Sunday, July 29, 2012

{I will miss you}

smell of sunscreen that lingers
at my backdoor. 

I'll enjoy you for now. 

{no, ma'm}

I just got a text:

"do chickens like sprinklers?"

no ma'm, they do not. :)

not one little bit.


but, they also don't realize they will likely
succumb to the high temperatures either. 

so I mist and sprinkle regardless of
their unhappiness.

An unhappy chicken is better
than a dead chicken.

{a day of rest}

although not at all planned.

I'm in a forced state of rest thanks to this
pesky sickness.  But, it has been a great
reminder to stop and smell the roses.
If only my stopped up nose could smell.
I am truly feeling better today.  Not as much coughing, throat
is no longer excruciating, and I've been up and
around more today.   I've read a lot {Sally Clarkson}
and caught up on blog reading as well.
I desperately need to be back at it by tomorrow.
I'm hoping!!  I have a great week planned with
no sessions in order to get completely caught up
on all edits {my list looks WONDERFUL}, remaining
orders and deliveries, invoicing, a little get together
here with my Bible study girls, a wedding
Saturday, making sure my
animals are all taken care of {yikes,
will be making a phone call tomorrow}and....
pack for our last hoo-ray of summer.  
One evening of work will be involved but that is it.
I am not even taking a computer, period. 
I will not likely check my phone with the exception of 
the check-ins at home.  Since our last little
excursion was not all that we had hoped for  - as
my work schedule trumped any sort of vacation,
I have big plans of doing pretty much
NOTHING this time around.  It was a definite
learning experience for me.
THIS time, it will be much, much different. 
I'm going to make my boys {all 3} proud.
We need to refresh before the chaotic school year begins. 
This mama needs to soak up these last days
of summer with my little ones. 
And, oh, how I am looking forward to it!!! 
Now, I'm off to turn the sprinkler on the chickens, it's
crazy hot out there...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

{girls, I need your help}

To trim in white, or not to trim. 

These pictures are hard, but the roof is a dark charcoal gray and
the large tractor doors in the back are a cherry finish as will be the 
front hay loft door as well as the big barn door in front.

They will have the traditional X's on the barn door and
a cupola {with a chicken} will be on top. 

I still think the trim around the door, hayloft, my studio entrance, etc
should be trimmed in white to give it more of a barn apperance as
everyone thinks we've built a house when they drive up.

I'll wait until the doors are up to make the final decision, but
that should happen this week. 

Any thoughts?  I really need help on this one.   

{around the farm}

I have been on the couch all day long.

Thus, the many posts.

I had to get out and feed the chickens a bit ago
and decided to carry my camera around....

such a pretty time of day.

But, after a total of five minutes, I was
exhausted.  Whatever this is, it's terrible.

The barn is still waiting on the loft door and main barn door.
The black paper got ripped off a bit in the storm earlier this week.
So much clean up to do out there. 

The scraggly, leaning barb wire fence will be coming down
and replaced with a wooden fence leading out to the barn, it will
eventually be stained black. We just can't decide exactly where to
put it.  I think one thing, he thinks another. :) 

Oh, the swing set.  I love seeing it when I drive into the
garage - sweet memories of the boys.  They will still
play out there, but, I know that will soon be coming
to an end.   {sigh}

No second cutting for us this year. As terrible as the
drought has been, we have got just enough rain
of late to revive the grass to the point we haven't had to feed.
We thankfully got a great early, first cut - so we should
be much better this year than we were last. 
Unfortunately, so many others are having to sell their
entire herds as there is no grass to feed and the price of
grain is steadily climbing.  I can't imagine.   

The backyard with our super-fancy swimming pool.
Honestly, the best $400 we have likely ever spent.
The boys have spent countless hours out there and
we just pack it up for winter.  Maybe someday.....

So thankful every time I see that.
And, it smells WONDERFUL!

Speaking of farm life, we are discussing which animal
to possibly add next.  We'll have to wait until after the barn
is finished so we can build new fencing for this possible addition.

Well, two different types of animals actually.

We shall see??

{she's happy}

I am scared.

Very, very scared. 

Savannah just drank half of a cup of coffee. 

The boys and I are bracing ourselves.

{it's in the bag}

My new camera bag.

I finally succumbed.

But, lugging around my enormous
one with all of my gear is killing
my back and shoulders.

