Saturday, April 25, 2009


it's official. i will be residing at the ballfields beginning next week. we received the baseball schedules for both boys. i have two free evenings for the entire month of may and it's a little better than that for june. and, as crazy-busy as it is going to be......i can't wait! the worst part is getting there as it is always a frenzy for us. but, once there, LOVE watching the boys (for the most part, sometimes, I hide my eyes because I can't look!), love catching up with my mom-friends, and of course........the snow cones. Now, that IS definitely the boys' favorite part! i am pretty certain it's why they sign up! ;)

let the games begin!

Friday, April 24, 2009

{spring fling}

our last at ww for almost two years. makes me sad, even with all the craziness. but, it will allow time for the feeling to return to my right index finger after all of that hair painting, .

Thursday, April 23, 2009

{filling in}

tonight N & E had their first scrimmage games. my schedule got completely messed up, so i couldn't be there and

just now, i heard the boys talking

N: "what position do you play?"
E: "the gap."


it went on.....
N: "well, that means you are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than me, because you are on the in field!"
E: "no, no noah, i am NOT better than you. you are really alot much better than me."

the argument ensued.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

{Not Me!}

I honestly was not patterning my blog posts after anything last night. I was super-duper tired and had a tad too much caffiene. I actually had to break my fingers to keep from erasing all of that stuff this morning. Well, not really. I still have a little caffiene entering my system.

But, it really was fun. And, while I was writing it, I did recall reading something, somewhere in blogland with a similar thing. So, I did a little goggling this morning and there really is a "Not Me Monday" topic out there created by the famous MckMama (mommy to sweet baby Stellan the whole world is praying for)....

I will do the appropriate linkages at some point, because it was really fun. But, until then, and... because I was up until 4:15 this morning working on a computer that was trying to die on me (YET again!) Not the new one. That shiny thing is sitting on a table across the room, but who has had time to even try to figure it out. Definitely NOT ME, truly.

So, after I sunk more $$ into clean up programs and such. I called it quits. I pronounced officially at 4:16 pm. Which leads me to this............

SURELY, I did NOT have to purchase yet another computer? A desktop. Within a two week period of the laptop? Because surely my new shiny laptop is compatable with my remote office. And, there is absolutely no compatiability problems with the zillions of software/files I use on my PC. And, certainly, I have all the time in the world to transfer files. So, currently, there is not a lemon of a laptop under my desk I used to work on vacations. I would never to that. And, there is not the laptop gazing at me from across the room. And, there is not this sick, sick computer I am pounding on making horrible dying noises as I type this. And, then, the new PC that is taking up half my counter space in the kitchen. And, if you've been here, you know that I am scant on counter space. And, what? Surely to goodness there is not a computer in the computer hutch in my bedroom that was replaced oh, about five years ago? I am so computer poor.


Monday, April 20, 2009


Wow. I have already received emails (two) regarding the post tonight. And, those were sent before I made the riveting revisions. So, by request (of one of the two) I may revisit things that absolutely did not happen to me. Ever. But, in case I ever were to, as any writer would, I would need to brainstorm topics. Topics that of course did not really occur. For instance.......

1) the car wash story. not once, but, twice.
2) the near-drowning event. in a car.
3) the near-drowning event in a pool.
4) hitting the dog that no one was walking.
5) hitting the dog chasing the rabbit that I did not run over.
6) never hitting that roadrunner. because that would not even be possible.
7) never being accused of backing down a mailbox.
8) never backing down an entry-way.
9) never having an under wire pierce a water-filled bra. (sorry Philip, you may want to avoid that post)
10) never being chased off of my front porch by coyotes. yikes!
11) never wasting valuable time climbing through a fence while nearly being kidnapped.
12) never catching the new house being constructed on fire while hanging insulation and grounding myself out at the very same time.
13) never getting my finger hung in a garage door while balancing on my tip-toes of that same exact house with no one around for miles.
14) no hair color mishap that turned my hair blue. can we say Elvis?
15) not making a stranger pass out in mid-flight by giving myself a fertility shot into the stomach. after numbing the area with a can of coke.
16) not ever having my first car stolen by the guy I loaned it to. and, surely I would have never dated him.
17) never having to be rescued by an ex-boyfriend, (who may now be my husband) from a likely serial killer because I would never be trying to make that ex-boyfriend jealous and got in over my naive head.
18) never pulled a garden hose that was attached to a house in Fianna - THROUGH Fianna. Oh, no, can likely never go there.
19) never getting pulled over by a policeman because I was in a race to get home for fertility drugs. I would hate for you to ever get the impression that for a stent in my life - my life revolved around fertility drugs.
20) and, since I am NOT on that topic. My BIL would have NEVER come home from work early on a day that involved a getting a brown paper bag at a very high speed across town in order for it to be spun. that could never have been related to number 18. not sure if this g-rated blog is appropriate for that. enough said. it was all in an effort to have a sweet little family.
21) i could have never been pulled over after speeding for a broken tail light and not have my DL, my insurance card or if I finally located the insurance card after a non-breathing 10 minutes had to be current. right?

