Friday, September 28, 2012


* I always, always, always want to remember to have the faith of a "corn seed".  My heart melted.
* Lots happening out there in the barn/studio - I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow.  I  need to take pictures of a lot of stuff but it has been a constant state of rain over the past two weeks.  I've had a total of NINE cancellations due to rain and/or sickness in the past two weeks.  It is almost impossible to get them all rescheduled. :(
* Hung new pictures of the boys up.  It's been over a year and a half since I've taken any that I wanted to blow up that weren't beachy.   LOVE. 
* Big wedding in NWA tomorrow.  And, the next weekend.  And, the next weekend.  I'm turning down a Dallas wedding.  NWA is far enough.
*I love my boys.  Just wanted to put that out there.
*And, I love my Scott.  I've voiced his praises many times this week .  I am amazed at what he has had done for me out in the studio.  Amazed.   I tried to buck it countless times saying I didn't need it.  Well, I'm so happy he ignored me on that one.  He has given me one of my biggest dreams.   Thank you Honey!  I'm pretty much speechless on this one. 
* I think I want to learn how to sew again. Long story.
* We have started thinking about the decor for the upstairs.  To make both boys wants mesh will be the feat of the entire project.
* I discovered I love roasted pumpkin seeds.  Another reason to really have that pumpkin patch next year.
* I am way past ready for some Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer.  If I can get my hands on some, I'll need to make a delivery to SC!
* Sweet card from a sweet friend this week.  I  need to text her but my phone was lost more than half of the day.  Now it's dead. 
* Last year I was dying to decorate for Christmas.  This year, not so much.  Strange.

Talk soon! 

Monday, September 24, 2012


an "experience" for the boys.
D Day:  Christmas morning.
And, they will be wisked off for
the biggest surprise of their life. 
Let the drastic budgeting begin! :)     

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{laundry detergent correction}

I left out Borax in the recipe.
It was there?
But when I read T's comment {thank you T}
I was immediatenly hhhmmmmming because I knew I had typed it in.
But, it was gone and should have been there.
I've corrected. :) 


I kid you not.
The perfect example of how
any good thing can become a bad thing.
Two weeks.
I want my kiddos out of their rooms.
signed, mean mama.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

{knock, knock}

or should I say knock off.
And, one that has me skipping!
A little history here.  I am a girl from
the 80's hair era.  So, in high school and
college I was an avid Suave user as it was
With 80's hair, it didn't matter if it was
in good shape.  Because to be honest,
the more fried, the better - it would
stand up even higher.
Oh, how I shudder.
And, burn pictures.
BUT, last year when I was on
my perpetual journey to make
some new discoveries in the field of
beauty since that was exactly where alot of
my $$ was going, I ran into the name brand
of the above.  I got it at Ulta while on sale, but
it was still a hefty price for shampoo and conditioner. 
And, on the flip side, during some of my
attempts to cut back in the beauty budget department,
I had tried some of the Professional Series flavors of
Suave and was not very happy.
Here comes the oh, happy day, skipping part.
I love this one better than the original!! 
It did what it promised, my hair is super sleek and shiny
since I've used it.  Well, that's when I've used it
and actually fixed my hair.  So, don't truly
judge if you've seen me in the carpool line over
the past week solely on how my hair looked.
I did fit some good hair days in. ;)
Just wanted to share and if you
use it, let me know what you think.
Otherwise, I feel like I'm spinning
my wheels on my little discoveries and could
instead be scouring Pinterest. ;)  

{tweak, tweak, tweak - laundry detergent}

I have combined some different components of
different recipes and found one that I love and
am very happy with. 
Wanted to share as I had been asked.
Considering you only use 1-2 Tbsp per load,
this will last us for quite a while.  Happy about that!  

Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 (4 lb 12 oz)  box of Borax 
1 (3 lb) Container of Oxyclean - this is completely optional but with
the THREE boys and the farm - pretty necessary for me.
2 (14.1 oz) Bars of finely grated soap - {zote (apparently has a good scent),
Fels Naptha (this scent is not right for me at all) or my choice Ivory}   
1 (4 lb) Box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
1-2 (55 oz) Containers of Purex Fabric Softner Crystals {completely optional
but, I needed the clothes to be soft}


if you love scents as much as I do....

I added in a bottle of Downy Unstoppables.

Remember that farm + 3 boys.