So, now I will be forced to carry
around less weight.

And, it's cute, even better!  

{a summer malady}

okay, maybe a wee bit dramatic there, BUT,
my head feels as though it will explode off my body, I can't 
breathe, I am aching, I have crazy fatigue simply feels like the flu.

But, it's obviously not, so a nasty summer cold I suppose.
I am victim #3 here at home.  And, it got me within
hours of the first notice of the scratchy throat. 

grrrrr....I am not a happy camper.
Scott is with his dad, so my little guys are "taking
care of me".  Noah just about gave me whiplash
when he brought me a pillow earlier and tried to 
prop it under my head.  

I giggled.

He giggled.

Then I had to readjust because I couldn't breath. 

Not breathing is not a great thing.

I'll see ya on the other side of this! :) 

Hopefully that is sooner, than later. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

{be happy}

I have a closet door that needs a little happy. 

via pinterest - thehouseofsmiths

That should do it.

It's the closet formerly known as

"the ups closet" because all of Scott's
uniforms were in there.  

It needs a new name and some happy.

It's on my to-do list!

{are we the only ones who name everything???
the train room, the reading room formerly known
as the train room, our gps:  lola?? the list goes on, trust me}


is in my VERY near future. 

For plates.

Noah has been on kitchen duty this summer.
We've had lots of clean dishes, but
LOTS of broken dishes as well. 

I am down to two of my main set. 

Another one just bit the dust.

I think I will let him master this task before
I bring another set into our hazard zone. 

I really loved those plates.

But, I love the little guy that is trying even more.    

{summer lovin'}

This is how we spend a huge amount of our days
adventure after adventure.....

Evan has enjoyed Little House of the Prarie, Magic Treehouse and
Hank the Cowdog series books.  Noah has pretty much stuck to the
Incorrible Children of Ashton Place series.  He just received
a new one a few days ago, with "tattered pages"  he and I
both LOVE those.  A Kindle will never replace. :)  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{d day: september 1st}

I was on a really good roll.

Then, splat!  Into into a brick wall called legal work.

I have downtime between now and September 1st scheduled in.
Naturally, most of that time before school starts I will be completely
wrapping up my photography to-do's from summer and spending
every ounce of time I can with the boys. But, come August 20th
at approximately 9 am,  things are going to get a tad busy around here. 

Project: Organization.

I am working on a to-do list {of course} that includes
painting, wall touch ups, framing, handing new portraits,
the GARAGE {that's scary!}, every nook and cranny. 
I'll save the attic for cooler days. 

I need organization. I crave organization and oh, it
makes my life so much easier.  No more looking
30 minutes for a needed piece of mail. 

{the studio: in progress}

with a near-end in sight!!!!

All electrical has been strung, the air unit is being
picked up tonight, duct work early next week.
 Then insulation, walls and floors.

I'm so excited.  I thought I would share
some of the things I've acquired for it.  That's the
fun part.  Not the sweeping of the saw dust. 

Here is the look that inspired me for what I want
it to be.  Basically, just the color scheme.

So, below is my actual desk.  A different chair.
I went for comfort.  It is a creamy brocade.

My file cabinet. Because I will be organized again.

Below is a distressed prairie style table I will be using for
packaging & framing.

The above is the rug I purchased for the "gallery room".
The above picture came from ankatreasures.

My studio walls will all be a creamy white with
dark flooring.  The only touches of color will be my
pale turq couch and the above rug for that room.

I will pull other color in with the portraits on the wall.
Lots and lots of huge pictures in the frames I will
be offering.  I have also signed on with a jeweler and 
have some of the most unique pieces - so fun!   

Lots going on. And, although at times I got very
overwhelmed with this, it is absolutely a dream come true.
I feel very, very blessed with a business that I love
{albeit, a little too much at times}.  Very thankful.  

{a snail's pace}

is the rate at which summer should creep.

But, no, it speeds along at the pace of a
Bugatti Veyron.

{that is according to Noah}

{a Bugatti Veyron is a vehicle for those of us who didn't know.
The BV Super Sport is apparently the fastest car in the world}

Obviously, I have ignored all feelings of obligation to blog this summer.
And, as much as I've tried to "be" in the moment, I do want to remember.

So, I thought I would throw together a totally random, quick post.
Sort-of along the lines of speed as described above.  Fast.

