Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Evan is sitting in the floor crying because he just killed a fly.

Noah is crying because he is laughing so hard at his brother.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I see it in my future!

* Remember that call to the teacher re: kissing?
* Well, there have been "discussions" since. And, for the record it's the she kissing the he.
* And, she apparently has an accomplice that holds him down. Nice.
* He received his first LOVE letter today. Ouch to my heart!! The girl has it bad considering all the hearts and "I {heart} Evan" on it.
* He asked and received a phone number today scribbled on his hand. From a FIFTH grade girl. She is innocent as she thinks he's a cute little kid. He, not so much.

I'm praying now!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

{for the sake of remembering}

Not that I will ever forget as I think it was my fear that it would never happen. But, he continues to shock me silly.

Evan loaded into the car yesterday as he was talking {ahem, screaming} and talking so stinkin fast{uh...like his Aunt Angie} that I had to have him repeat it three times. And, the once I heard it, had to have him repeat it once again. Student of the Month. Yay! And, in his defense, it wasn't that I was fearful it wasn't in him, I was just fearful it wouldn't get out. If you know him, you understand. :) He is one happy boy and I am one proud mommy!

Then, Noah explains he had his online reading evaluation. Although he has always read at a high level - even I had to read it twice. Soooo proud! And, even more so of the effort he is putting in this year. He is reading so much more than what is required and ENJOYING it. It makes Evan so mad because it cuts into their evening play time. :)

And, tonight at music, bombshell #2. Evan is apparently picking it up much quicker than what is typical. Who knew? He does not like to practice which is a real issue. But, if he will.......Noah may have little brother nipping at his heels.

In saying all of that....I truly am not bragging. Just so happy to see them grow and learn!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{my world is spinning}

a little fast right now. Thus, I fell off the planet again.

Of course,it's busy, busy right now with the fall sessions. But, the end is in sight. So, today is the first day I've actually been home in forever. It's nice.
Although I have a bazillion edits to do, pictures to deliver/mail, etc.

Unfortunately, things took a definite changein course when we got the call from Scott's dad early Saturday that his grandmother had taken a turn for the worse through the night and they were calling the family in. Heartbreaking. I had a wedding in Gravette and I could not even stop to see her on my way out of town because I HAD to get through that wedding very focused. So, if Scott has been "up" -he, we and/or the kids have been there. I will write another day about how precious she has been to me. It's amazing that she's been "my grandma Mildred" longer than any of my own grandmothers were. It is really tough right now, especially to see my FIL go through this. He's so not ready to let her go.

A fall party for Evan to plan. Why was it not this difficult the first time around??

I'll stop for now, just wanted everyone to know I am still here! ha! {I've rec'd some sweet texts checking in on me!}

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{my new favorite song.....}

Praying for the precious Coston Family.......can't wait for them to bring sweet Dex home!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

{gotta run}

just a little update....i'm still running. which is a big, big thing!

although my course has changed {which stinks right now}. i won' even tell you where i am running.

endurance wise i've had a definite improvement and I am starting to see some results physically as well. yay! yay! yay! I'm somewhat bummed because I have not lost any weight since my first two weeks - but, my jeans are fitting better - so I will take that.

best part: i actually look forward to it!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{it's here}

My holiday season has officially begun.
I am sipping it now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{safari, anyone?}

a lot of excitement around here.

scott finally saw they mountain lion last night. there are two. the speed of it totally knocked him for a loop. he made a quick call and a planned is being hatched.

i was driving down the road and an elk ran in front of me. yes, an elk. and, yes i know that we have elk at a neighboring farm. but, every season it always makes me do a double take. today, i initially thought he was the biggest deer i had ever seen, then i realized he was black. we only have white tail and he finally left his stance in the middle of the road and cleared the nearby fence. in one leap. amazing.

we've already had a bear. been there, done that.

we can totally skip out on the tiger.

lions, tigers, bears & more!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Stacy puts me to total shame with all of her sweet pictures on her blog. I have NONE. You would think.........but, no.
Friday night I had an engagement session and was exhausted, I called it an early night. Thus, I did not finish the things I HAD TO FINISH.

