Monday, August 1, 2011

{o' happy day!}

{it is pink, see addendum below}

we have our first {golden} egg!!

not sure which chick gets the credit though.

and, our nest boxes are still not finished as i thought we
were at least a month or two away.  i barely spied it in
the corner of the coop. 

it's pretty tiny.  i hope they get bigger as they go.  or
else it may take 30 eggs for an omelet.

but, yippee! 

 lots of work went into this egg.
and, not just from the mama hen. 

addendum:  oh, you can't tell from the picture because I
put a wash over it.  but, the egg is pink.  a very pale pink.
so, i've narrowed it down to one of the four "easter eggers."

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