Here is what they do every morning.  Look at Lego's
for E's upcoming birthday.   His choice changes every
day as well.  But, they still look, converse, plan and then
do it all over again.  Every day.

Oh, look at those two girls in the background.  They
stopped in the midst of their morning wrestling match to
pose.  They are my dogs. 

And, that my friends is a mountain of clean laundry.
All I can say is at least it is not dirty.  The end.

Our summer bucket list that hangs in the reading room
{formerly known as the train room}. Truly, it will
always be known as the train room. {sigh}. 

We've done alot, but still so much to do and we are running
out of time fast!  Over the next week we are planning a
trip to a natural spring lake {cold water, brrrrr}, a Sunday drive,
fishing, the Sugar Shack, some more ice cream, Magic Springs....
who knows what else our week will hold.  That's the fun part.   But,
I'm trying not to even think much about the August 20th date
looming, but instead to embrace these moments and the fact
I officially have somewhat of a lighter schedule to enjoy
the last bits of summer.  Something I am very thankful for.

Our last verse.  I'm loving this! 

I have a precious cousin in Afghanistan.  Breaks my heart really.
But, this is what he brought me from his last deployment there. It
is one of the flags flown in one of our beloved 188th fighter jets
over the country.  One of my most cherished possessions! 
Praying they all get back safe and sound.

And, for another one of my summer finds....I am LOVING this!
I have pretty much been using it as a conditioner and it makes my
hair really sleek and keeps this lovely Arkansas humidity from
having a total hay day with my hair.   Just another share.  

I'll get off of here for now....I have a wee bit of laundry to do!
I know you are jealous. :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

{favorite summer finds}

I wasn't going to post this considering the significant events of today.
But, I'll come back another time to post my thoughts.
For now, I simply want to duck my head in the sand; and, pray.

I have been planning on sharing some of these fun finds I've found
for weeks now and then decided I shouldn't today.  But, then I rethought
that.  With all that happened today, it almost makes the simple, the
lovely, the little things that make smiles even more significant. 
Today was a reminder to enjoy every second.  So, I'll share
some of that enjoyement. 

My first find that I am absolutely in love with....the boys love it, Evan says it
smells like yummy lemon cupcakes.
Who could not be in love with that, right?

But, I honestly hope that in the days long after I am gone,
that they think of our hours in the kitchen together whenever they
smell this. I know that may sound overly dramatic, but
I have HUGE memory associations with fragrances; so
I am being totally serious with that.

Like I said, it is all about the simple things.

    It is J.R. Watkins natural cleaning products.
You can actually order them from the site, from Amazon
or our Target is now carrying a few items.  They
used to carry their dried spices, but now only carry
the liquid varieties, but their website offers so many things.

LOVE this stuff.  Smells all summer-y.  And,
I love the fact it is nontoxic for the boys and the girls
 {aka, Molly and Savannah}  And, the old-fashioned look
doesn't get lost on me.  I'm a sucker for packaging period, but make
it throw-back and I'm all over it.

This has become a staple.

A lot more items to share!

But, for now, will be praying for our country, our youth
and our Colorado for now. 

Truly truly, God bless!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

{the very welcomed unexpected}

Of course, a slight change of plans. 

We didn't get to leave today, but hopefully we will get to get out and about
 for a bit of summer fun after church tomorrow.   And, we'll likely be visiting
our old church as I think a certain special someone will be the guest
 preacher there tomorrow. :)

So, today has turned out to be somewhat of a lazy Saturday.
Not truly lazy as I've been working from the moment I got up,
but, catching up on domestic things instead of being in my
desk chair for hours already.  That will come later this evening. 

But, I've had to take care of many much neglected things like
cleaning out the refrigerator {scary!}, killing weeds, washing
eggs, picking up the major disaster of the backyard.

And, all of that got me to thinking and dreaming. Not
to rush summer away or anything as I want to cling to
every single moment it has to offer.  But, because I have
to wait for fall to complete my list - I am googling and
planning and plotting. 

I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted a rose garden.
But, they are a lot of work and I would get totally overwhelmed 
each time I really thought about it.  Growing up, one of my best
friend's mother had an absolute lovely one.  I loved it even as a girl.
I remember her teachers always having beautiful roses brought in by her. 
I loved going to their home and property.  They had put so much work  into it
and it was so breathtaking to me.  I admitted to her a little while ago that
I still take that out of the way road when I'm in the area just to see
how gorgeous it all is.  For whatever reason, that setting made a huge
impression on me and it is one of my fondest memories. I loved being
in that rose garden in the mornings and I loved enjoying the beautiful
fruits of her labor that always sat in the kitchen. 

