Sunday, January 23, 2011

{hatching a plan}

And, no this one has nothing to do with fancy chickens.  Although, the coop did arrive. :)

I am thinking my next tackle project here, although there should be many, will be my laundry room. 

Since I seem to spend half of my life it there. 

 And, since I seem to want to avoid it, I'm thinking that if it were something that would "draw me in there" may just make these mountains into molehills.

A chandy will be a must.  

This may be fun!!! 

Anything that will help the cause. {wink} 

I know, one too many posts about my laundry situation.

1 comment:

Mom2Three said...

I am with you on the laundry room redo!!! I have been thinking about doing the same thing, including the chandy!! :)