Thursday, January 26, 2012

{yawn. just another day at the office}

uneventful day.

the building pretty much clears at 5.

except for a few. me included.

i am alone on the 6th floor with air one blaring loudly.

brandy and some lingering attorneys were on the 5th floor.

going through mounds of boring medical records.

unknown to me that the building was secured by the bomb squad.

a "situation" on the first floor.

and, you know me, my phone was silenced and i wasn't answering it.


needless to say, we got sent home.

in one piece, thank God.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{this n' that}

i have been working so much my to do list of organizing is 
having to wait.  so, i'm making small changes when i can. 

the new and impoved junk drawer for the boys.

it has actually stayed like this for well over a week.


the above was actually a Christmas gift.
but, it serves the purpose of getting rid of that
ugly yellow bag that the dogs are constantly
getting into.  they'll be on a diet soon!
and, it's super-cute!

{is it......}

      a bird, a plane.....a           

a popcorn machine??


Some days.

It really doesn't take much.

And, it just make my heart smile. 

{my drug of choice today}

                         Mt. Dew                

Saturday, January 14, 2012


this may be funny.

but, not today.

at the office yesterday, i commented to everyone
that i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

and, then, i saw their faces freeze and mouths drop.

and, then the tears sprung.


{2012: THE year of change}

for me.

I don't make New Year's resolutions.
But, like so many, LOVE that clean calendar
{okay, so maybe I like the idea of the clean
calendar as mine is a two year and is already
scribbled on tremendously for 2012}.  But,
you get the idea.  A fresh start!  

Personally, something in my soul craves simplicity. 
Always has, and maybe it does for everyone, I
just don't know.  I'm a definite Mayberry gal.  I know
I've had that discussion here a time or two.  Okay, maybe
three. But, I am DROWNING in chaos and have been for
so long. The vast majority of it at my own doing, sadly. 

I've also broached this topic here several times.  I 
always have the very best intentions, but then I fall
short in a huge way of getting to the prize.  Well,
a few months ago, I started having health issues as
a result of this chaos.  I was not {and still am not
doing a great job at it} sleeping, my hiatal hernia
issues from college began rearing their ugly head,
my attention span was that of a knat and the list
could really go on and on.  But, the things that I hold
the most dear to family, friends and health were
suffering in a huge way.  The only positive I can truly say
was occurring during the peak of all of this was that I clung
to my relationship with God.  No matter what was swirling 
around me....exhaustion from lack of sleep, stomach pain,
chasing myself in circles and getting nothing accomplished.......
I still carved out my quiet time with God.  I craved it actually.
{thank you RAE DEAL}.  I type all of this with tears in my 
eyes because I was spinning too many plates and they
were crashing around me.  There was no time for breathing.
And, I know that different seasons of our life are simply
a juggling act, but this was different. It was taking it's toll and
I was crashing.  So, I began seeking changes through Him. 

It started off small.  First, I was determined to clear out the
physical clutter of my home.  If I spend 15 minutes in the morning
looking for shoes or keys with a child crying because he just knows
we're going to be late......well, that breaks my heart and sets the 
start of the day not in the sunrise kind of morning way.   And, 
my house wasn't all that bad to the eye, but I knew what was
lurking in cabinets, closet, on my desk {now, that was bad!}
Basically, I had lost all organization.  Something that I was once
known for.  Crazy.  But, I am wired in a way I cannot function
with things being out of order.  So, basically, I simply wasn't functioning. 

I was determined to get rid of everything that wasn't necessary, 
treasured, and valued in my home.  I started with my closet. And,
to be honest, although it looks much better.....there is still so much excess.
I am still working on the excess.  Because the excess of anything is
what was eating up my time.   I have almost made my first "quick
round" throughout the house, every nook and cranny.  Then, I will
go back and do a true purge over every item.  I have thrown or
given away bags and bags of "stuff."   When you get to the point
you cannot sit down and balance your checkbook and because of that
you have A LOT of money zapped from that account and because
you did not notify the bank timely, it was money well-spent by someone else.  

I am already feeling a difference, but have so, so far to go.  The garage. Gasp.
The attic. Oh, my.  But, things are slowly coming together and I have
to remind myself, my life did not spin out of control overnight, so 
all of my pieces will not get back into place that quickly as well. 

But, I'll post some pictures about my little journey or since I'm into
labeling now..."project: simplify" may visit here occasionally.
On my kitchen counter sits the supplies for a new coupon binder.
I am tackling finances as well.  So, I will keep you posted!