Well, I've decided I'm going to do get mine started once and for all.
But, I would be stupid to start it now since we are in a huge drought and
the temperatures are crazy, record-breaking ones.  So, I will wait.

I'm going to start out small and work my way into it.  I typically
plunge head first into whatever I have on my brain, and it doesn't
always work out so good.   I'm learning in my advancing age. 

I can already tell that this rose garden adventure will be leading to
more.  I am also going to plant a huge row of lilacs leading out
to the chicken coop.  My sweet, sweet neighbor growing up had the
absolute prettiest ones. Another great memory of childhood.  My brother
and I would hike up to his farm and come back with armfuls of those flowers. 
I've attempted to grow a few, even receiving some as gifts from
family members as they knew how I loved them.  But,  growing them was not
successful.   I'm going to take care of that as well along with planting several
of my very favorite flower of all...peonies.  And, finally, although
this got scrapped in the spring because I was too busy to
go purchase them, I am planting my own "canopy" of trees here
near the house.  I can then scrap all of the drives to a canopy
in FS for pictures.   So, alot of work to do, but I'm looking
forward to it.  And, it won't be too overwhelming because
what I have planned for fall actually won't be too much.

The above rose is what I'm planting next to the coop.

And, on an aside, we have been working on fence, fence, and
more fence lately as we had calves getting into fields they shouldn't have. 
Surprisingly, due to literally clearing land to get to some of the
locations a new spring and brook were found.  The boys
& I will get to see it tonight.    Yippee!!

and, p.s., thank you God for this amazing rain.
Our fields and cows thank you too!

Friday, July 13, 2012

{a sweet calm}

I have been hard at it this week, just yesterday knocked 4 edits out with
the 5th one close behind.  The list is dwindling.  I have a stack of CD's and
boxes of prints to deliver.  I am one happy girl!  I actually get to enjoy
some time away this weekend.  The boys and I will be listening to
Skillet {maybe} and Tenth Avenue North.  Love concerts with them! Nothing
better than listening to that music under the stars.  Great opportunities
to have great conversations with them.  

No more chicken baths.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll tell you someday. :)  
We'll keep it under wraps for now.  Geez.

The house is semi-clean despite the marathon of work.
The grass is freshly mowed thanks to our neighbor Jeff. 
For the record, I had TRIED to mow it myself but kept having problems
with the mower, so when he fixed it, he also mowed it for me. 
I appreciate it so much since it too had been neglected. 
Actually, I truly enjoy lawn mowing.  It is my "loud" quiet time
I suppose.   Now, weed eating?  THAT is another story.  

Dogs are snoozing. 
Evan is playing Lego's in his room.
Noah is reading in his room.
The television is off.
The laundry is humming, as always.
The air is on.....{constantly} the boys are fighting. 

My stack of new books arrived yesterday.
I thumbed through them and started on one
of the new devotionals.  I have a pretty intense study I plan
on starting when school begins.  Proverbs 31.  Enough said. :)
She is not my most favorite woman in the Bible on most days
I'm just being honest here.

now, the dogs are awake wanting to go out.

The barn has been on a standstill.  I hate those.  But,
since I am not an electrician, I had no choice but to wait until he
finished up his last job.  He will be here next week. 
THEN my walls and floors.  I cannot wait.  I can't even walk
through my office here in the house for the boxes of furniture. 


Not praying for it, just reminding myself!

And, an update on that little framed chalkboard hanging
in my kitchen with our memory verses - LOVE it!  One of the 
very best things I've actually done.  We are loving it and as
a family learning each of them.   Noah told me the key is
staring at it through breakfast, you just can't help but to learn it  
And, we can't put a new one up until each of us can say it easily. 
Poor Scott had a terrible, terrible time with the last one.  That is
when the brain injury rears its ugly head.  But, it didn't
have the last say.  He got it and now the one that is currently hanging

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."
1 Thess 5:11

I'll get off of here for now as I have duties calling.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

{crazy, crazy day}

as was yesterday.

Seriously, who gives a chicken a bath in their bathtub?
That would be me.  I won't even go into it.