well, IF I were to ever brainstorm. I am sure I could come up with nothing. Absolutely nadda.


IN CASE, you read that fictional story I put together earlier. You may want to go back and re-read it. Because maybe.......just maybe.......I made up some additional stuff.

{accident prone}

and for clarification, SURELY they do not get this trait from their mother. right? it would have to be their daddy. right? the names are withheld in effort to totally protect the innocent.

Within a span of a little over a week, we have had a walk-in visit to have an a finger x-rayed due to a bad fall at baseball practice and a mishap to same finger the next day at school; we received a note from the teacher voicing her concern. All was well.

Surely in my early nursing career, I was not saving a fireman from heat exhaustion at a burning house when I did not tumble down a hill as I thought he was coding and broke my toe? And, absolutely, that doctor I worked with did NOT try to load me up in the ambulance so the clinic would get......."extra credit." I must have dreamed that. And, no, the news crew was not there.

A trip to the ER for a CT scan due to the nasty bump on the head accompanied with some questionable neuro findings.

Surely, I did not slide under that school bus in the 9th grade due to those stinkin' slick penny-loafers and have the need to be taken to the MD due to busted knee caps and a knot on the head. I don't think that could have possibly happened? Or would I even remember it if it did? And, there was never the time I was getting ready for a black-tie event with my husband when I walked across the kitchen floor, my head full of about.......107 hot rollers and I could not have stepped on that melted piece of ice that took me down in a fraction of a second. My head being so heavy it was the first to make contact with the floor. The hard floor jabbing all 107 hot roller pins INTO my head. That could have NEVER happened. Just like that time I was 7 months pregnant with a very high-risk pregnancy when I fell down my grandfather's front steps landing me straight in the ER. Never-ever could have happened. Who on earth could be that clumsy? IF it had happened, it would have been that center-of-gravity shift thing that always happens in pregnancies.

During a bath yesterday, one little guy accidentally hits the other little guy in the mouth and a lip gets bitten THROUGH. We now basically sport a pierced lip. Now, we are swishing with the Mylanta and Benadryl solution in an effort to avoid a nasty mouth ulcer.

I can't imagine that I would hit the bottom of a swimming pool almost knocking myself out, but, the pain from biting THROUGH my tongue kept me widely alert. Let's talk about bacteria, germs, etc. And, then certainly, the infection that developed that was diagnosed as........ahem......"rabbit fever" was not given to me. No way. Do you know anyone that has ever been diagnosed with rabbit fever. Well, maybe you do? Maybe you don't? And, if that self-inflicted piercing wasn't bad enough, I would have never pierced my belly button. Myself. Well, maybe a RE-pierce. And, it would have never been recent. Ever. Because surely I would have passed out. Because something like that could never take more than ten minutes right? And, I would never do that at this age. Absurd!

One little guy knocks the other little guys tooth out. Again. And, yes, it was loose. He has decided he will make a great dentist. Remind Aunt Angie NOT to hire him.

And, regardless of the above, there is NO WAY I could have pretty much knocked four teeth out of my mouth all on my own. All at once. It would have been crazy playing a game around a swing set with my eyes closed. And, although I didn't want to BECOME a dentist because of that life-altering experience, I would have been thankful that I had one of the very best who saved my teeth. That's only IF that had actually happened. But, I am certain there is no way it could have. Not in this family anyway.

