Monday, March 19, 2012


I admit it, I help contribute to the livelihood of FedEx and UPS. 

I've learned the art of shopping from my desk. 
And, typically, I spend far less with this method because
I am looking for something very specific and every other cute
item I spy does not jump into my cart.  Gasp.

Since my rainy, stormy day has not happened as the morning
news said it would, I've cleaned and shopped.

Today I've ordered:

1.  A new phone thanks to my upgrade date - all of my
friends will be happy as I have finally broke down
and ordered the iPhone.  I have a hate/hate relationship
with my droid, therefore, I do not like to talk on it as it
is wicked and hangs up on everyone.  I've blamed it on my
fat cheeks, but, it really has been beyond frustrating as
I can only talk on it via speaker.  And, that is not always
ideal when in public.  Thankfully, Verizon had a special today.

2.  I'm still in the uber-organizing mode; although I've had no
time at all to accomplish much.  But, today I ordered some
Fridge Coasters.  In a pretty patterned turquoise. I detest 
cleaning the spilled contents of the fridge.  Since I nearly broke
a bin last week trying to remove it to wash it....this would be
much more cost-effective than to replace an entire bin.   I'm
attempting to get ahead of hindsight.

3.  A rubber boot tray from Ballards.  Not a bad price either,
surprisingly.  My house has become a muddy mess of late.
And, really, there is no time in the near future I could expect
anything other.   And, since the wood flooring I dream of
is not in the near future either, 
 I'm attempting to "contain" the damage if possible. 
Pretty and functional, the best way to go!


fail & some random thoughts.

Fail = movies today with friends that I chickened  opted out of
due to the weather forecast.  Not a drop of rain during that show. 
The boys are not the happiest of campers right now.

Speaking of camping, I think I am going to post tidbits 
to our upcoming adventure.  ;)  Everything from $$ to
equipment, to "I wish I had known this...." to the great
moments.  I am definitely hoping for the later since this 
will be our very first camping endeavor as a family.

Here is a quick rundown of where we are so far....

my very SWEET, {highly intelligent as she just landed a fellow 
at U of A} niece graduates this May {sob}.  Then, I have a wedding and
then....we are headed states away for our very first camp.  
The beach always calls, so that's where we'll be pitching. 

We have opted to go the minute we can in an attempt to avoid
the summer heat.   We will be staying for 10 days at probably
the prettiest beach area I have ever seen in my life.  {I can say that
because we drove there twice the last time we stayed in the vicinity}.

This was Scott's idea - so, I will give him credit.  If it turns out to be 
a bomb, I will also give him credit. ;)  JK, Honey!

So, for 10 days, our camp site fee {that includes water and elecricity}
was $280 total.  This first trip will definitely be our most expensive as 
we have ZERO supplies.  So, our tent, a 3 room cabin-style was $144
at good ole' Walmart {it received great reviews}.  I found a cooking
contraption from Coleman on sale for $39.  We've purchased various 
little things like hot dog sticks {around $2 each}, smores makers {around $3},
a popcorn maker {$15},  a complete Coleman cooking set for $22.
an LED latern with a lifetime light for $21.  Flashlights ranging from $2 - $15. 
Queen-sized air mattresses $50 each.   A few more odds and ends such as 
rope for a clothesline, etc.  I'll keep the list updated as we go.  We 
are trying to go as light as possible this first trip as we know we will
be hauling everything back + more, I'm certain.  

Okay, now to the location.  Paradise pure and simple.  I'll be toting along
my hammock.   You can see the lagoon side from our site and the 
most beautiful beach you have ever seen is on the other side.   I think
we'll take our bikes, although you can rent.  You can also rent pontoons to
cruise around the lagoon and go to the island, etc.   I absolutely cannot wait.  

I am hoping this will become something we do as a family for many years to
come.  Another perfect way to "unplug" and reconnect.  I think the memories will be priceless. 

