Friday, August 26, 2011

{happy birthday big boy!}

Lil' man is now seven.

I know that has to be a mistake.


How does this happen?!?

I will say, my perspective on the speed of
life with my boys is something that is becoming
more apparent each and every day. 

I am really striving to take in as much as I can
and be away from this desk more.   

Legos anyone? :)

Okay, on to the BIRTHDAY....

Of course he was ready to open his presents the moment
his eyes opened.  And, OF COURSE, he was nearly in 
his birthday suit.  Still not cute pj's for that one. So, pardon
the undies that are too big {of course!}.

In the first one below, he had a chicken dance card and
he broke right into it.......

Their Wii was broken most of the summer.  And with the price
difference being LESS than a repair considering it came with a game,
we opted to buy another.  Hopefully this one will last longer.

His breakfast of choice:  donuts and milk. 

They toast everything, even the donuts. ;)

That evening we headed to Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sheshe  and Britt's for
some swimming, pizza and cake. 

I interrupt this skip to HB Big Boy II because 
my pictures will not load. 

 I'll be back when they decide to cooperate. :(  

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