Friday, August 26, 2011

{summer beauty haul}

remember the few posts i did way back when re: beauty product finds?  well, i continued my quest, but failed to blog about it.  with my schedule this summer, i was lucky to keep the main things, the main thing.  I still have quite the way to go before I can declare a status of being caught up...but, i may be able to start 'sprinkling' some posts with my finds.  the good, the bad and the ugly.  the above is not the haul.  it's a small fraction.  the majority of things...i either really like or love; some were fails.   and, if you remember....the catalyst of this was seeing women come in the location i was at and drop TONS of $$ on products that I was getting samples of when I would go in.  the samples, well they were okay to good, but, nothing outstanding and because of the name brand....these women were not giving a second thought to what was coming out of their pockets.   so, my research began.  it's been rather fun actually.    

so, stay tuned, i've got LOTS to share!

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