So, any campers out there, I welcome ANY advice.    

Dear Spring Break:

Initially, after seeing the weather forecast, I wanted to ask you
for some reprieve as in "please be nice to us."

I have been looking forward to you since Christmas break.

But, this morning, I decided to embrace you instead of pout. 
Many plans have already been changed because of you.
Some are yet to be figured out because of rearranging the schedule not
once or twice, but, thrice.  

It's okay though.

After working like a mad woman Saturday in an attempt to get things in order
before the monsoon - I mowed.  That may be the understatement of the year.
Mowing the acres I mow after a long winter's sleep = a snail's pace.
It ended though when I mowed the garden hose that had nestled itself in
last years garden brush; it tightly wrapped itself
around my blades.  That ended that.  So, on to the landscaping. 

I pulled and tugged until I could no more.  Then, I gave up and pulled out the
roundup - knowing I had JUST ENOUGH sunlight to cause demise before
the rains hit.  It worked, they are dying.   I'll get back to the beds after the rains.

Then, Sunday morning arrived.  My head pounded in an unusual way.
When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I will say I panicked a bit
with flashes of Kelly's MRSA ordeal.  My eyes were swollen shut.  And,
my right side that was dependent through the night swollen twice its size. 
That lovely pollen.  That is why my head was pounding like a jackhammer.

Lovely.  Plans changed.  That afternoon when the Motrin had
taken effect, we loaded up our car {cars} with family and picnic goodies
and headed to a lake with a beautiful park.  It was so nice, despite no
fish being caught and my crazy brother taking the boys on the hike of their
young lives.  Let's just say I didn't take pictures, because I didn't want to remember.
They wanted to go again.

Today, the waves of the storms rolled through, I chickened cancelled out on
some fun plans with friends because I felt I needed to be home.  You know,
I don't have a very good track record with storms.  Two cars on separate
incidents nearly totaled - one due to hail, one due to flash flooding.   So,
here we are.  BUT.......despite today's rain.....

The boys are playing in the mud.  I'm enjoying their giggles and laughs.
The chicks and chickens have their coop readied for the storm.
The dogs are enjoying a rainy day nap.   I'm rearranging portrait
appointments.  I'm planning a quick road trip with kids in tow.  

The camping trip looks dashed.
The tripS out of town look dashed. 

But, I'm just so happy to have the boys home, mud and all....that 
you won't hear any complaints here.   

Happy Spring Break, everyone!  

Monday, March 12, 2012


don't walk.

If you don't have a copy of The Resolution for Women - get one. 

Or, I'll get you one because this is one I can't lend out. 
Next to my Bible, it has become my daily go to.

It has saved me from myself.  It has likely saved my family
from me and my craziness most days. 

It is AAAAmazing. 


I have a small library of my own of so many great books that
I love and will read and refer to over and over.  This has trumped them all. 

It is to be savored, not devoured, if that makes sense.
I wish they had written it years ago. 

As always, I have been struggling with getting back on track
with everything near and dear to me after my stent of working
away from home and sickness for myself and the boys.  

ALREADY today I had vented to two friends over the fact
I am so exhausted, can't keep up, not sleeping, etc. etc.

Since I have already read through the book, now I randomly
open it and study it from that point.  Today was....

Anything, Everything and Whatever

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do everything for God's glory.  {1 Corinthians 10:31}

I will be perfectly honest.  I read that at least 4 times.
I couldn't get past the EVERYTHING.  I had been
stewing over a matter and had basically got the point I
was wallowing in it and I wanted to be upset over it
to be brutally honest.  BECAUSE, I felt I had the right
to be upset over it.  Ever been there?  So, I had a little
come to Jesus moment because my attitude was not
something that was doing anything for God's glory.  Period.


Sometimes, I hate that....but, today it was a relief. 

"Whatever you do...."


no way around it really.

I know I've read that verse so many times in the past.

But, what a great filter.

The perfect filter. 


