Thursday, July 21, 2011

{have i lost my mind?}

okay.  i really don't want you to answer that.

but, i've been entertaining the thought that maybe......

just maybe....

molly needs a playmate.

crazy thing is.....yesterday, we finally found a sweet kitten for evan.

he is bouncing off the walls as she won't be ready to be
picked up for a week or two.

but, i also can't get little bella above off my mind.

you know, it's not like i don't have enough to do?

the chickens alone are keeping me very occupied in this heat.
they know me very well at atwoods.
who knew i would have to make a mad dash for electrolytes.

but, in my everyday chaos of just "everything"
sweet little molly, who is snoring at my feet
as i type this, just always seems to calm me down. 

much less expensive than therapy!!  

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