But, today started off with a trip to the ER for a family
member, all is well though thankfully.  It appears to be a cervical disc and
not a heart attack.  As terrible as that is, we will take that any day.

Summer cold + Noah = damper to summer days. 
He is being a trooper though, I do feel sorry for him with
all of his sniffling, sneezing and fatigue. 

Right now, it is "quiet time" and the boys are snuggled {by
mandate} on separate couches {by another mandate} reading.
It really isn't as painful as Evan is carrying on that it is.

Beach again anyone?  This time, I'm excited. Since I have
one computer up and fully functioning.  Well, almost - between the
two new ones and some clients who placed orders freeing up
space on my dying website - I am making some major headway. 
So, so happy!  This time I will NOT be carrying computers
and hard drives to the beach.  I want to be a whale.

And, that is all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{so far, so good}

Thankfully, a productive day but at a slowed-down pace.
I could get use to this.  Not having sessions this week make
it feel so different around here.  It's very nice for a short while to
just be.  Working, but, no where to rush to.  Nice.

Noah lost a second tooth in two days while eating {gross, I know!}
Evan is as mad as a hornet because he is a very slow tooth loser. 
And, he loves nothing more than visits from the tooth fairy.  Poor guy,
per recent x-rays, he is about TWO YEARS from his top teeth coming in.
We are contemplating having them pulled this summer because the
top two baby teeth have been whittled down to near nothing.  And, they
are not loose.  It will be his decision, and so far, we don't have one.

Dogs are sleeping, boys are snuggled under a blanket watching
a movie and looking at birthday ideas on the laptop for Evan. 
I'm about to go feed and water the chickens in this oh, so humid
weather.  Wow.  The rain was wonderful, but it is soooo drenching
out there today. 

A quick trip by Coop for straw and bedding.  The boys and I will
be busy out there tonight.  Sooooo much barn clean up to do. 
I've let my third set of ferns die.  So sad, I know!  But, some nights it was 
either feed the family or water the dying plants.  I opted to let the plants go.

Lots of mowing to do as I ran over a t-shirt this week and wound
it nice and tight around the blades.  In the meantime, the battery died and
needs recharged.   It will never been finished in one fail swoop.

I've  had some nice quiet time this week.  I've ordered a fresh
stash of books.  I've even gone to bed early some nights. 
I'm trying!  Trying to wrap things up and then soak the remainder
of summer up with these cute boys. :) 

{is it monday? again?}

Well, our little chick celebration ended.  I did find LOTS of blue and
green eggs hidden in the doghouse that sits in the corner of the run.
But, we lost Helen last night.  Helen was the ugliest chicken you
have ever seen; but the kind of ugly that made her too cute for words.
Something happened early on with her that caused her entire face and
beak to be "crooked".  But, she still managed to eat and drink.  Just
yesterday she didn't run to me to get her food and she was staggering a bit.
   I checked on her again yesterday after the rainstorm and
she had tucked herself  into the dog pen. One last check last night and
she was gone.  Evan doesn't know yet.  His heart will be broken again. 

And, Savannah has been throwing up all morning.  I'm trying to see the
positive because I don't know what it is she ate, but obviously it's something
she shouldn't have.  I'm pretty amazed how God designed that back-up
plan.  So, I'll just keep her hydrated and cleaning carpets and dog bedding. 

And, Noah is getting a nasty summer cold rather quickly.  He is moving
very slowly this morning.  I need to accomplish a lot today, but, I am
anticipating a few bumps in the road.  It is nothing tragic thank God, just
knowing today will likely not be a marathon of finishes.  And, despite the
looming deadlines and lateness of things, 
I am hoping to keep my wits about me and not let it get the best of me.
or, them {my little family}.

I should probably chant this all day....

"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones."

Prov 17:20

Monday, July 9, 2012

{farm life: chick celebration}

It's worthy of noting and celebrating.

I was just watering and feeding the girls and I spied
a tiny blue egg in the big run.  It's a first for our new batch.

Quick history lesson:  lost 19 laying hens in January due to bobcat.
Around Feb 20/21, 26 new day old baby chicks arrived via US Postal
Service.  Lost 3 within 2 days from broken necks, injuries, etc.

Moved remaining chicks several weeks later to the big coop, within a few
weeks lost all due gnats except for 6.   Total chick count at this point:  13 including hens.