It narrows things down very quickly doesn't it?

The particular study went on to even get more specific with me.
"One of the richest blessings that come from making the tough decisions
we've been talking about in this section - decisions to shift some things
into the background for this season of life so you can focus on what 
currently matters more - is that it unlocks your ability to finally do things
well, to do them in a way that magnifies and honors God.  Perhaps like many
women, you constantly feel like you're failing.  You end most days with the 
sense that you're inadequate, that you don't have what it takes, that you just
don't have it together like everybody else seems to."

This resolution is actually encouraging you in the opposite direction of 
perfectionism.  It's encouraging you to cut back {which goes totally against
the grain of the world view}to engage in only those activities in which God's
glory will be seen in this season of your life, and then apply yourself more 
fully to those.  

Don't save your best for later. 

Bring your best. 

Bring your best - all your gifts, skills, talents and abilities to the task
at hand - in this moment, for His glory.
Without a martyr complex.
Even if no one notices. 
{hmmm.....the laundry, anyone?}
Even if they notice but don't appreciate your efforts.
Do it anyway.  For His glory. 

In anything, everything, and whatever you do. 


Saturday, March 10, 2012


I get to buy a new dishwasher!!



I get to buy a new dishwasher!!


Friday, March 9, 2012


First, you need to know that our house is rarely quiet.
It was quiet before kids - and we hated it.  And, we know
it will be quite after kids - and, we'll hate it.  So for now...
it is usually loud and as I would prefer to refer "full of life"..

sometimes, maybe a little too full. 

So.....the other day with the music on in the kitchen and the television
on in the living room, the washer and dryer going...I did not hear
the cries of "help, help!"  Then, I happened to turn off the music
and finally heard.  Poor.little.guy. 

But, apparently this has occurred before; he was just able 
to unlock it the last time.   

Thursday, March 8, 2012

{our verse this week}

At the rate this week has gone, this may stay up multiple weeks.
Lots and lots of squabbles. ;)

{all this time}

Even though yesterday was a beautiful day in comparison to
today's gloomy, cloudy day - it felt like the later yesterday. 

March 7.

To be honest, I hate seeing that date on the calendar.  And,
even if I were to attempt to ignore, the budding and blooming
trees and flowers always give it away to me that it is coming.

The day my daddy died. 

I did find comfort in this song by Britt Nicole
 {which also happens to be my sweet niece's name}

All This Time

I remember the moment
I remember the pain
I was only a girl
But I grew up that day
Tears were falling
I know You saw me

Hiding there in my bedroom
So alone
I was doing my best
Trying to be strong
No one to turn to
That's when I met You

All this time
From the first tear cry
To today's sunrise
And every single moment between
You were there
You were always there
It was You and I
You've been walking with me all this time

Ever since that day
it's been clear to me
That no matter what comes
You will never leave
I know You're for me
And You're restoring

Every heartache and failure
Every broken dream
You're the God who sees
The God who rescued me
This is my story
This is my story

I hear these people asking me
How do I know what I believe?
Well I'm not the same me
And I saw the proof I need
I felt Love I felt Your grace
You stole my heart that day 

I could never explain how true those words were and are to this day.
Maybe someday I will.

I remember the moments I wish I could forget, I remember finding God
in a way I had never known him before despite the shock and pain....
as painful as the day was, it forever changed me in a good way.  

It was a day that faith intertwined with every fiber I was.  And, am.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I think the fatigue of the past few months has settled.

I recovered from my bout of the tummy bug last week.  
Took Scott to the MD this morning with the upper respiratory
stuff that is taking so many down; praying the remainder of us escape.

But, my fatigue level is beyond belief.  So much to do and absolutely
no energy to do it.  I just may settle in for the night and try again 
tomorrow.  I have miles of to-do's {some are actually fun} but, 
I suppose they will continue to wait.  Now, I will go put 
away the groceries that have been setting on the counter for oh, 2 hours.