Oh, and although NEITHER of my boys choked today. Really, really they didn't, but I am on a roll and can't stop. Or, maybe I am making all of this up. Oh, yeah, that's exactly what I am doing. But, because I am not sitting here laughing at myself because I am such a dork. And, definitely not a clumsy dork - just the regular dork version. Last one for tonight because surely I do not have 55,000 medical records to summarize and oh, 23,456 pictures to edit.....I do have to get busy. But, it's early. It's only 11:58 pm. But, there is no way, no way AT ALL that I could have ever been found on the floor of our bathroom, choking, in the classic, she-is-really-choking-position with hands around the neck, turning blue (SURELY TO GOODNESS I AM KIDDING?!?!?!) because there is NO way I could have possibly choked on a birth control pill and almost died in my own bathroom. And, surely the first thing I could remember when I actually got my oxygen levels up past the hypoxic stage there is no way any concerned husband of mine could have started laughing at his dying wife when he figured out what I had done. Absolutely no way in this world. I know he would have had much more concern that that. But, that could not have even happened because there is no way one could die from a birth control pill right? Well, unless she has a strange, rare blood-clotting disorder that can kill a young lady if she even takes a birth control pill. Now, that could NEVAH-EVAH happen. Because why in the world would a perfect text-book infertile girl be taking a birth control pill in the first place? And, if you read the above, it could not have been that same girl who fell down her dear grandfather's steps when she was........ahem........pregnant?

Seriously, I will stop. I think I had too much Coke Zero tonight. You know me, a heavy drinker I am!!!!

Really, in the whole scheme of things, the last week has actually been rather uneventful. Because in my world, it can always be worse. Much, much worse. Should I ever let anyone in on it if worse things had happened?

I do think I may be delirous. There are only so many medical records one can read.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{the revolt}

**please see previous post.

Just in case you are not a happy mama (or daddy) if you've seen that commercial - and you want to join the bandwagon.....because after a few minutes of research, I am definitely NOT the only unhappy parent out there! In fact, even people without children are appalled at this commercial. It truly makes me ill. And, a furious-mad, in case you missed that. ;)

So, here are some numbers just in case you need them too....

BK So. Zero: 479.646.8945

Rogers Ave: 452-3615

Townsend: 782-8746

Alma: 783-8880

Van Buren: 410-3303

Midland Ave: 785-3419

Poteau: 918.647.5222

And, Coporate Headquarters: 305.378.3000
Marketing and Advertising: 305.378.7200
Consumer Relations: 305.378.3535

Ahem, I don't take these things lightly.

These are my babies!


I was snuggling with the boys tonight when a shocking, not-so-lovely nor age appropriate commercial for Burger King came on. Furious does not do the emotions of this mama justice right now. I know I am one small voice, but, I can guarantee you that at least the local BK's as well as whatever upper level I can contact will be hearing from me. They can count on one customer lost for certain.

Unbelieveable!!!!!!! And, to end the commercial with a shot of a kids meal?!?!?!?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

{easter 2009}

the initial adjective i would have used to describe today would likely have been "blah", but there is much, much more to this day than the way I feel, the weather and the fact that plans had to be changed. but, because of that picture above........everything else is okay & doesn't really matter at all. I just had to remind myself of that a few times today.

I woke up and ugh........did not feel well at all. Not a good sign. So, as I tried to convince myself that I felt better than I did, then I remembered the Easter Bunny was pulling a Tooth Fairy stunt in our home. Well, the Tooth Fairy that we have. I am certain no one else has one as forgetful as ours! And, of course, our Easter baskets were not filled. And, the boys were awake. I banned them to one room and that stinkin' Easter Bunny had hidden her treats so well, SHE could not find them! Even despite a phone call to Nannie Pat. After about 45 minutes and two boys crying to get up, she found them. And, then as she placed them in the "train room" for the boys to find, they all but fell in them before they "found" them.