Picked up 12 new {fancy} chicks at Atwoods.

Lost one mail-order chick when we moved them in with hens as it hid and suffocated.


This farm girl was about to turn in the towel then. 

Got news on vacation that one died having an egg. 

{if I had been a chicken, that would have probably been me}

Last week moved baby chicks {who had grown to almost the size of the Feb
chicks into the big run with the "teenagers"}  After some not so nice hen-pecking-order
introductions, they all settled well.  UNTIL, I noticed I was one shy with LOTS of
feathers outside the cement fortified run.  Something had crawled into a small space
above the door that Scott had not completed yet.   Re-fortified. 

All is well now.

Total chick count sits at:  22.

But, today, seeing that new little egg made it all worthwhile.
Last year, the chickens were a breeze.  This year, it has been tragic.

Lots of hard work out there just to survive.

So, the next time you eat an egg, remember that it's not
so easy getting them here.   In my brief little downtime, the boys
and I have alot of work out there with new straw, picking and
cleaning up, new bedding, compost material, new laying boxes,
paint and let's throw in a new wreath.  And, with these hot
summer days, just know they are enjoying their sprinklers.

Scott continues to remind me he has yet to find a golden egg out there. {smile}

{bits & pieces}

I am really making an effort to get back to blogging as I have failed to post so much.
It's a Monday.  I'm looking at my calendar, although the week is giving me a wee
bit of reprieve how in the world is it already July, 9th?????  Shouldn't it just now be like
March 1st?  Oh, my!  These days are flying by!!   I need s.l.o.w.n.e.s.s.

I am working relentlessly on my to-do list.  I want FREEDOM from it very soon.
The boys and I made a  summer fun poster on all of the things we want to do
this summer.  I am fairly positive we will not get it all checked off as we never
do, but we have fun planning and checking what we can.  It adorns the
"reading room" formally known as the "train room."  Oh, Thomas, how we
miss you! ;)  Although we had a sweet little cousin here last week and the
train tracks reappeared.  It was a good excuse anyway. 

SUMMER READING.  It's a very important thing around here.  We made
a quick trip to the library last week.  In fact, at this moment I have
the boys tucked in cozy places reading.  It's just way to hot and humid to
be outside this morning.  Thankful for the rains last night but it is sticky
out there now.  I would love to curl up with a book, but, I'm not to that luxury
just yet.  I have my own summer reading list, although there are
a couple I am needing to order.  I may just do that today. :)

From a wedding I shot last summer, the family gave us a weekend
at Big Cedar Lodge in November; thankfully we finally got my schedule to work
out.  A lodge in November sounds really great right about now.
Something we will definitely look forward to!

For today, I'm working away.  Taking little breaks to
read with Evan, keeping Noah busy and all of the things
that come along with Monday:  laundry, laundry and oh, a little
bit more of laundry. ;)  Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"still kicking"

It may not be very high, but, there is slight movement.

I do not even know where to begin, hopefully soon I will be able to do a complete backtrack.

But, for now I'm quietly celebrating that I have survived the mad rush of sessions and weddings.  I have  a bridal session tonight and then from today until September 4th I have a total of FOUR sessions and TWO weddings.  I am ecstatic.  I have tons of editing to finish up and finished ones to load and burn and mail and deliver. BUT, I survived the multiple computer crises.  I currently have my old resurrected computer loudly dying on my kitchen table.  A new one in the living room that FINALLY has all of the plug ins and bugs worked out - all software is completely working.  It's just that not everything has been fully transferred over yet.  AND, there is a problem with the Adobe reader so I cannot order a single thing from it.    THEN, I have another new one in my living room as well that does not have all of the software installed.  Not even close, but I can order from it.   To say that it has been a struggle is putting it lightly.  Knowing I had so much to do and was in the middle of wedding season about stroked me out.  But, I'm humming right along now, albeit exhausted, but once again with a lot of work, the end is in sight.

AND, with me finally scheduling so much less {and THANK YOU GOD due to this heat} I am about to dip my toes into summer with the boys.  SO, so excited.  We are finally making our summer checklist poster today.  Better late than never.  And, we have a lot of making up to do, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll be back to tell you about our crazy vacation.  I'm not even certain if can be called a vacation.  But, you know me, there are stories to tell...........

Happy Summer everyone!!