Sunday, January 16, 2011

{in this moment}

5:02 pm
*we just got back in to warm up from riding the bike off and on all afternoon.
*the dryer is humming {as always}, the washer is swishing {as always}.
but, this will equate to clean bed linens - something i love doing!
makes for a very nice night of sleep.
*evan is eating pretzels {that child grazes} he discovered
he loves fried cabbage today at lunch.
*daddy is outside supervising. {see below}
*i can hear the tractor outside, breaking up the garden plot. yay, poppie!!
*molly is lounging. she has all day long. i'm excited to make her an appointment
with dr. nick tomorrow for her check-up. so happy for them! and US!
*noah is reading his alex rider book.
*we have movies from redbox to watch later
tonight and tomorrow. i used them for the first
time? i'm thinking i love them already.
*my car is loaded to make a drop-off on our way to home group
at my brother's new storage units. i am still in a major-purging mood. how
do we accumulate so much "stuff." tuesday will be the goodwill drop.
*i have missed my girlfriends all day today. i saw most
of them from afar today at church, but didn't get
to chat. i think a lunch date should be in order soon.
our school year is half over? how does that happen?
*it is 47 degrees and the sun is setting. great day!


Tonia Hobbs said...

This does sound like a wonderful day! Thank you so much for my treat left on my desk. . . although I am very uncertain why I was on the receiving end?? Lunch.Date.Soon.Yes.

Mom2Three said...

Lunch Date sounds just great!! I miss all of you, some of you might even look different??? It's been that long...