And, the Easter Bunny did find some pretty cute stuff this year! A funny is that instead of the chocolate Easter Bunnies she opted for chocolate roosters. Well, Evan has fallen in love with his! "It is soooooooo tute!" And, he can't eat it. He carries it around with him. I did make him put in his plastic container so he doesn't melt him. He truly cannot even look at that rooster unless he (E) melts. It's the funniest thing EVER! Noah has not developed the same affection for his. He thinks it looks YUMMY!

At this point, I just needed to go back to bed. I can't remember the last time we were not in church on an Easter Sunday. Not that in the scheme of things we should be there today more than any other day.......but, I just love to hear the Easter message. But, not today, I gave up and went back to bed. And, truly, I think it is just a matter of me being very run down over the last few days (week), but, I literally could not move. So, I took Ibuprofen and curled back up.

Finally, when that didn't help all that much and I knew we would be in for the entire day, no dinner with family, I did manage to cook us a simple Easter dinner. I did recruit Evan to assist in setting the table. His first time. I asked him to please go and wash his hands, I needed his help. He raaaaaannnnnnnn to the restroom, was there for about 2.2 seconds and came runnnnnnnnning back. Did you wash your hands? "yes, ma'm". Did you dry them? "yes, ma'm. On my underwear." (remember he does not wear clothes, otherwise it would have been his jeans - but he was only underwear clad!) He was sent to scrub and dry again.

After lunch..........I.took.a.nap! A very rare thing for me. Not the pleasant Sunday afternoon nap, but, the necessary kind. I am sitting upright, so I guess it did a little something although I just need to go curl up again. So, I think I will.

So, much for those color-coordinated outfits hanging in all of our closets. So much for the outdoor Easter hunt. But, I will have to say, that we had some sweet, sweet family time last evening as we watched several Easter movies about the real meaning, popped popcorn and snuggled a lot.

Maybe, there was a reason I needed to " be still" this weekend.

Now, back to that couch where I am certain I will only be alone for about 3.1 seconds until I am joined by a little guy taking advantage of mommy's down time too! This may just turn out to be the best Easter ever!! ;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

{he is fine}

before i even get started here, i wanted to get to the ending before i started the beginning. (particulary for aunt j:)

nasty bump on the head for evan led to spending most of the evening in the er. it looks terrible (but, has already improved so much through the night) but, the CT scan was clear, thankfully. he did great through the night and is arguing with his brother as i type this. with everything that happened with n. richardson and her ski incident and a sweet little girl in our church (L.K.) - i took no chances and zipped us for further testing, just in case.

but, all is well. we'll have some lovely easter pics to remember it by. ;) like noah's black eye for his 2nd birthday.

but, THE point of this post say thank you for all of the prayers, calls, texts, offers to help, picking up and taking care of noah for us, mulitple offers to keep noah for us so we could focus on evan... we appreciate all of you so much!!!! it's amazing. unbelievable really.

so, i slept very little last night - with him right next to me - but, that was perfectly fine.

very, very thankful.

Friday, April 10, 2009


moments. a reminder of how little time we have to encapsulate these little gifts.

* N has "dropped" my hand twice in the past couple of weeks when we've been out in public. my heart stopped, but, i didn't say anything to him. thankfully, he has reached for it more times than that.

* E broke up with me. just like that, no warning at all. very, very painful. he informed me that he really can't marry me afterall because his daddy is really already married to me. but, he reassured me that he is still in love with me and that he will always live here. he nnnnnnnnnnevvvvvvvvver evvverrrrrrrr wants to move out. fine with me.

* yesterday i received a request from the office that was somewhat of an emergency. of course, i checked my email as i was walking out the door to pick up the boys, so the delay in being able to address it made me a little panicky. but, i did have to go pick up my boys. so, as soon as I returned, i flew to my desk and started doing the required research. it was a big deal, so intense concentration was required. i could not miss a thing. well, e came strolling in my desk chirping about something as i was very focused on what i was reading, so i politely asked him if he could give mommy a few minutes as i had a very big problem i had to take care of.......this is what i heard come from behind me in the softest, saddest voice you have ever heard. "mommy, is your big problem bigger than me." okay. although i felt like whatever is lower than pond scum in the ecosystem. i stopped. i breathed and i turned around. my problem could absolutely wait. my son could not. so, i gathered him up as he told me a very trival point of his day that was very important to him. i gave him some lovings and he scurried on his way without a complaint. talk about feeling like the worst mommy ever. painful does not truly describe. another lesson learned. ouch!

