, but they love together. The little prayers they say (or long prayers actually) melt my heart!
*as mentioned, purging the house in a big way in small increments. Spring cleaning may be done by Christmas.

Bye for now!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Life is about to get simplified in a major way. I am way past ready. It's funny how all the pieces seem to fall into place. Our pastor is even preaching a series on that very topic.

A few more pieces to get together. Will fill you in soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

{weekend review}

Saturday: birthday party, wedding shower, wedding (to photograph)
Sunday: church, fayetteville engagement session

ps. let's throw a brush fire that got out of control while I was photographing wedding on Saturday night. Currently, I am shampooing soot out of the carpet. And, losing in a big way.

I'm ready to "be still."

{another incident}

at the car wash. I'll explain later.


You may have witnessed it as you drove by this morning.


Friday, April 9, 2010

{Date Night}

was wonderful! Thank you FBG for investing so much into our marriages and families! It was a great night of wonderful food (HG you totally missed out as it was catered by Gregory's! AND Scott and I won a round 2 date night gift certificate to have dinner there ;), incredibly fun music, a great speaker and wonderful company {date included:}.

It truly was a fun evening. And, as I do at weddings I got mesmerized. However, instead of it being by a certain couple, it was of a certain table. Likely all into their 60's and 70's. I honestly sat there and "studied" them. And, here are some of the notes I took.....the eldest couple (70's) really captivated me. I noticed how when the drawing for the "Honeymoon Suite" was being announced they "snuggled" and giggled. I giggled just watching them. I noticed how he sat for a full minute and just gazed at her with a sweet little smile on his face. He said nothing. I noticed how she took extra time to "be pretty" for him. AND, she was so much more accessorized than I was. But, not in a "granny way" but in a very tasteful way. It was obvious that she was on a date with her sweetheart! They.held.hands. It was so sweet to think that those hands have changed a lot through the years. I also knew that they obviously had years of ups and down, but the ups won out. They are finishing strong. And, they chose to do so; it is no accident. It was beautiful!

Some notes from tonight: date your mate! Make it a point to kiss every single day. Tell each other (with sincerity) at least three times a day how much you love each other.


K: keep doing what you are doing. Obviously, we were all on a date. Absolutely keep dating.
I: invest in each other by doing something the other likes. Even if it is spending forever in a Bass Pro Shop! :)
S: spend couple time alone. Make it a priority.
S: share with others the value of having a good marriage. It is worth it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{our days}

These were taken after Scott, Evan and I returned home from Noah's SOM breakfast on Tuesday. E looked so stinkin' cute I couldn't help but snap a few while he was actually dressed. Remember, the child rarely wears clothes. His spidey-underoos suit him just fine. (according to E)

Do you recall my model-boy who didn't have the goofy smile yet? A photographer {moms} dream. He would just stare. I loved it.

I knew very well that my days were numbered.

It's here! The one below is not the cheesy smile - it's a real one. Those are always keepers. But, after he busted that huge smile, it was all downhill. I didn't post any. They cause me pain. ;)

E waits for N to get home. He asks for him a million times a day. Then, big brother does this to him! Who needs a beach when you have a big brother? ha!

I have to give Noah credit here. Notice the board he placed underneath E's head as a pillow? How incredibly nice of him???? And, E didn't even complain?

I'm not sure they will ever give up this sand pile?

So happy spring is here!

You can see the wheels turning!

Do all boys strike this pose? Those 9 or 37? :)

And, how I cannot wait to use this!!! As you know, we finished it, when, in November? We burned one fire in it last year. I bought a few plants over the weekend but have so much more to do like unload the wood on the back porch, find some candles, drag out all of the patio furniture and cushions, etc, etc, etc. But, I am hoping we have a TON of great evenings out there this summer. It literally took from last March - October/November to finish this project. Now, it's time to enjoy!

And, the bricks that make up the patio {the ones from Scott's grandparents store} are getting even more "aged". So pretty! So glad we went the long route after all! It is perfect and means so much!

Didn't we just have record snow 2 weeks ago? Seriously?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{on my nightstand}

First of all, I have loved Sally Clarkson forever from afar. I love her heart. Specifically her heart for her family/children. And, I am pretty certain that Mrs. Clarkson wrote this specifically for me. It is wonderful and so relevant to things I have been praying about for so long! Her viewpoints are very strong, she does not avoid the uncomfortable topics. And, for that I am very thankful. And, as difficult as it is to hear some of it. She backs it with scripture, so who can argue?

