Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Happy Anniversary}

On August the 7th we celebrated our 18th Anniversary!
So hard to believe that we've been together 22 years now.

Seems like it was literally yesterday he came strolling into the
little drive-in I was working at. :)

We tried for a little photo session by the only two
residing photographers in training in my house.
Let's just say, it didn't go so well! 

But, it's pretty funny!
The majority could never be printed as they are so blurry.
Noah fell off the fireplace with camera in hand.
Both landed well. :)

 80% of them look like the ones below. ;)   

 The session was almost over here. ;)

A little distraction to my left with another child about to fall.

And, here, we called it a  wrap! 
Happy Anniversary Babe!

Our life has been about as chaotic as that mini-photo
session, but there is absolutely no one in this world I
had rather be in the midst of all of our chaos with! :)

I love you!!! 


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Christy said...

These pictures crack me up! It is such your life.