Saturday, January 22, 2011

{in this moment}

6:38 pm

*I am typing in the kitchen.  I took a break from my records to "inhale" it all.

*Noah is curled up in his chair with a new book reading away.  

*I can hear Evan and Scott laughing and "discussing" their ongoing game of checkers.  E is actually getting very difficult to beat.   I can say that honestly from my very own experience last night.

*Dishes from supper are filling the sink.  This will be the third load of the day. 

*Mac and Cheese leftovers are waiting to be put away.

*The house is nice and warm thanks to the 2-year-old debilitated wood we drug up from our back fence a few days ago.  I'm not sure why we waited until now.

*Although I pretty much cleaned all day.  There is still an all day of cleaning left.  I think I would throw in the towel, but then I would have to wash it. 

*You guessed it, laundry room is humming away in unison.

*I'm watching him turn the pages.  He is growing into such a big, sweet boy.  I thank God every day for him.

*I can again hear Mr. Competitive in the living room.  I'm amazed that he is even here.  Thank you God.

*I can hear a Daddy who loves his boys with all of his heart.  

*In this moment, life seems pretty perfect. 

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