Enough said! ;)
And, that is it!  I just got a big container and layered it as I went
to make mixing easier.  Scooped out some into a wide mouth Mason
Jar and that was it.  The most difficult part is grating the soap. {wink} 

I use this in my front loader, HE.  Everything I have
researhed states this is perfectly fine to use - but, you 
may want to check that out yourself.   :)

{sunday drive-l}

I survived the week.
That is a horrible way to start a post out isn't it?!?
 Maybe, what I should have said was the week wasn't as
hectic as it looked to be.  But, then again, the rain cancelled
three sessions.  Great for editing and catching up.
HORRIBLE on the calendar. 
Fall definitely feels like it is in the air.
I have got to start using my camera to take
pictures to post.  I don't love posts without pictures but
never have the right lense on the camera when I need
to snap a few.  I'm not even certain where my little
red camera is that I purchased for that very purpose. 
Lots of great conversations with the boys this week.
LITERALLY, almost every time I am with them I seem to
hear the quiet tick-tock of the clock that is truly
almost deafening to me.  My time with them is ticking.
In a rapid pace.  But,in saying that - it hasn't been a
negative thing to be so tuned in with it, but I think
it is helping me to stay very intentional with pretty
much every conversation, every hug, every snuggle.
I love them so!
Several things to post and capture on here.
*walls are finished!  all taped up, mudded,
sanded and sprayed.   And, have I picked out the paint?
Well, no.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have to bust into
one of my office furniture boxes and will lug a piece of it
to that nice lady at Kolor Key and let her work her magic for me. 
*two new baby calves for the boys to bottle feed.
Evan's is Penny, or Scarlett or Ruby.  It changes with
pretty much every feed.  Noah's is Stanley aka Stan. 
They are currently residing in the chicken run.  
The girls are quite ruffled about it. 
The calves just want their milk.
Mr. Jeff built a nice little corral for them yesterday.
BUT, thanks to the ants - we had to treat it and will
likely move them out there tomorrow.
In an "uh-oh" moment.....Evan told me today
after church that he was going to ask 
Santa for a calf for Christmas. I tried to remind
him of the difference between Noah's Ark and the
sled.  He didn't budge.  I have a strong feeling
there might me a calf in front of the fireplace
with a big red bow on Christmas morning.
Yep, I see it coming. 
*now he wants a herd of goats.
No comment.
*fall is definitely in the air and I am loving it.
I am determined not to complain about this rain
as we need it so desperately.  BUT, I have
a complete muddy mess on my hands.  There
is a water line dug across my front yard.  An electric
line and water line in front of and to the side of my
chicken coop.  And, a phone line and cable line from
my house to the barn.  It is a mess!  I can't even
begin to paint an accurate picture here.  And, I don't
want to take one, that's for sure!
*walmart does not have my pumpkin spice
coffee creamer.  not that i could have any of it
as i'm on the diet from down under.
*cinnamon cider is burning. 
*boys are playing legos and star wars stuff.
*hard loss for our HOGS yesterday.  thankfully
no new injuries for us.
*big week ahead:  tons of deliveries to make, new
orders to place, edits, a report, 2 family sessions
2 bridals, and a very special wedding.   those
are the big ones - still mouths to feed, clothes
to launder, animals to take care of, church, wrapping
things up for my studio, Bible study.....  
I think I'll just go make myself another pot of coffee.
Without creamer. :(

Ya'll have a great Sunday!

{love notes: 2012 edition}

What ever happened to check yes or no?

Simply:  do you like me? check the box.

The end. 

But, no.  We have received a bevy of love letters since Kindergarten.  Although they've taken quite 
the turn this year.  He brings them home almost daily.  Most of the girls he has never even had a 
conversation with. 

One of our latest ones.....


I love you.  I think you are hot.  But, I am too young to date.
I dream about you when I am asleep in bed.  I daydream about you when 
I am in my class.  

Me + You = Love. 

I realize we are only in the 2nd grade and there are no extreme worries or concerns here.  But, wow.
I'm sorry, but what 2nd grade girl writes a note like that?   How times have changed and are changing.

I prefer the yes or no check the box themed note.

And, I will say that it has spurred me to pray even more for my boys and their futures.  And, whatever
girls come into their lives.   Yes, we are in 2nd grade....but in a blink we will be in 8th, then a sigh and we will be in 10th, another blink 12th.

Depressing, but true.

Tonight I watched two little boys in the back of a cattle trailer meeting their new bottle calves.  I told a dear friend, I sooooo want simple for them.  I want them to live and breath His creation.  I want to keep
them little boys for every moment that I can.  I want to stretch it to be perfectly honest. 