I highly, highly recommend this book! It is one that even though I literally devoured it in one night at a warp speed, I am going back to thoroughly digest and will return to it often I am sure.
I highly recommend it!

{happy day}

He's been sweating it. From K-2 he had received Student of the Month within the first few months. This year, he got down to the wire and he was freaking out about it. So, last Wednesday the moment he jumped in the car he informed me that he had good news and bad news. I requested the bad news first. He told me of a collision he and CH had on the playground which sent him to the nurses office. He was fine. The good news: SOM! He was so excited. Then in April Fools he informed me he got detention. Not so funny. He disagreed! :)

Look at that "look" below. What is up with that?

Brothers. :) Look at E's feet. Love them!

Very proud! He makes this mommy thing very easy.

Not sure what in the world is up with the one below. We all have the strangest looks. But, it's one of us together. ;)

So happy Daddy got to go! He has was down all day Sunday and Monday with a migraine. And, the day is still shaky - not sure if he'll be up and about today or not. But, I know it meant alot to Noah that he was able to go.

And a funny - Noah typically loves for them to be dressed alike, particularly at church. He about stroked out today when I pulled a shirt out for E that matched his. I guess that's not allowed at school. ha!
We are very proud of you Noah. You amaze both of us. Stay as sweet as you are! We love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

{i think i can, i think i can}

just fyi...the exercise drama is still going on. every part of me hurts. i am determined to make this just "a given". oh, but, how i detest it right now. and, i have added the kettlebell. it was not bright to start with it after running/biking for 2 miles. i was already jello. but, let me tell you - that thing is AMAZING. it combines resistance with cardio and per the CNN (you know me) report that i saw a few weeks ago about the kettlebells, i think those girls are on to something.

i got mine at wm, but i should have started with the 5# one instead of the 10#. and, i will be honest, the girl on the dvd frightened me. her muscles are not 'toned' they are simply huge. i do not want huge. and, knowing me, i truly have no worries...but don't let it scare you. {wink!}

oh, yeah and for the highlight of it all.........i think i've gained weight. (ugh!) and, surely it has nothing at all to do with that paula deen sin i baked for easter. no way.

one more thing....sorry, this post is going in several different directions. i got scott and i a ticket for date night at church friday......anyone else going?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

{my heart is breaking}

First of all, this is a terrible picture of me. But, I like the sweetness of it. And, Noah took it. I had "visions" of some similar to a GW mom that I took last year. Let's just say, it doesn't go as planned with a 9-year-old, but, it's a picture nonetheless.
Okay, back to the breaking-into-a-million-pieces-heart-situation. I won't say too much. Because if I say it (okay, write it) it becomes more real. I just want to ignore it. Totally, 100% ignore it. So, ignoring it is what I am desperately trying to do.
Kindergarten registration is in just a few weeks.


I should so have one! Noah was quite disturbed about my shoes this morning. Well, disturbed is not the right word. It should be embarrassed. He thought they looked like an elf. He totally did not get the pointed shoes. And, I did agree that they were likely not the most sensible choice for the health of my feet but, they were cute. And, moms like cute. And, I can eventually contribute to the retirement account of a podiatrist. He pretty much thought I'd lost it. It didn't get any better. When I donned my apron for lunch {same one little miss lily is wearing in her egg dying pics} and he thought I looked like Alice in Wonderland. I won't even go into the mishap during church with my dress. It's been a stressful day!

{Happy Easter!}

It was a very simple and quiet Easter. Something we actually look forward to around here of late as it has seemed like we are back on the go full force right now. It was somewhat bittersweet as Scott got up and was almost ready for church and then a migraine hit. We saw very, very little of him today. It was a great church service. The boys did great sitting through "big church" although E got a little squirmy toward the end.

We made a quick trip home and I got Easter dinner on the table and Mimi and Poppie came over to join us. It was pretty traditional with ham, {pioneer woman} mashed potatoes, rolls, veggies, etc. but, I did add a Paula Deen Strawberry Cake that was a huge hit. Well, for everyone except Evan - he tends to stay away from desserts. If only his mommy could! But, it was a sweet, very relaxed lunch.

The boys and I (yep, me too, they hid them from me) hid and hunted Easter eggs. It was such a pretty day!
I love this! I made them cover their eyes until they could get started as I knew big brother would make a wild dash to whichever direction we were heading for the Easter eggs. All smiles and very serious. ;)

And, it was on!

Happy Easter everyone! The lunch and eggs were fun. Even that gray bunny Noah spotted in our front yard this morning. But, the true meaning of today is what matters! I was total tears today in church. So amazing!