Sunday, August 21, 2011


Although no clinical term exists.

I would do just about anything to avert a photo. 
Crazy, huh?
I'm at complete ease on the other side.
But, go into fight or flight when it's aimed at me. 

This is what it took for me to get a single picture
with the infamous cake. 

The Outtakes.   

Telling them just how painful it is.

Okay, maybe if I look away.  It will gooooooo away. 

Okay, I look quickly.
But, notice the wrinkled up nose.
I do that when I'm extremely uncomfortable.
Or, about to pass out. 

Okay, maybe if I look at that fly on the ceiling.
IT will go away. 

Let's keep looking far, far away.
The blurriness is good.
Really good.

MUCH better in the group. 

Maybe I should be hypnotized.

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