Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{if our flies could talk}

I know it seems as though I only blog about Evan.
But, tonight Noah was up to his eyeballs in homework.
And, Evan is the one usually pulling all of the antics. 
It's just in him really.

At bedtime.....
Me:  Boys get to bed it's past bedtime.
Evan:  pllllleeeaaasse let me just finish this game.
Me:  no, to bed now.
Evan:  seriously, it doesn't take me long to die, so
it won't take me long to get to bed.
Me:  refusing to give in.
Evan: mom, please, just let me die!  And, then
I'll obey I promise!

Did he just really say that?

As he kissed me....
Evan:  and, can you lay my clothes out?
I need an early start in the morning. 

And, where is Noah at this time?
In bed where he should be.

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