{a girl can dream}

after the horrible and crazy week I've had.

A week I've spent pretty much away from my home as
I agreed to work on a production project at the law
firm......unknowingly that it would be as big of a deal
as it is.  It's just been very hard.  Leaving to the office
the moment I drop the boys off, still trying to manage
the MD appts, arriving back at home anywhere between
8-10 pm at night.  Let's just say I've been a bucket
of tears this week between my chicken incident and the
fact that my littilest man is not coping well with me being
gone so much.  But, neither is his mommy to be honest. 

So, during my hours and hours with these medical
records, I started daydreaming of a beautiful
drive and a table for two in the corner.  
Let's throw in some breathtaking views while
we're at it.  A roaring fire on a cold, cold night. 
Good conversation, laughs and food. 

You know, like the good old days???

Well, a girl can dream or she can do something about it.

This girl chose not to succumb to the utter exhaustion she
was feeling and go ahead with that January date
sitting in that envelope.   The moment I got off work 
{early, yay!} at 5 yesterday.  I filled the tank with gas
and raced home to pack an overnight bag and we
headed out {sporting my new-do, thanks Amber!}. 
The boys were enjoying steak and lots
of movie time with their mimi and poppy. 

So, we did enjoy the beautiful drive, albeit in the dark. 
A quiet table for two since we arrived for dinner at 
8 pm and the dining room was dwindling.   We looked
out over the mountain of the lodge at all of the twinkling
lights below and above.   Felt the warmth of the beautiful
fireplaces.  And, had that good conversation,
good laughs and good food.    A night without
taking the puppies out, doing any homework {for
the boys or me}, staring brain-dead at the television,
or folding laundry.

It was wonderful. And, we are back at home already
as it is a busy weekend for us.  But, the boys are playing
outside, I am listening to great music, watching
the puppies play and daydreaming about our
 February Date Night.   Completely refreshed.

Operation:  Date Night, a definite success!! 

I love you honey, thanks for smiling at the mess I am! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{devastating farm day}

I went face to face with a huge bobcat hiding
in my  coop this morning.

That was after he slaughtered 19 of my chickens.

Friday, January 6, 2012

{aging gracefully}

A few weeks ago, during break, I had the television on for some
background noise as I was too busy to watch anything.
{reality:  I may watch one show a week other than CNN/Fox}

But, as I was sitting at my desk a "soap" came on that I had
never really watched and never knew any of the story lines, but
in the years had noticed two of the women on the show, two
that I thought were very beautiful.  In my opinion, probably
the two prettiest ones in that industry. 


What I saw a few weeks back made me stare. And, sad.  They have
succumbed to the worldy standard of fighting age with everything
they have.  Which equates to way too much botox and surgery.  I 
do not envy them at all.  I know I apply my night cream faithfully
in hopes the promises of diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles will work.
But, I know there is no miracle in that bottle.

And, I'm not against plastic surgery for a myriad of reasons.  But, when
it comes to changing you into someone that you wouldn't recognize as
you....that makes me sad.  And, into a face that is 
actually pretty scary.   Again, I cannot imagine being in an industry
where you are always under the microscope for flaws; I am not envious
of that in the least.  They were absolutely beautiful, and now distorted.

As the years pass a lightening speed, I know I will {and do!} have
my personal battles; I hope I can make the best of what I have
without drastic measures....or more than anything, true contentment
in the beauty of aging gracefully.  

My "soap box" for the day. Pardon the pun!    

Sunday, January 1, 2012

{making memories}

This year, instead of exchanging gifts {that would very likely eventually be purged;},
Angela & I decided to have a craft/play day for the kids with yummy, healthy
foods like donuts and coffee cake, Christmas cokes and some coffee with our cream. 

Perfectly healthy.

And, as funny as it was that the kids were much more interested in playing
than completely our fun, well-thought out projects.....memories were definitely
made.  It was much better than any gift exchange.  Here are a few pictures
of our memory making day.  The only negative was when it ended!

We will definitely be making this a tradition!

 A PREASSEMBLED Gingerbread House! 
That solves many issues of years past!
It is the first one ever that didn't collapse.

Maybe we should use one for the barn rebuild. ;) 

And, this idea from pinterest as well.  I forgot to "turn" the picture. 
And, it still needed a trunk.

Well, to be honest, still does.  Maybe I'll paint that
before I display it next year. 

But, I love looking at their little hand prints. 
Well, on anything but the windows.