Saturday, I had plans to only work until noon, but we finally got out of here for an afternoon drive around 1:30 pm. We headed down to Mt. Magazine and looked at the lodge with a short little hike for the boys and I while Scott listened to THE game in the car. {btw, what a game! if you saw 4 nuts going crazy in their car between in the middle of no where, that would have been our little family!!}
The lodge is so pretty. Although, I think they were having some New Age weekend or something. Not quite certain? Noah loved, loved it! But, he is not very happy that Scott and I will be going there in a few weeks without him. He is quite disturbed by that. So, we agreed to go back as a family in December IF we can get a room booked. {I need to work on that}.
After our little trek, I decided I didn't have to jog that day as my legs were jello. Evan only fell/slide down a hill x 3. Noah managed to stay vertical. Well, vertical with a major horizontal lean! SOMEHOW, I managed to stay on both of my feet. No injuries.
It really was so beautiful! A great time to really talk about creation. Evan's pockets were overflowing with acorns and such. My little collector. Noah found a cell phone next to a cave. Because it was so dry, the waterfall on our trail was nonexistent but it was easy to imagine how beautiful it must be!
Near death experience: Scott decided to be funny and scare us as we came back up to the road. NOT funny.
Then we stopped by Cove Lake. Sooooo serene and pretty. I'm sure it is a totally different place in the summer....but, it was very quiet and fallish Saturday, in other words....deserted. There we collected more acorns, some leaves and a lily pad?
Yesterday, although hectic was nice. Church was great.
And, here we are, back to Monday, Monday. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


my moments of "leisure" have led to playing catch-up in a major way!!

my house is a wreck.
my bills....i hate to even look!
mt. laundry.
edits, edits, edits.
sneak peeks galore!
re-charge {literally} for weekend sessions.
cd burning.
a dog that needs loved on. bless her heart!
nails in dire need of repair.
trying my best to get the above completed so i can take the boys on an official hike tomorrow. PRAYING scott has a good day.

ps, my moments of leisure have been...Bible study, lunch with the girls, wed night service, and exercising. ALL necessary, but, things I wasn't doing very well in making time for.

have a great weekend!

and, i'm off!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The mountain lion is back.

And, literally minutes prior to running tonight the bobcat crossed my path.

I'm not too sure how safe I feel with my mace.

Well, with me actually using my mace.

it could be a deadly combination...

for me. {no comment j. carter, ha!}

Heart failure if nothing else.

I may have to take my chances elsewhere.

{in the famous words...}

of my Uncle Paul during our wedding ceremony....


I have had to basically chat that more times than you could imagine over the past several days.

Alot has been swirling.

I'm not certain what kind of magnetic field I have in my body, but it can attract major drama so often. Even when I've not uttered a word or even seen a particular person in months. Drama. Not the high school type, but more along the lines of 2nd grad-ish.

Or, when I see my lil' man's hair that Daddy cut a few nights ago. In the bathtub {wet hair}. With kitchen shears. And no comb. Let's forget the fact I had done some damage of my own a couple weeks prior. Minefield in my home. It was not pretty. My words, not his hair. You have a pretty good picture of his hair. The child does not have a chance. I can't even call Amber this time. Poor Scott. Thankully, God spoke to me via way of my cell phone the next day. {true story, I'll elaborate later}

When you try to do a really good thing, and it totally backfires? Ever done that? You become the bad guy when you truly had the best intentions.


{I'm talking to self as I am the only one I can control. And, I use that word very loosely}

Words to live by!


Loving my Bible Study! Soooooo happy I decided to go.


It's working!!!!

Now, that I have no time to write. :( But, it looks like it saved a few random posts that I had tried unsuccessfully to upload.

I'll start there.....

{posting, one, two, three?}

I have not been able to post on either this blog or my AMC. I'm about to scream.



Friday, October 1, 2010