Saturday, January 22, 2011

{i'm a techno fuddy-dud}

There.  I confess.  It is out.

It shocks you I know {NOT!}  But, I do know it drives some crazy.  I am sorry for that.   

I am such a fuddy-dud when it comes to the ever-changing, quick-as-lightening technological launches and advances.   It's almost as though my brain decides it's not worth the effort of the ease it is suppose to bring.  It seems to keep me even more crazy-busy. 

It was most likely birthed in my childhood.

I think we got our first phone when I was around 14.  Prior to that I would walk to my grandmother's house to use her phone the moment I got home from school.   Of course to call my friends who I had just seen at school.

You would have thought that would have sparked it.  Well, it didn't.  That was like the beginning and the end all rolled up into one. 

Now, let me explain.  I love having a vehicle, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, etc. It's the phone and computer type variety that keeps me playing catch up continuously.

When Atari hit, I detested it.  I would watch my best friend and her brother play it for hours, but, I wanted no part of it.    If you would give me a board game, then I was all over it.  The kids do have hand-held games and a Wii.  But, I could not tell you the difference between an Xbox, PlayStation, etc.   Poor guys.  I drag them right down with me in all my glory.

Commodore 64.  My friends and neighbors were getting them left and right.  Nah, I would pass.  I used it as I was required at school.  The end.

The cell phone.  Well, I loved that, but I am quite certain I was the very last person on earth to give up her bag phone.  I even tried to get an upgrade when there really weren't too many options.   Maybe I heard one too many radiation stories on that.  But, no worries, I eventually converted, but it was not with ease.   I still have it somewhere, just in case.

We will skip a few years of inventions and dive into cameras.  I think I was one of the last ones there as well.  I wanted no part of digital.  Hated, hated, hated every aspect of it.  Thus, I kept wracking up the film and processing bills until it was almost criminal.   So, due to the funding situation,  I caved.  It is one of my only conversions I am happy about. 

Enter PC versus Mac.  I have a nice, lovely Mac Pro that is suppose to be THE computer for photographers.  Well, it's the one the boys are playing on at this moment.  I am typing in the kitchen on my new PC desktop.  My desk in the living room houses my other desktop.  And, the hard drive it replaced sits out in the garage in all of its glory.  I think I am one of the only ones who defied the "once you go Mac, you never go  back."  Well, I have twice. 

I think I am also one of a few in comparison to my friends who still houses a land line.  And, I had to add a rotary-like phone just for appeal.  In keeping up, it does have hidden push button features. They probably do not even make a rotary dial anymore?  But, something about it calms me.  It likely goes back up to my discussion on my grandmother's phone.  A red rotary. Hours and hours on that beauty.   Love. 

I finally started texting.  What?  Maybe a year and a half ago? Maybe.  I still don't text that often.  I leave my cell phone in my car on most days.  I think I flabbergast my friends.  Sometimes, I get crypted messages that basically translate to........"are you missing? are you alive? have you been kidnapped by aliens again, because you haven't responded to my calls/texts from 10 days ago."  Sorry,  I am just really, really, really bad in the cell  phone department.  I have even gotten to the point of not even checking my answering machine but about twice a month. That is not a good thing regarding most messages.   I do have caller id, but, my 'rotary' has no display. So, it is pretty much pointless as the cordless can either never be found or is not charged.  Dead. Dead. Dead.  

I still do not know how to set my DVR.  But, I have accomplished recording a show in progress.  That's good enough for me.  I call for Scott for the other. 

And, what is prompting this purge-fest?

Could it be the I-pad?  No, that actually intrigues me, I just don't want to spend the $$ or find a reason to be on the computer more than I already am; it is shameful most days. 

It is a broken heart. 

Secondary to the advent of the Kindle. 

Now, I do get it.  I understand the ease of it all.  That part is a little captivating.  But, I can't imagine not turning actual pages, and having the thrill of a new book in my bag, or strolling for hours in a bookstore, or taking the kids to the library.


Well, I assume that's how it works?  Honestly, I haven't really investigated.
But, it's not appealing to me in the least. 

I know, I know and I promise I really do "get it."  It totally makes sense.  Please don't hate me because I had rather curl up with a book than a kindle.  I just can't imagine Noah and I {I am STILL trying to instill my love of reading into my youngest} curled up in our reading area with cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and lots of pillows with something other than actual printed books in our hands.   I won't even go into my terror of what is to come of print.  But, it is a reality quickly approaching for so many medias.  

I think in looking back, I am definitely a fuddy dud.  I won't even argue anything other.  I accept it.  But,  I'll just keep turning pages.  The more ragged and torn and dog-eared,  the better for me.  

Think I'll go grab one now. 

While they are still here. ;)


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Tonia Hobbs said...

Love this post, and can relate in so many ways. but the "book part" is the most true to me. the thought of not being able to smell the pages is sad. i love hand me down books that have already been marked with goodness.