And, really that makes me swoon too!


{purge fest}

I have been chomping at the bits to PURGE in a big way!

I had worked and worked and planned on the time after Christmas
to REALLY get after it.  That was my target time frame to begin.
So, I held off with anticipation and finished up my photography work
and then........a HUGE project hit the law firm and they asked for my
help.  I said yes before I realized exactly what all it would entail. 

Stupid, stupid me!

I am a grumpy bear because I gave up so much time with the boys
over break and as much as I wanted to purge and was
the last on my list compared to the boys.   As mentioned,
tomorrow we head out to Houston and should be back home either
late Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Then, I am suppose to report back to duty
on Thursday morning.  I have some serious pondering to do.  I want to help out
and above all do not want to leave my sweet friend in a lurch.  But, I 
think based on everything else going on.......I am going to have to draw
some boundaries for certain.  No more working until 8:45 pm when the boys
are in school.  I cannot keep up like I used to. 

But, over the weekend, when I should have been billing and wrapping up
a report and final edits and orders.....I squeezed  a little purging in to get a
fix! I had a fiasco in the pantry a couple weeks ago and to solve that from
every happening again {I hope!!}  I have invested {truly, an investment}
in different containers.  I've been buying some here and there.  I also
got some cute tags from etsy, but  need a chalk pen as I don't like
using the true blue chalk.   I've also completes various other
small tasks around the house and am literally going to hit
every, single nook and cranny, every drawer, every closet eventually
moving on the over the top garage and ending with the attic.  Then,
it will likely be time to start over again! ha! 

But, I need some space in this house and in the effort to decorate
something went horribly wrong.......clutter invaded in huge way.  In an
eventual overwhelming way.  I do not function well at all {if AT all,
with clutter}.  I have already collected bags of things and there will
be many, many more to come I'm afraid.  It's a disgrace really.  
But, a lesson learned for certain.  I'm ready to breathe in every
area of my life!! 

I got a new camera for my purse recently and wouldn't you know
I can't work the stinkin' thing.  Give me a crazy, complicated one and
it's a breeze, but a point and shoot is a disaster for me.  For example,
I had gone through some terribly mismatched photo boxes and  gave them away
and replaced them with very standard, but matching black photo boxes.
The change was dramatic.  BUT, when I took the pictures, I failed
to have a card in the camera.  My big camera would not have allowed
that. ;)  And, since all of those old boxes are long gone,  I can't reshoot
that one, so you will have to take my word for it, or come over and see. ;)

But, here is a quick peek at an area on the kitchen.  We are all loving
the new containers and once I finish up the labels, they will be
functional and cute.  Cute is always important.  ;)

{prayer request}

Tomorrow is a big, big day for us.
Something we have waited for only about 6+ years. 

We head to Houston with Scott to visit the post-traumatic brain
injury rehab hospital.  We will be meeting with the team on
Tuesday about 10 am. 

I am praying for God's will and if this is the place, then we
will know without any doubt.  If it is, we are planning on
going back for the hospitalization after the boys are out
of school this summer as they are anticipating a minimum of eight
weeks inpatient.  However, we have the option to begin it now and
that is not totally out of the question, but not very likely as we
could not stay with him at this point with school and the farm. 

So, we are asking for prayers of wisdom and safe travels!    

{happy new year!!}

ALTHOUGH, I cannot for the life of me believe it is already 2012??

Didn't we just go through Y2K like last year??
Yes, the years are definitely picking up speed in a big way.

I enjoyed so many blessings in 2011, some heartache, some growing
"opportunities",  deepening friendships I've been blessed with,
watching my children grow and laugh, growing {older, ha!} with 
Scott {there is no one I'd rather share that experience with}, failing,
succeeding, praying and praying some more,  many "ah-ha" moments
spiritually, a great birthday celebration {one, I will never, ever forget},
changes on the farm, falling deeper in love with scripture, adding 
a critter or two {or 30+}, challenges, deep breaths, and a lot of laughs. 

Thank you God for another year, I'm excited to see what is in store. 

A few weeks ago, I discovered my year verse.  I was so looking for something
along the lines of "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" and
during a morning of quiet time...I came across exactly what was on my heart. 

Here is to 2012.....

"And this I pray:  that your love may abound yet more and more and extend
to its fullest development in knowledge and all keen insight, so that you may
surely learn to sense what is vital, and approve and prize what is excellent and of real
value."  Philippians 1:9-10

Oh, how I love that!!

Happy New Year family and friends!!