Sunday, July 31, 2011

{the best gifts.....EVER}

yes, i've made quite a few posts today.

BUT, I am resizing and uploading a wedding gallery.
A huge wedding gallery.
It has taken me all afternoon and I still have hours left. 
So, as my computer does its work. 

I think.  And, then, I write.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. 
You know, I've mentioned a time or two {okay or 7 or 8 times}
that I have a birthday coming up. 

A big birthday.
And, of course, I may have mentioned that I'm 
planning on lots of cake. :)
If I haven't said it, I am. 

{doesn't that sound like TH?}
I have different plans.
On different days.
Different guests.
Different activities.

And, even though I've always known it.......
it has been a great reminder of just how great
I have been blessed with friendships. 
Some very old {beginning at age 4} some rather
new - but gifts all the same. 

I read this on the blog Between You and Me

it's about  friendships....

a real, sweet, true friend....

loves no matter what
lives in humility
understands and appreciates who you are
celebrates your successes
forgives quickly and asks others to forgive her when needed 

I just hope that I'm that kind of friend!

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Mom2Three said...

You are such a wonderful friend!!! All of those things! You truly are a blessing in my life!!! :)