Sunday, August 21, 2011

{FaBuLOus 40 Party!!!}

Okay.  Where do I even start??

My birthday party was something so unbelievable,
I have been.....and, am still at a loss.  I know you
all worked on it for weeks and weeks and at the heart 
of all of the details that were put was to make the day
very special for me.  And, you more than surpassed that! 
I truly love each of you so much and you went far beyond
what I ever imagined.   The hard work?  Well, moving
the "set" three times because of rain broke my
heart for you.  But, in the end, it was perfect. 

More than perfect!   

So, Heather.....the decor was breathtaking.  Well, magical actually. 
Each detail was so sweet.  I know you put so much time {and SHOPPING, ha}
into this........thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You totally outdid
yourself.  And, well, that takes ALOT! ;)

Stacy....although I don't know all of the exacts about who did
what, I do know you helped with the ideas, the set up, the flower arranged
and the blood, sweat and tears of the day!  Thank you so much.
It was absolutely beautiful. 

Sweet Tonia.....I.AM.SO.SORRY!  It broke my heart about
the cake fiasco.  Totally not your fault.  And, although I couldn't do
it last night because I didn't want to make you cry....I laughed. 
If my wedding cake fell......why wouldn't my birthday cake?  
And, the invitations - so sorry for taking so long to gather the addresses!!

And, Mandi........the food was wonderful.  I will be gaining 30 pounds
from those cupcakes that have called my name 
Truly blissful......:)  Well, and the cookies.  And, ugh, that cake. 

And, on to the show!  I'll have to do this in "segments" I'm afraid.

It was absolutely FABULOUS!  Our new favorite word!!

Part of the "crew".  The set-up, take-down, set-up, take-down,
set-up crew. :) Thanks Mr. James!

The other members of the "crew."  And, yes, they fell into that same category described
above. Poor Eric and, so sorry!!!! :( 

And, guys, I know that none of you signed up for any of this on those fateful
days I met your sweet wives.........

Notice the raindrops.  And, this picture is NOT enhanced at all.  This is where
I quickly got to "see" everything prior to it being removed.  Again. 
Notice, Heather and I were not finished getting dressed.  I had almost dried my hair -
she was not dressed.  But, it was then or maybe never.   
But, thankfully that was the last shower we saw!!

Aren't the flowers beautiful!!!

And, the guests began arriving.  I was late to my own party.  
At my own house. 

Gary Don and Tracy.....

And, some of the girls...

Tracy, Jessica {my SIL}, Stacy & Mandi

And, the infamous cake. 
She will be getting a post all of her own. 

Sweet Sherry and Tracy....

 and, Sharon :)
{that sweet above describes all three}

If you notice behind Sharon  Stacy is taking a lamp BACK outside....


LOVE them. 

Well, precious here too.


love them too....


As they all are very much aware.....

I do NOT do well on that side of the camera.  

The only picture I am actually looking at the camera. 

It's painful for me!!

All of us.  I need to edit that plant out of Stacy's face.

Sweet Erin and Mischelle!!! 

More to come!!! 

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