Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Fab Party Part II}

Me and my Honey!  A HUGE thanks to him!  He had a pretty
big part in this party too.  As in the funding. :)  And, alot of the prep.
I think the prep part almost did him in.  He's been down all day today.

But, seriously, thank you so much!  It was the perfect evening
and I'm very happy to have shared it with you!  We may not be 
17 anymore........but, I'm exactly in the perfect place in my life
right where I am ....age and all. ;)   I love you, babe!!   

Okay, SOMETIMES we get to see a very different side of Heather.
She doesn't come out very often, but, I LOVE it when she does. ;) 

I think Mr. Eric does too!

Oh, and Mr. Justin.  We all saw flashes of little E tonight. Love it!  
Sweet, sweet couple, love you guys!

And, the sweet Carters.  I seriously can barely remember
life before all of these couples.  James was one of the photog's 
tonight.  I think I seriously need a 2nd, 2nd.  :)

I can't type above the Curry's picture down below.
But sweet Gary Don and Tracy.  Smiling as always!

Okay, I'm really not sure what happened here??  I know I saw several
pictures being taken {and, viewed, ha} but only this one remained on my card.
Girls, you couldn't take a bad picture??? 

The sweet, sweet Hobbs! 
I'm thinking I may need to drive to the beach and snap a few. 
Don't talk to my husband about it, he'll be packing us up!! 

Angie and Shawn!  Angie's Dad and Scott's Dad are best friends since childhood and
Scott grew up with Angie.  I'm very happy that we have become friends and the boys,
who are cousins with her girls, adore M & M!  Evan's just a little sad they are related. ;)  

Sweet Nick and Mischelle!  Love you to pieces! 
Another couple I feel like I've known forever. :)
And, they have an AWESOME Vet Clinic too. 
{I get a plug in any chance I get}
I type that as Molly and Kit Kat are there....   

I wish I would have thought to do this before some left....but,
group shot of the  remaining girls.....  

Okay, I wanted a fun picture.
But, we had no ideas.
You would think I never took a picture or something?
I think Tonia came up with the Charlie's Angel shot.

Well, it didn't go so well needless to say.
but, fun?

Fun we had! 

Heather, I can't even look at this picture without hurting from too much smiling!

We finally got it together.

A bit. 

I am positive at this point, Mandi was realllllllly questioning what she got herself
into on that fateful day in her friends kitchen. :) 

Super-model pose.

She was on a roll.


I'm shocked he wasn't brought up?

Who has him anyway?? 

James made his round again to his beautiful wife. :) 

Me and my friend. :)

{aka blessing}

Me and my other friend. :) 

{aka blessing}

I'm a very blessed girl with amazing friends........ 

and, another blessing. 

With all these two did all day long....not sure how they are sitting upright. 
I hope you rested today! 

To the girls above.....thank you.

To the friends that came.....thank you. And, we
missed the ones that weren' t able to join us.

You gave me a night I will always remember.

Love you!  And, what a HAPPY, HAPPY
birthday to me! 

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