Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{a hidden character flaw}

or, at least I try my best to keep it hidden.
And, we're not talking about the good kind of competitiveness.
But, the ugly and all-consuming.
This post is about Martha Stewart organizing gone mad. 
That going mad would be me.
I have been taking a great little class online re: the
business side of photography. AFTER signing up and paying
 my hefty little fee, I learned that it wouldn't be the
typical read and complete assignments only, but, she 
included a team
competition with quite the lovely prize.
That is when my madness ensued.  And, as
teams were dropping like flies, we were sailing on.
I would work like crazy meeting all of my assignments.
I actually topped out on all of the scores within my
group every single week and we were neck and
neck for first position overall.
The class has covered so much and has honestly been
great!  Just give me a camera and I'm as happy
as can be - the business side, I slack.   I think
it's that right brain v. left brain problem.
And, it's a problem.
We have touched on defining our photography niche,
learning to say NO, {ha!}, accurately figuring out
how many sessions we should book,  delegating,
staying on top of everything, etc, etc, etc and most of all...LIVING. 
This class has had me visiting this little section at
Staples quite often. I seriously
pretty much swoom
every time I'm there.
score the highest in this little assignment.
I was a kid in a candy store.
{except for the candy as I am low-carbing it.
this week}


Lots of pretties that work quite well too.
AND, WHAT HAPPENS in the 5th week of
the competition I mean class??  Well, I got
the flu BUT I had actually completed most
of my assignments before then.   The night
the homework was due I was zipping right along
and realized something was very wrong.
My computer would NOT resize the pictures
I was required to load.  Thus, they would not load. 
The entire assignment rested on that.
No matter what I did, it didn't work.  So,
to save my team, I had to pull out.
In the whole scheme of things, it wasn't a big
deal.  BUT, I had worked so hard and put
so much thought into each and every assignment. 
And, poof!  I was out. 
I am quite CERTAIN there is a lesson to be
learned in the midst of this, but, I'm still
feeling sorry for myself at the moment. 
So, winner or no winner.
My office is quite organized and funcitonal.
Which, I guess makes me a winner, huh? 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

{my a-ha}

I remember why I made the big career change.
And, any doubts have now been cleared up.
So, there is a definite positive in this frantic pace I
am working in trying to get this project wrapped up.
A gentle reminder that I made the right decision.
And, as overwhelmed as I feel at the moment with mounds
of medical records staring back at me -
knowing I have another very long night ahead of me....
it feels good to know that I am wrapping up something I agreed to
 {although I had no clue it would have to be NOW, nor did they}
and that it is and ending.    Very soon. 

{duck tape}

over the mouth.
I reallllllllllllllly try hard not to complain, but
sometimes I feel as though that
This past week has been rough around these parts.
Well, actually it goes back to November, but, who
is keeping up?  Apparently me, myself and I.
 I'm trying not to be sad that Noah had a flop
of a birthday because his mama was literally on
another planet due to lack of an adequate oxygen exchange. 
My kiddos ate way too many bowls of cold cereal and 
peanut butter sandwiches.  Laundry almost made its
all time record.  You know.
The one in which it actually touches the ceiling. 
Yea.  That ugly record.  Boo.   And, I'm certain
 it would have if it hadn't been for the the  flood in
recent months thanks to yours truly.   Birthday party
post phoned and you know how that usually goes. :(
A house that has imploded.  LITERALLY.
Work that is oh, so behind, to the point I am afraid
to look at my messages.  And, just when I was gaining ground.
That one makes me want to cry.  Big, ugly tears.
I'm certain I have late bills.  THANK.GOD. I paid the water
bill on Wednesday before the snow hit hard.  Let's forget
the fact I had already made it home and remembered that
once again I forgotten it; so that
led to trip number 2 to Greenwood all before
9:30 am.  I am not a good reader of the
water meter girl.  Period.  I fail.   
I received a phone call from the law firm that
yesterday afternoon that led to a very late night
and fruitless search on 3 computers for a second half
of a report.  A report that is no where to be found.
But, it still has to be completed. Like TODAY. 
My stomach hurts.  Literally.
It just all makes me sad but I know that
it is nothing in the big scheme of things.  Nothing
tragic.  Nothing life altering.   Nothing that
can't be smoothed out and put back on track.
I just need to breath deeply and start working
my way through it one little bit at a time -
otherwise it tends to get quite overwhelming. 
I'm thinking that after I get caught up that
the little get away I've been toying with back and
forth back and forth - may completely happen. 
For the sake of my sanity.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

{laid back}

or out, I'm not quite sure.

I have been sick for a few days and 
that likely peaked last night.  Or, at least I pray that was
the peak.  But, instead of trying to work like
I did yesterday,  I am literally taking it easy today.

Minus three blankets I had last night.  

Today, I'm  down to only
 one quilt {from my precious mamma - it has
always been my comfort quilt.  that could be 
a post all of its own - in vitro days, many sick days,
surgeries, babies, etc, etc, etc}

But, today, I've drank lots of fluids, stayed
bundled up in this freak thunderous snow and 
ice storm,  taken my Motrin every single time 
it is due and read a lot.  The reading has been 
the only blessing in disguise with this. 

Just finished the Jeremy Camp book.
I cried all the way through.  So many things
I needed to read and so many things I related to.
His childhood literally mirrored mine.  Now
if my "walk" could mirror his.  

Pretty amazing especially since I was
able to take the boys a couple years ago
and hear his amazing testimony.   

Now to the next one in my stack.
And, a reminder that I need to make
more time for this - to make a more
concerted effort in being "still" instead of
the forced- mode only. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

{strange....I loved it}

that "it" involved a target with a bulls eye.
And, a Saturday afternoon with my brothers.
{and, of course my SIL + B}

I ran out of ammo,  but am restocked.

Shocking isn't it??

But, I am happy to report I bought cute
accessories.  Hot pink ear muffs and safety
glasses.  My brother will be even more 
impressed when I add those to the outfit
I wore.   And, he's not easily impressed. :)

Total sarcasm.  {wink!} 


my Christmas tree is officially down. 
Well, not technically "down" but ornaments are
boxed.  Not yet put away, but lining my foyer
{which I will not admit is driving me berserk}
to be put away.
The tree is naked.
Still standing in my living room.
But, de-robed.
And, it's a mere February 3rd.
Bring on Valentine's Day!