Sunday, January 30, 2011

{BIG challenge to self}

I keep telling myself, that if others can do it, so can I.


It's a big one.

A really big one.

After I walked out of Sam's last week, $274.00 later, I still had to
go to Wal-mart to get additional things.

That's sick really.

Our cupboards are loaded, but, really? Well over $300+ dollars in one week?

So, I started diving in different websites.  It seems that MANY families (of four) spend
 a budget of $40-50 per week on food.  The end.

The ones I was more intrigued with were not the ones
that did alot of couponing {I'm reallllly short on time right now} but that also
did not buy alot of processed foods just because they could get those at
a lower cost.   They were actually eating much healthier in their quest to
do bigger and better things with their finances than fund the Waltons.

Many of them diverted the savings toward giving, vacations, college, etc. I feel like
 my main goal is simply to be a better steward.  I informed and explained
to Scott and the boys my new plan.  I think I recall seeing three deer in the headlights
sitting in our living room.  BUT, when we discussed things we could use the
money for, they got a bit interested, albeit skeptical.  For the record,  I'm not
thinking for a second that it will be easy, but, I'm thinking it may be fun.


I had to make a photography run to FS tonight, so I ran by Aldi's - no
coupons required allowed.  Then, I had to stop by WM for
some Emery boards and picked up what I had forgotten at Aldi's. 

So, I've spent $22 of my weekly budget.  {I will be brutally honest, that
TOTALLY freaks me out!}  So, I have $28 to last until next Sunday. 

Here is what I got:

2 boxes of saltine crackers {meatloaf and spaghetti from all that Sam's HB meat}
1 box of juice drinks {like Capri-suns}
1 bag of dried cranberries {Amish Baked Oatmeal for breakfast, yum!} 
1 gallon of 2% milk
1 box of butter {4 sticks}
1 bag of chips for lunches
1 loaf of bread
1 box of swirl popsicles {treat for the sick one}
3 bottles of soda
4 lbs of deli-style potatoes
3.25 pounds of bananas ($1.19 total) 

For breakfast today, we had homemade monkey bread,  lunch I made beans, rolls and potatos and leftovers tonight. 

We shall see??
I may fall flat on my face, but, I've put it out there now for all to see the fall. ;)


SheWolf said...

Girl, you can do it! We made it the full month of January on our new budget just fine. For this family of 5, it's only $125/week that I allow myself to spend--this includes diapers, wipes, etc that babies use not to mention all toiletries, hair products, etc. If it comes from WM, it comes out of that budget and so far, we have managed just fine! :)

SheWolf said...
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Erin said...

We have also started a new budget. I am starting with $75/week for Wal-Mart and $20/wk for Walgreens. That will include EVERYTHING!! All food, toiletries, cleaning stuff, diapers...It starts tomorrow. I'm VERY nervous, but also excited to see what kind of money we could "save" for something else!!!

tracy said...

You can do it!! I usually spend around $80 a week for us. I don't feel like we do without anything. I do shop at SAMs also, but I don't buy everything in the same week. I try to space it out, so I don't run out of that stuff all at one time. I do buy milk there weekly if possible, it is cheaper and I buy 3 gallons at a time!

Ashhog said...

This is Ashley Hogeland (you took out pictures back in August! :)

Anyway-I am right there with you on this!! I have tried the couponing thing in the past and never can keep it up. But our grocery bill is ridiculous...we go over EVERY month. Something has got to change! I need help!!!

I think I'm gonna take this challenge with you! :)

Shannon said...

yay, well, keep me posted everyone!! It is funny, Scott told me I needed to pick up an extra loaf of bread when I pick up E today - I can feel myself holding VERY tightly to my $28 dollars! ha! I'm thinking I should have done this A LONG time ago! :) Better late than never I suppose!