* this is another bittersweet time of the year for me. i am gathering pictures, artwork, bits of this and that to put in a pretty package to be sent away to our birthmom. as we celebrate mother's day in a few weeks, the day before is set aside for birthmother's day. always so hard for me for no other reason but to imagine what she may be going through. i am hoping to make her day a little sweeter as this year i found the perfect gift to include. it is two hammered silver ovals with hollow centers - so it is the outside of the ovals only. the smaller one lies inside of the larger one. i am having his name and birthdate stamped on one side that she will wear facing her and the outside will be plain and look like simple jewelry. i searched high and low and i knew when i saw it. i hope she loves it! i always feel so in the world can i ever show her my gratitude? so impossible

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{evan thinks....}

i'm 67. nice.

{one more thing....}

yeah, right? i forgot to mention in my bullet-point update about the doorbell ringing at 10:03 pm last night. never a good thing. especially as you walk to the door you see flashlights. and, then uniforms. not a good thing at all.

well, in what could have been a very bad thing, turned out okay, not great, but it could have been much worse. a large cargo truck flipped off the highway. the man was safe thankfully, our fence was not. and, when you have cows in that field. a really bad thing. so, fence fixing for my poor father-in-law at midnight. no fun!


okay, after that last depressing post....let me post something fun. and, of course, me who lives with a camera in her face........has no pictures to show. so, you'll just have to come over to see. but, i am so excited. and, remember it really does not take much for me.

something VERY inexpensive = a VERY big impact

bed risers! who would have ever thought? i know, very minute, but, wow. i did a little research and found that the ones online at wally world are actually very sturdy. so, i spent $15 and did a site-to-store shipment (remember, i am cheap too!) and i was even able to put them on myself.

huge difference! i used the 3" risers, but will actually likely go up to 5" and pray the boys do not fall off when they sneak in. but, you can actually combine to two for an 8" lift. we would need a ladder, so i'll upgrade to the five when i find some fabric to lengthen my bedskirt. you know me......i'll be mistreating that bedskirt with the old, faithful glue gun and some really fun print. ;) who needed home ec anyway! i will post pics at some point. (like the ones from noah's b/d back in feb)!!

{monday, monday}

and it's......wednesday! yeah, i guess i lived in a world of make believe thinking it would never happen to me. well, it has. nothing like trying to use your debit card when you learn your account has been shut down due to "suspicious activity". long story short, it will be okay. and, right now, we are choosing to keep the account frozen. BUT.... just a lesson to those accounts!!!! all of the $ will be restored but it is pretty eerie that no one can determine where the charges came from. thankfully it was with a very reputable company who is going beyond the call of service - so, very, very grateful for that. and, also thankful that my bank closed down everything.

so, if you were in the long line at target today as we kept trying to get that card to work.....sorry! it's a very scary, creepy feeling. but, again, a situation that will turn out okay.


okay, i did not intend to give up blogging, but, things got a tad bit busier than they have been in a while, so here are snippets from the last several weeks....

*carpet saga continues. we ended up having to rip up our carpet to get to the pad. we lived on one side of the room for several days with blowers, chemicals, etc trying to take care of the havoc that lovely little spill from the sippy cup had caused. long story short. (aren't all of mine? ha!) after working, working and working on it some more....the milk odor is pretty much gone, but, apparently a chemical i used will likely eat through the pad/carpet eventually. so, that area will likely be removed, resewn and restretched. now, we are awaiting a call back from a carpet guy(s) to do all of the above. the problem with that is......matching it up with our remnants. the saddest thing is, the carpet is still in excellent (for the most part) shape. so, the thought of replacing it makes me ill. very, very ill. so, we will likely have to purchase a much larger area rug. which may lead to other purchases based on colors and such. long story, do not want to go there......but, any alternative will be less expensive than replacing it all. on a good note, (i am looking for that silver lining) when we removed the carpet in over half the room to get to the spot....i was a little afraid of what we would find. it was perfectly clean. i am certain that is due to my frequent obsession with shampooing the carpet - but, obviously well-worth the effort. on an aside, that steam cleaner is truly one of the best investments i have ever made. now, if only i had purchased an equally superior non-spill sippy cup. i am soooooooooooooo ready to get that carpet in place!!!! i almost can't help but laugh, all of this over that "spilled milk!" likely the most expensive cup of milk in the history of the world. leave it to us!

