Monday, August 15, 2011

{it arrived}

despite me not wanting it to.

The first day of school. 

Although I am really sad in so many ways, in other ways I'm
excited for the boys and happy to be back in more of a routine.
My laid back summer plans went awry in so many ways.

So, this feels in an odd way like a fresh start.

And..............could I be late on this first day back to school?

Well, yes, I could.

But, I wasn't.

Whew!  Although it came fairly close once I discovered that
the boys had drank all of their lunch box drinks over the weekend and
no one thought to inform me.   Not a great way to start the day; a mad dash
to the little corner gas station. 

There are several things I want to note in the following pictures.

#1 - notice, no dressy shirts/clothes.   I have let them be 
more independent this year in picking out their school clothes. 
No collared polo.  That may only happen on Sundays now. 
And, of course, the athletic clothes are hitting Evan much quicker
than they did Noah as Evan is quickly following suit. 

#2 - notice, no smiles.  I guess that is because they are boys?
I'm really not sure on that one.  

#3 - notice, Evan's stance.  Standing on the outside of his feet.  
He has always done that?????  Again, not sure????  

#4 - notice {and this one is for me} how BIG they both are??  I didn't make note of it while I was taking the pictures.  It may have been because I was blinded by the shocking colors of their shoes.  They picked those as well.  But, when I opened the file I hit me hard.  They are getting so big.     

#5 - notice, smiles.  Because I asked. ;)

#6 - notice, the toothpaste on the face.  We worked on that all the way to Greenwood. 

#6 - notice, I am pretty sure this little man was a bald headed baby with the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen like three weeks ago.  Okay, maybe four.

#7 - notice, the toothpaste on the shirt. ;)

Welcome First and Fifth Grade!

I look forward to all that you will learn, how you will both
grow and making this the best year ever!


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Mom2Three said...

Ok, after all of the stuff you pointed out about those two cute boys, all I could still see was how "big" their lunchboxes are??? I am feeling like maybe T's isn't big enough!!! :)