Thursday, January 20, 2011

{feeling better}

Okay, having a sick puppy {although she's fully grown} can be a lot like having a sick baby.  Anxiety, long nights, lots of clean-up, and most of all lots of loving.  This was Molly after her bath tonight.  She honestly didn't feel like it until later this evening.  She tolerated it.   
 'Pleaaaaaassssssseeee, leave me alone.'
 'I'll just pretend you're not there.  Really."

 Seriously, is she not the cutest thing ever?  I never thought I would be administering Benadryl and Pepto throughout the night and morning.
 I kid you  not, she is actually camera shy.  Very strange.  With or without the flash, she wants to disappear when it gets pulled out.   And, it doesn't matter if it's the monster camera or my phone or throw in the purse variety.  She detests them.  Where could she get that? 

I'm off to love on this sweet girl!  So happy she's feeling better! 

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