Monday, December 28, 2009

{the heart}

i was working just now and heard an ugly exchange a room away.

having grandma pat here since their earliest days has been a huge blessing to them as well as to me. i heard evan take that for granted a few minutes ago in the way in which he responded to a question gma pat had asked him.

i called him to my office and he knew. he walked in with sad eyes and slouched shoulders. i knoooooooooowwwwwwwww he said, before i even opened my mouth. "you know what?"

he thought for a moment.

could he possibly get away with it? was i calling him in for another reason? hmmm........

"you know what?"


"evan, you know what?"

big sigh. "you know. i know. her." and he simply pointed back to the living room.

"what are you talking about evan?" again, he entertained the thought that MAYBE, just MAYBE I didn't know. I had not heard the exchange...of minutes before his voice demanding, not asking for Gma Pat to be at his beckon call. Ugliness.

He finally succumbed and confessed and promptly went to apologize.

The apology fell very, very flat. It was an "I'm sorry Grandma Pat".

I don't think she was in the room??

I immediately called him back to me. "Evan?"

"What????? I said I was sorry."

"To who?"

"to her, and again he pointed".

I reminded him how to give a heartfelt apology and the reason behind it. He promptly complied and delivered it in the right manner this time. And, of course, she had not a clue what he was even apologizing for.

But, not so fast.

Then, I saw the light.

Ugh. Sometimes I hate that. Black eyes, served-up double.

How many times do I casually offer an "I'm sorry" to Scott, the boys, my mom, a friend....or most importantly, to God. How many times, did I think they may not have noticed my shortness, or ungratefulness, or lack of sincere apology. I thought I had slid by or worst yet, just simply didn't offer it. And, the worst possible situation, giving it hastily in just words.

Point taken. I'm sorry.


i love, love, love having both boys under my wings all day it!


if you have phoned, texted or left a message for me over the weekend....or even later last week.....I am working my way back through them. It has been a busy, busy time and for some reason....the fatigue of the last several weeks with the photography has totally caught me. I have a couple busy, busy days at work and then should be up to speed.

I hope.

{sweet service}

we attended church at First Baptist Sherwood yesterday as "Uncle" Paul retired. Finally. ;)

It was a sweet and precious service. So glad we got to go!

I am very interested to see how his "retirement" is defined. It is absolutely amazing to see how many lives this man has touched and led to Christ through his 54 years of ministry. A TRUE man of God.

Happy retirement, Paul & Linda!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


who in the world thought it would be a good idea to have the braces put on before two days before christmas?

stupid me.

motrin. tylenol. motrin. tylenol.

{on the road again}

in the wee hours of the morning...when it is still dark {because it takes me so long to drive there....the problem is me, not the distance???}....the boys {all three}, molly and i will head out to little rock to bid a very special someone a happy retirement....

{this will NOT be coming to a radio near you}

any time soon. noah added quite a few notes as well as words that have likely never been heard in the traditional happy birthday song....

but, it made me smile.

and, i'm thinking, it probably made Him smile too. :)

{christmas morning}


i know that i am way more excited than them every year! it just gets better!


said goodbye to a sweet friend today. i am very thankful that our lives intertwined....

Friday, December 25, 2009

{it's frigid out there!}

so, it was nice to look at these late last night as ang dropped them off from the warmer days of august.......ahhh........

i'm not ready to give up winter just yet....but, wow! carrying the packages in and out and out and in, etc, etc, etc.....made my mind wander back to those warmer days! :)

{happy birthday sweet jesus!}

what a great day! and, the real reason for the season.......and a little party from us to Him! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

{christmas eve lunch}

with david, angie, syd, walker and wiles....mimi and poppie

{we're ready!}

a white christmas! sooooo excited!

the boys have opened their new pj's, and a single gift tonight.

we spent the afternoon at my angie and david's home. sweet time. yummy food despite the braces. :(

tearful, beautiful candlelight service at church.

inside a warm home all snuggled up with my three dearest.

and, as happy as i heart is very prayerful for those who are without those they incrediably love and have lost. in my thankfulness, i have not forgotten you....

{before it's over}

here is a snapshot.....or several of our christmas decorations this year. pretty much the same...actually, didn't even pull it all out this year. but, definitely not ready to pack it away....i've really enjoyed it...and just may for a bit longer.

and, i uploaded all of them at once. backwards, i might add. no narration..just a peek....