Saturday, August 6, 2011

{see ya!}

i am not planning on being back until school starts. 

i have alot of updates, early summer pics I still haven't posted. 
so, i'll work on those when i get back.

boys are well.  i think they are ready to get back to school
in some ways, but, not in others. they both got amazing
teachers, so happy about that!

we were suppose to be gone this weekend, but, i'm working instead.
hope have some local outings starting monday after i drop a file off as
well as molly and kit kat.  yes, we got the kitten.  pictures definitely coming
there.  she is the sweetest thing ever and she and molly have finally made nice. 
i was worried the first 24 hours.  but now, molly treats her like a baby and
will probably need to be treated for hair balls and she licks her so much.  

i am sick.  and, soooooo do not need to be sick. but, i think my
medication is the worst part.  i needed a super-productive weekend.
and, so far, not so good.   if i can just keep the med down, i think i will be good.

and, just for the is hot, hot, hot.  like no one else knows that! ha!
  we were going to see sara evans tonight but because i am not suppose to be in the sun because of my antibiotic and because i am likely dehydrated once again,
we opted to skip out after a little "family meeting."  i don't think
the boys could have driven us home tonight.  so, we are sticking
to the air conditioner in hopes i feel better very soon!   

this evening evan asked for sauteed fresh spinach {no lie!} and
also asked for a math game that was being advertised on television
in his words "for smarts."  gotta love him!

noah got a sweet, sweet letter from our birth mom today.  it
made him very happy.  his grin from was ear to ear.  makes my
heart smile that much too!!! 

Tomorrow is our 18th wedding anniversary and Scott's 39th birthday.
Evan turns SEVEN on Tuesday.  {we are waiting until in cools down for
his birthday party as he wants an army one here at the farm},  and then
there is school starting and my birthday WEEK.   I'm going to have to
starve myself between now and then, because you guessed it.....

i'm planning on lots and lots of cake! :) 

okay, that was our quick "catch-up"....hoping for a productive night!    

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