I know that many may view that as unnecessary shielding them, if so, so be it. 
I just plan on my shield being that of some heavy duty prayer.
I sit here and watch protests in Egypt.  An election that makes me cringe.
A world in which Christians are mocked at continuously.
Where values are thrown to the curb.  

It breaks my heart.

I want more for my boys.

He wants more for my boys.

Just give me Mayberry and a Bible any day of the week.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

{rear-view mirror style}

just some quick snippets for my memory of the past week.
*the school routine was much easier on all of us this week.
*although I had few sessions over the past weeks, I am pulling
another all nighter tonight.  Kicking fall off officially tomorrow. 
*VERY thankful for the rain and cooler temps this week.  
Could have done without the scary front line wind storm I found
myself in the middle of, but, I tucked and ran. 
Well, and hid to be perfectly honest.  
*studio is humming right along.  All sheet rock is up. 
Walls get finished this week.  Flooring picked out {although
I need some opinions in a very bad way}, two more lights
to order.  Electric hooked up {and sweet hubby also
ran electric and water to my girls to make things easier for me}
*i FINALLY found a homemade laundry detergent recipe that
I LOVE!!!  So excited.  I made a few tweaks and am thrilled.
Should one be thrilled over laundry detergent?
Probably not, but saving HUNDREDS of $ a year.
That does make me very happy.  My laundry product
bill was simply PITIFUL!
*i missed a very special baptism this morning because
we were finally able to lay my sweet aunt wanda to rest this morning. 
My brother made her the sweetest headstone.  She would have
been very proud of it.  I am glad she is at peace, but
it was so hard.  Just the three of us there in the cemetery
this morning.   Always so hard to say goodbye.
*i have an extremely busy week ahead.  Five sessions, 
a trip to NWA to hear Amy Grant speak, lots of edits and orders,
boys to love on, dogs and chickens and cows to take care of, 
studio and barn clean up and decisions, a yard to mow {in a
bad way} and the normal humdrum of life. 
busy, but very grateful.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

{take 2?}

oh me, oh my!

what a week!
considering i thought it was the third week of school 
all of last week instead of the second, it was a mess.  

nothing tragic happened, thank you God.
but, it was way past chaotic.

even for me.

let's see....

i averaged about 3 trips to GW per day.
in one day, i filled over $150.00 in gas in my vehicles.
i already need to refill one of those said vehicles.

i missed MY birthday lunch! 
i'll leave it at that because it is still
too traumatic for me to even "go there."

a tooth for the stinkin' toothfairy got lost.


at least it didn't get put into the washing machine.


i was informed N needed a tie dye shirt on
wednesday night after we had passed the store.
he reminded me thursday night as it was needed
for friday.  i gathered supplies and although it
was fun {INSERT:  do not try to tie dye a 
shirt outside on the patio during a tropical storm}
and, was up at 4:30ish washing the shirt.  
their team lost regardless of our effort to get it just right.
oh. well. 

i hosted a wedding shower last saturday.
i got the final serving dishes hand washed just yesterday.
i hope to get it all put away today.

carpets shampooed last week for that same shower.
little neighbor boy tracked in RED CLAY on his 
muddy boots yesterday while selling us potted mums.

potted mums  already purchased for the shower have
entered a critical state of dehydration ALREADY.
That is three sets of ferns and mums Resting In Peace
way too soon. 

NEVER, EVER, EVER decide to touch up
your painted walls the morning of a big shower.
Regardless of asking for your wall color in flat as 
used before, a mistake or change to the formula may 
have been made.  Don't avoid doing a test spot just in case
because you are running out of time.  Because you
could have such spotted up walls that you have to 
repaint from top to bottom.  

It can be a very painful learning experience.  

But, on a positive note.

The Hogs play today.

My walls go up next week!

I've had some great moments with the boys 
this week.  Priceless. 

I started back to Bible Study {although it wasn't 
on my calendar until September} and am 
turning lemons into lemonade due to a time change.

I've had lots of time cleaning this week. 
{translates into therapy for me}

My fall calendar is busting at the seams, but
I'm ready to embrace it. 

I've been burning fall candles and dreaming
of crisper days.  

I've been planning some projects on our 
farm this fall that will come into fruition next spring.

I am grateful for friends I love and adore.

I am thankful for my sweet little family.

So, with that, AMEN.  The week
was so bad after all!