Sunday, August 21, 2011

{birthday week!!}

I had an AMAZING birthday week! 

Without a doubt, this was probably the best birthday ever. 
Definitely one I will absolutely never forget. 

We started the day off with Scott sending Angela and I for facials.
There are no pictures of us because I went with no makeup on and
as I sat in the floor putting on my makeup for my birthday lunch -
she was enjoying her facial on the table. 

So, I zipped off from there and made a grand entrance arrival 
{totally not true, I was LATE}

but, arrived at lunch to some of the sweetest girls ever and had
a wonderful time laughing and eating and laughing some more.
Well, I was sung to also, but that.....not so fun. But, I did laugh. 

Heather, Stacy and I.  

And, then Tracy, Shaina, Tonia and that's Mandi way back there!

Okay, pretty much DYING here.  If I could have had
a picture of Shaina's face before they plunked that hat on
top of my head, then hit it?  Not sure why they hit it?
I think they popped whatever it was that ended up on Stacy's head.
  Not quite sure??

I kept blaming my red face on the pumpkin concoction they had
put on my face at Mercy.  Sounds good anyway!

And, then the surprises.  I got a gift certificate from Tracy - Java House
that I will be using very soon!  The sweet hat below by Shaina - LOVE.
I think I wore it every single day with the exception of my party day!

And, then the big shocker.....the girls went in and bought me my coveted 
mustard yellow Hobo wallet.  I think they must have thought I made up the
color as I think there was some difficulty in finding it, but I'm not sure about
the details of that story.   And, it is in my purse and is very nicely organized.

It goes nicely in the huge black purse Angela got me.   And, she did
inform me prior to opening that the color had nothing to do with the age
I was turning. :) But, I love it too! 

Oh, and then the yummy cupcakes from Simply Sweet.
Note:  the cake starts here.......

Thanks for a WONDERFUL lunch girls!  I love you dearly and
am still at a loss for words.   More to come!  

As Tonia said, let's get this party started.

And, did they ever.  Oh, about three times with the
unexpected rain storms. ;)   

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