* boys are healthy! a definite praise! we did have to have noah's little finger x-rayed last night before bb practice. i knew i was being overly-cautious, but, you's hard not to sometimes. but, it looks fine. the injury is at the growth plate, but, hopefully it will resolve by next week.

* i have been a frenzy-craze in purging this house. like i have time for that? however, in spinning my wheels over the last several weeks in attempts to locate important paperwork, items of clothing, shoes(?), etc..... something had to be done. so, in the middle of my massive tax preparation for our accountant, I dove in. it is sickening the amount of "stuff" we accumulate. i am definitely a purger by nature, maybe even to the extreme. i have countless bags to go into the trash. the back of my vehicle is FILLED to the brim of things to be delivered to friends. eventually it will be finished. the boys may be graduating, but, at least we may truly have an "empty nest" in every sense of the word!

* which leads to........taxes are totally completed! refund on the way!

* i completely stole my best friend's idea to make her kitchen a little more "girly." living with 3 boys, i need to "girli-fy" as much as i can. so, i have THE cutest little chandilier hanging......above my sink!!!! makes doing those never-ending dishes much more fun! love it! i may need two or three of those cute things in my laundry. maybe it would get completed faster!

* many computer issues over the last week and a half. so, i broke down an ordered a new one......will be here tomorrow. it is a mac!!!! and, it will allow me to edit in the living room WITH my family in the evenings instead of being stuck in here to my desk. that alone was what made the investment a tad less painful.

* i am now officially living at the baseball fields as both boys are playing. i am truly nuts! thankfully, i have friends who are WONDERFUL so, because i can't be in two places at once, i do have alot of offers for help. it should be an interesting spring and summer! and, since i am pretty much camping out there.......why am i worrying about this carpet?

hopefully my next post will not be 2 weeks from now!

added: i can't believe i forgot this! but, "I" lost my wedding ring (remember: evan hiding it in a star-wars jedi fighter?).....let's just say, during my purging session Sunday night/early am hours - it vanished. i discovered it being off my finger around 1 am. i had to go back through every single garbage bag i had collected since about 9 pm. every step i had taken in the house. back through every trash bag. and then, i knew the fate.........either the dishwasher. probably as i was distracted my the pretty crystals in the new light or the washing machine. i was hoping for the later. i finally gave up and went to bed at 4 am. got scott up at 6:15 am. he dismantled the washing machine. nada. he ran several rinse cycles through. nada. i was ringless once again. he was about to close up the bottom of the washer when he saw a piece of lint in the back of a tube he had disconnected. flashlight requested for noah to get who was by now his assistant in this surgical procedure. i had long given up and was getting ready. scott in his saddest voice came to me and asked me if i was okay? of course i wasn't. and then he slipped the ring back on my finger. it was caught in that drain pipe!! and, scott. and noah. poor noah almost ran to tell me, but, because he had found my ring the last time, scott informed him he wanted to be my hero this time! and, in my original wedding ring is in a ziplock bag in pieces. it was a BEAUTIFUL ring that scott had worked forever for when he was 19. needless to say, it kept falling apart despite the expense of it. when it became senseless to keep repairing it, i tearfully ziplocked it up and purchased the one i wear. nothing fancy at all, but the design reminds me of my original. scott has wanted to get me a new one for years, but, i have refused. well, he almost got his wish. when it was lost the first time, not so long ago, evan decided to play with it and then forgot where he had left it. we tore this house up. and weeks later, noah found it. this time, i knew it was needing to be re-sized, but, because of the design, i am afraid to disturb the baguettes because that is what started the demise of my first ring. so, it kept slipping off. well, it slipped off one too many times. not certain what to do at this point, but, i guess i have no choice but to take it for sizing.