Sunday, July 24, 2011

{sweet pea is having the puppies}

We know she has five.
{that is known by the Animal Science
Department at Stillwater. Long story}

So far, she has delivered a boy.

She has to have two healthy girls for us to be able
to get one.  Fingers crossed! 

puppy #2, a tiny 4 oz baby boy.  no girls so far....

it's been 30 minutes since an update.  the
suspenseis killing me...................

puppy #3, a 6.2 oz GIRL

we need one more girl - 2 are left to go!

puppy #4, a boy :((((((((

one more to go.  I can' t hardly breathe.

hmmm....looks like no puppy for us. :(

1 comment:

SheWolf said...

I have always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! So sad for you!! :( How did you find Sweet Pea?? I would LOVE to have one, but have no idea of where around to get one that is a good....still so sad for you. :(