Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{poll please}

i need your help!

i need to know what you would do on your 40th birthday??

because, i just can't decide what i want to do on mine!

since, most of my friends are well under that mark -
what do you have in mind for yourself,
as you have years to think about it? :)

i know i want lots and lots of cake.

cute cakes. 

so, that means lots and lots of parties.  ;)

in case you are wondering, i am not dreading it in the least. 
i'm very excited actually.  basically, i'm just happy to be here i think!
no, on a serious note, my grandmother died at the age of 40. 
she left 5 babies behind.  my mind has never been able to 
wrap around that fact. even as a little girl..........that
piece of our puzzle never fit right. 
 in our family, she has always been 40. 
so, for whatever reason, that left a lasting mark on me.  
even though i never got to meet her, my entire
life, i have been told that both our personality and 
appearance were so similar.  my grandfather
often would cry when he would look at me or 
i would do something that she would have done.   

she didn't get to celebrate.  i want to. 

i'm just at a loss of what i want to do.

one of those things i absolutely should not be fretting over.
and, i'm not fretting.  i'm just at a loss! 

i know i want to be surrounded by family & friends.

nothing over the top.  although, to be perfectly honest, i have
entertained that thought. :)  but, squashed it down where it belonged. 

of course, i'll have my family party the evening of.  
probably at a resturant.   and, i would love me some sweet
girlfriend time.  because my girlfriends are some of
my greatest treasures.  and, i'm thinking dressed up? 

but, i'm thinking a couple party too? 

can you have too many parties? 

i told scott he could give me my parties and i would
just plan them.  so far, i'm failing.

maybe, i should just sit home in my pj's and eat cake?
if i don't decide soon, that's exactly what i will be doing!!!

thoughts please??  

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Awe my sweet sweet friend . . . Your precious girlfriends are just waiting for you to give us a date and the GREENLIGHT!!!!!